How to Make a Food Waste Disposer Smell Better 

 September 6, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Food waste can start to smell if it accumulates within the kitchen. An effective way to get rid of it at once is to use a food waste disposer, which is a fast way to dump the garbage.

Food waste disposers come with a lot of advantages, which make the activities taking place in the kitchen simpler to execute. They help reroute all the food waste into one convenient location, which can have a positive impact on fast recycling. The decomposition of the food waste is also made easy and will occur away from your kitchen to make sure your kitchen doesn’t stink.

However, sometimes food waste disposer can begin to smell when used rapidly too often. When food waste begins to gather within the pipes of the food waste disposer, and this sludge can create quite a smell in your kitchen. These odors can be a considerable nuisance since kitchens are places that should smell nice, as no one wants their food surrounded by an unpleasant stink.

The best thing, however, is that this smell from the food waste disposer isn’t a big issue and can be solved quickly. After reading this whole article, you will have a couple of sure-fire answers on making the food waste disposer smell better.

Unclogging the Food Waste Disposer

The first step in making your food waste disposer smell better is to unclog the drain pipes in the system. Most of the time, the unpleasant smell is the product of some sort of food waste getting stuck within the drain pipes. They can begin to collect against the walls and blades of the system, which cause the whole system to get blocked.

This accumulation of food waste and food bacteria can create a lot of smell, so to make your food waste disposer smell better first, you need to switch off the appliance. The switch for the machine is usually near the sink on the wall or under the cabinet. If you can’t find the button, turn the electricity off from the main power panel. Make sure you perform this step for your safety.

Make sure you never put your hand anywhere near the food waste disposer as the switch may be faulty. This is crucial for your safety as many accidents can occur when people insert their hands into the food waste disposer.

To make your food waste disposer smell better, peer down the drainage system with a flashlight. This will allow you to see the clog that is causing your food waste disposer smell. Use tongs or a pair of pliers to unclog the drain pipes.

After removing the clog, turn on the tap to let the water flow through the system. After a while, switch on the garbage disposal while the water is still running to make sure any clogs remaining in the system are cleared. The blades will also be appropriately cleaned this way.

To prevent clogs in the future to make your food waste disposal smell better, make sure never to feed the system too rapidly. While feeding the system, ensure the tap is on to flush all the food waste through the disposer. This can be a significant countermeasure for any clogs or blockages which can make your food waste disposal smell better.

Soaking the Food Waste Disposer Drain

A simple method to make your food waste disposal smell better is to soak the drain for some time. Often, the food waste can get stuck to the drain pipes despite having the tap on while using the food waste disposer.

The procedure to soak the drain is first to plug the drain and then fill the sink half full of water. Add dish soap to the water, as well as some vinegar. Vinegar is the one ingredient that is the best answer to the question of how to make your food waste disposal smell better. It can make the food waste disposer smell better and cut through any debris in the drainage system.

Let the mixture soak for a while by unplugging the drain before turning on the food waste disposer. This will make sure that the mixture reaches all the components f the drainage system.

This easy method will just take a few minutes to do but can help a lot with the smell as well as to clear the passageways of the food waste disposer system.

Freshen with Baking Soda and Vinegar

The combination of baking soda and vinegar is an easy way to make your food waste disposal smell better. Any acidic food bacteria stuck to the drain pipes in your food waste disposer can be removed very easily with a basic product of baking soda.

Pour some baking soda down the drainage system until no more can be poured into the system. Carefully and slowly, pour a cup of vinegar down the drains too. The pace here is important to make sure that both the ingredients react properly with each other.

The reach between the two elements will actually help to make your food waste disposal smell better. It also functions as a really efficient food bacteria killer. However, this method can damage the rubber in the drainage system so use this method sparingly as the vinegar is a very acidic ingredient.

Xion Lab Food Waste Disposer Cleaner and Deodorizer

There are some products you can use to make your food waste disposal smell better. Plink is a food waste disposer cleaner that can help make the appliance smell better. It is a small pill that has pleasant citrus smells that can make sure your food waste disposer is clean.

Cleaner and DeodorizerThis disposable product can be used to make the food waste disposer fresh by merely throwing it down the drain while the food waste disposer is running. The pill will break due to the blades and release some chemicals and concentrates on the system.

These chemicals can break down the food bacteria in the food waste disposer without damaging the metal of the blades. It comes in lime, lemon, and orange scents that will leave your food waste disposal smelling better.

Keep the Blades Sharp

Dull blades will make it harder for the food waste to be cut down in an efficient manner. Experts recommend some hard materials that can help to keep the food waste disposer clean, as well as reduce the chances that it will begin to stink.

These hard materials like eggshells provide the roughage that your food waste disposer needs to be at its peak efficiency. Hard materials that you can use include food waste like small bones, small fruit pits like a cherry pit, and ice cubes.

Ice cubes are the best hard materials to use on your food waste disposer as they can help clean the appliance. The cold of the ice cubes will force the grease and oils that have accumulated within the system to solidify. This makes it easier to be chopped up by the food waste disposer.

To make your food waste disposal smell better by removing foul-smelling bacteria, use vinegar ice cubes. Just pour some vinegar into ice trays and freeze them. When they are frozen just chuck them down the drain while the food waste disposer is switched on. It will clean the system and remove any smells. The hard material will also make the blades sharp.

Another way to use ice cubes to make your food waste disposal smell better is to freeze a small lemon section with water in ice trays. Let the food waste disposer eat up these ice cubes and leave a lemony fresh scent behind.

Don’ts of Disposal

Some foods can actually create problems within the appliance and aren’t meant to be disposed of using a food waste disposer. Some fibrous vegetables like asparagus and celery can actually expand when wet. While being fed into a food waste disposer they can get stuck and create an impossible blockade that can mess the whole system up.

Starchy products can create clogs when traveling through the food waste disposer especially when mixed with water. So ingredients like bread, pasta, and potatoes need to be avoided at all costs to reduce the number of clogs.

Citrus Fruits Help

Lemons, limes, and oranges are some citrus fruits that can really help to make your food waste disposal smell better. They remove odors by flooding the system with fresh, citrus smells. They are a natural deodorant you can use to make the food waste disposer smell fresh.

One easy way to use citrus fruits to make your food waste disposal smell better is to dump any peels from the fruits into the food waste disposer. Another simpler method is to just throw an entire fruit into the drainage system. The orange will act as a sure-fire way to clean the internal system of the disposal system. The citrus oils of the fruits will clean the blades of the system while flooding the system with a very pleasant, clean smell.

Don’t forget the Visible Parts

The rim of the food waste disposer in your sink can often collect food bacteria, food particles, and even mold. Mold can have a very unpleasant and musty scent that can affect the ambiance of your kitchen.

To make the food waste disposal smell better use a scrubbing brush and dish soap to clean the rim properly. This will remove any unwanted collection around the rim that is making your food waste disposer stink.

Preventive Measures

There are some steps you can take to make your food waste disposal smell better. The do’s and don’ts of food waste disposers are:

  • Oily liquids like fat, grease, or used oil can actually create huge problems by sticking to the walls of the food waste disposer. This grease can turn into food sludge that can make the blades slow down. Any food waste you dispose of in the appliance will stick to the food sludge making the whole disposal system severely inefficient.
  • Coffee grounds should not be put into the food waste disposer. Some people say that these can help to make the food waste disposal smell better by unleashing a pleasant coffee scent on the system. However, it can actually build up in the nooks and crannies of your system. This accumulation of food particles can start to decompose in the system and smell really bad.
  • Non-biodegradable materials can’t be fed into the food waste disposer at all. Items like paper, glass, metals, or plastic can actually dull the blades in the drainage system. They can also create clogs in the system which can catch food particles causing odors. The recycling process is also be hindered as non-biodegradable items are recycled separately from food waste items.
  • Don’t dispose of any cigarette butts into the food waste disposer as the tobacco and filter can get caught in the blades and clog the system.
  • Make sure to always have the tap on when you are feeding your food waste system. This will help to flush down all the food waste through the pipes. Make sure to not use hot water, as this can increase the chances of grease clogs. Coldwater can help solidify the grease which can make the grinding process easier.
  • Never feed your food waste disposer system too quickly as that can cause clogs in the system.


Just make sure to never overuse the food waste disposer system and employ preventive measures and techniques to ensure that clogs do not appear in the drain pipes. After reading this article, you definitely know how to make the food waste disposal smell better so use these new ways to ensure your kitchen smells of food, not food waste.

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