Industrial Strength Products That Are Safer For You And Safer For The Environment

Xion Lab is the industrial chemical products division of Xion Group, LLC. Our mission is to bring the strength and effectiveness of industrial chemicals to the retail, and commercial market, with the safety of the consumer and the environment in mind. Our premium sanitation and maintenance solutions are really a true innovation in biochemistry. Bottom line...we develop safe products that work. Our family has over 40 years of experience in the industrial chemicals, janitorial, and sanitation products industry. In the past we only did wholesale distribution. We provide quality chemical products to schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, institutional buildings, and manufacturing plants. Our goal with Xion Lab is to use modern business technology models to harness all our knowledge, and provide the retail consumer the same innovative, and quality products that were only available to institutions in the past. We are proud to manufacture our products meeting Terra Care Safer for Environment Products Standards.

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Proudly Made In The USA

Many U.S. companies have outsourced or moved their manufacturing operations overseas. The result of this is that consumers are getting lower quality products. At Xion Lab, we believe that we have a responsibility to our consumers and retailers to not only provide high-quality products, but also continue to develop employment opportunities in the USA.


We’re proud to see how the impact of that decision has allowed us to provide a better quality product, and provide jobs and opportunities for people here in the U.S.


At Xion Lab, we’re proud of our humble history. Our family owned and operated small business will not focus its efforts in designing a super attractive packaging for our products, nor invest in an over the top marketing campaign. We will focus our resources in making sure our products are made with premium, quality ingredients.

Our mission is to honor God with the many talents He has

given us, and develop safer chemical products that work.

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Helps Us In The Fight Against Drug Addiction

A percentage of our sales are donated to a non-profit organization that helps prevent and treat drug and alcohol addiction. If you, or a loved one need help with drug addiction... Click here