How to Get Rid Of Food Waste Disposal Odor 

 October 11, 2020

By  Xion Lab


Food Waste Disposal

It has become easier for homeowners to dispose of their food with the help of food waste disposal. This designated station for disposed of food is a convenient method of removing the leftovers that will not eat again. This handy appliance makes sure your sink and kitchen are clean and organized all the time. However, when this home appliance used daily, there is a high chance of it to release unpleasant odours into the air. Although most of the times, these foul odours do not rip your smell scents away, it is essential to get rid of them, so your house can have high quality breathing air.

Bad smells begin to come out of your food waste disposal when healthy scented ingredients tossed down in (like garlic and onions), but sometimes, this food waste disposer starts smelling awful out of nowhere. It is the accumulated food as time has gone by or the grease blockages in the pipelines that are causing these smells, you need to make sure you are getting rid of the smell as soon as possible.

If you do not get rid of it soon enough, it will begin to spread in your entire house. Therefore, knowing how to get rid of food waste disposal odour is essential for all house owners. With the help of these useful tips, your house will begin to smell fine in no time!

Importance of getting rid of food waste disposal odour

The last thing anyone would want in his or her kitchen would be a foul odour. It is why it is essential to make sure your food waste disposal is being maintained and cleaned regularly.

If you fail to give it the proper care it requires, it will start to produce mould and bacteria that will lead to foul smells and health risks. When the mould and bacteria begin to grow, the power of the smell will get stronger as well. Therefore, just giving it a cleaning once a week will allow your kitchen to smell fresh while it is maintaining the health of your handy food waste disposal.

Clean whatever you can see

Start by cleaning the parts of your food waste disposal that is visible. With the help of a scrubbing brush or a dish wand, begin cleaning. Pour a liberal amount of liquid dishwashing soap on the scrubbing brush and clean the parts that are visible to your eye. Make sure you are not missing the area that conjoins the disposal rim with the sink because the smaller particles of food and other particles tend to be trapped there. If it not cleaned for an excessive period, mould will start growing.

Soak everything for a while

It is essential to make sure that water is always running when you are disposing of food down the food waste disposer. This way, there will be no bits and pieces of food stuck within its pipes or housing that could cause issues for you in the future.

Moreover, if your food waste disposer is not working correctly and it doesn’t smell right, it is time for you to soak everything. Plugin the drain of your sink, fill it at least halfway up with water and add a couple of drops of white vinegar or liquid dishwashing soap. Mix it around a little so a thick lather forms and then take the plug out of the drain while you turn the food waste disposal. It way will direct the water concoction into the food waste disposal while it is rinsing everything as it goes down the pipe.

Get rid of any slimy or greasy scum.

When trying to get rid of any slimy or greasy scum, the most effective cleaner would be kosher salt. To use this method, you will need to place 1 cup of ice cubes down the food waste disposer and turn it on as you slowly pour in half a cup of kosher salt. The perfect combination of ice cubes and abrasive salt makes sure all these odour-causing deposits are wash out effectively. Besides, it has also advised performing this step at least once a month for proper maintenance of your food waste disposer.

Citrus everything

Citrus scents and fruits are known to be the best way to fight against unpleasant smells in every situation. Whether your car smells or your shoes, you can use a citrus-based freshener and eliminate all the foul odours. In this case, if you want to stop the bad smell from your food waste disposer, you will need the peels of any available citrus fruits. You can use a lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit. All you have to do is juice the citrus fruit, reserve its juice, and start cutting the peels into 1 cm pieces. When you have missed the peels into smaller pieces, you will need to turn the water on, and one-by-one drop the peels in the food waste disposer. Because of this, the blades of the food waste disposal will begin sharpening while the kitchen environment gets full of pleasant smells.

Just ice cubes

Yes, indeed, ice cubes can effectively get rid of harsh and powerful odours that released from your food waste disposal. Ice is used as an alternative in cases when homeowners do not want the smell of citrus to lingering in the house. As mentioned before, you will need to pour ice cubes in the drain of the food waste disposal and run water on top of it. Let the water run on a steady stream until the ice cubes have dissolved.

Although it will efficiently target the bad smell, it will all make the blades of the grinder sharper.

Mix baking soda with liquid dishwashing soap

As important as it is to clean the food waste disposal, it is essential to take the nooks and crannies around it into consideration as well. At the same time, the rubber protection protects. To make sure to do everything appropriately done, you will need to use a mixture of baking soda and liquid dishwashing soap. Put equal parts of both on a scrubbing brush or a toothbrush and start cleaning the rubber protection.

Make flushing a routine task.

Do not wait until bad smells start lingering in the air to give your food waste disposer a cleaning. For any trash disposal to smell –somewhat- familiar, it is essential to clean it actively, and thus taking preventative measures is highly recommended. Turn your food waste disposal on and let hot water run down it on high pressure for at least 2 minutes. Should turn to the water to the point where the stuck particles are making their way down the pipes. If you want to get rid of the bad smells, this method is ideal, as it does not require additional ingredients or effort.

Besides, should do this step after every time you use to food waste disposal, so there is no residue sticking on the sides.

Use powerful home remedies for thorough cleaning.

Suppose you feel that, you have done all steps as mentioned but have not been successful in eliminating these bad smells from your food waste disposal. In that case, you will need to think about resorting to an uncompromising solution. To ensure you are getting rid of all these unpleasant smells, grab your white vinegar and baking soda so you can fight against these odours.

It would help if you still started by pouring a half cup of baking soda directly in the food waste disposal drain. However, it would help if you filled the trough until there is no more room to add baking soda, so make sure there is enough. Now, you will need to power half a cup of vinegar on top of the drain. Vinegar is known as the best natural ingredient to fight against odours, and it kills bacteria. You will need to let this concoction stay for one hour and then pour cold water on high pressure right on top of it.

Since vinegar has acidic properties, you need to make sure you are resorting to this solution only when the smells are horrible. Excessively using this method can cause the rubber inside the food waste disposal to be damaged.

Deep cleansing

If you have performed every task correctly, but the smell seems to linger still, then you will need to opt for a new rubber test cap that has a clamp made with stainless steel. When these rotten smells have been in the environment for extended periods, the only reasoning behind this is the food has built up, and it has hardened into the pipes. To get rid of this stubborn, demanding food, you will need to opt for the deep cleaning method.

To start the deep cleaning method, you will need to start by running high-pressure hot water down the food waste disposal for at least one minute. With the help of a wrench, take the pipe that connected to food waste disposal off from under the sink. It is the area where you will need to place the rubber test cap (on the bottom portion) because that is where the disposal will be leaded. With this method, there will be no water going inside the pipe, and it will give you to chance to add in a cleaning solution to soak it properly.

Since this method will cause a few runoffs and spills, you will need to put a bucket right under the pipe. Turn the hot water on and let it run into the food waste disposal until the water reaches to the top of your drain (the entire sink does not need to fill up). Now, take ½ cup of powdered oxygen bleach and put it in the gutter. Let it stay for at least one hour at least. When the bleach has soaked in the water for a reasonable amount of time, you will need to take the rubber test cap off carefully and let this mixture free, so it drops into the bucket, then you can reconnect the pipe.

Since taking preventative measures is essential, you can repeat this task every month with liquid dishwashing soap instead of bleach, so you do not have to worry about nasty smells emerging.

Take the more significant material waste away yourself.

The biggest reason why clogging happens is that it causes foul scents to be trapped. If you think a more considerable material has dropped into your food waste disposal, then make sure you are taking it out manually. However, it would help if you did this safely and correctly; otherwise, you can hurt yourself.

You will need to start by turning your food waste disposal off, so all the risks of damaging your hands are eliminated. When you are reaching down the food waste disposal, the sharp blades need to be still so all other risks as eliminated as well. When you have turned it off, with the help of a powerful flashlight, look down the drain as this will allow you to see any particles. Take pliers or tongs and start taking the oversized item out of the machine. When you have taken away the sitting waste materials, you will notice a significant difference in the functioning of your food waste disposal.

Prevention is critical, always.

You can temporarily remove the bad smells coming from your food waste disposal. However, if you are not taking preventative measures, there is a chance these smells will go again. You need to make sure you are not allowing any fibrous (celery) or starchy foods (potatoes and rice) run down your food waste disposal.

Also, when you are using the machine, let it work for 1 minute after you did because this will help it take all the food material down from the housing area.

With these helpful tips, your food waste disposal will never cause you any issues while your house maintains its health and fresh smell.

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