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Safer For You,
Safer For The Environment

Our premium sanitation and maintenance solutions are a true innovation in biochemistry. Our mission is to bring industrial-strength cleaning chemicals to the retail market, with the safety of the consumer and the environment in mind.

XionLab Products
Safer for You & Safer for the Environment

Terra Care Certified

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2-in-1 Rust Converter & Primer

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XionLab Industrial-Strength Liquid Drain Opener

XionLab Enzyme Cleaner & Stain Remover


"It works wonders, just as promised. I applied it to an exhaust manifold and it converted rust plus it won't peel off. I then applied it to the chassis and painted it. No other product has done that."

-Benny Trucking LLC

"Every couple of months my sink gets clogged by hair. Xion Lab’s Safer Drain Opener always clears it up fast, and without any toxic odor in the house. It also feels good to use an effective product that is environmentally friendly." - Sarah, NY

Julia Michelle

Proud to Be:


Industrial Strength

This stuff absolutely worked great. I bought a utility trailer from a retiring landscaper 16 feet x 76 inches wide . Tandem axle . It dried hard a rock and quickly . I drilled thru it to mount some lights after it dried without it cracking or flaking . It really does work best on metal with some surface rust so don’t grind down to bare metal. Knock off the scale and leave the rest for the best results. It took just under a gallon to do a 16 foot trailer frame . It lays down a great base to paint over.

Chris, FL

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We Meet Terra Care Standards...

Making products that are eco-friendly may not be rocket science, but making industrial-strength products that actually outperform the competition AND also meet Terra Care Standards? That's tough! That's why we're proud to share our safer high-performance products with you. Terra Care’s mission is to protect and meet public health and environmental standards and offer certifications to eco-conscious businesses that help promote sustainability and overall global awareness of our impact on mother nature. You can find out more about Terra Care Standards at

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I've been using the Stain & Odor remover for several months now and I've even ordered another bottle. I use it to refresh my furniture after my rescues roll around on it. I also spray my rug and their beds down regularly. It's safe for them and the smell is awesom!

Jenn C