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Industrial-Strength Liquid Drain Opener w/Snakes

(59 customer reviews)


2,235 ratings
  • Safer Drain is a powerful clog remover against hair, soap scum, oils, lint, grease, and fats.
  • Industrial strength formula, but biodegradable, odorless & nonflammable.
  • Septic safe, and safe to use on all types of pipes when used properly.
  • Thick & heavy liquid gel formula sinks & clings to point of obstruction.
  • Made in the USA by a family small business.

How it works

Eliminate Bad Odour

Safer On Pipes

No Toxic Fumes


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Xion Lab AWARD-WINNING Gel Liquid Shower Drain Cleaner was formulated with INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY to ATTACK CLOGS AT THE ROOT. Our drain opener to clings to blockages, WITHOUT GENERATING TOXIC GASES THAT open clogs in your pipes. Our thick, heavier-than-water pipe cleaner works quickly on fats, oils, grease, soap scum, lint & hair.

The Perfect Balance In Power & Safety For Drain Cleaning

We believe we have found the perfect balance between drain cleaning power, and safety. The most powerful drain openers are acids-based drain openers. They are fast-acting, but are toxic, corrosive, and very dangerous for the user.

On the other side of the spectrum are the enzymatic-based drain cleaners. These are super safe, but can take a very, very, very, very long time to unclog a drain. Our Safer Drain Opener is the perfect balance between the two.

Powerful enough to outperform any caustic, or enzymatic drain opener, but a lot safer than an acid drain cleaner. With cutting-edge formulation, Xion Lab’s Safer Drain Opener is a premium product that’s a quantum leap in drain cleaner technology.

Our formula is highly effective against obstructions caused by hair, oils, grease, soap scum, and lint.

Our product outperforms traditional industrial strength caustic drain cleaners. When used properly our drain opener is biodegradable, odorless, non-flammable, safe on all types of pipes, and septic safe if used properly.

Made In USA

Terra Care Certified

Free Shipping

Industrial Strength

Safe On All Types Of Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners damage PVC, galvanized steel, copper, and iron pipes, as well as fixtures. They should never be used on a completely clogged drain; the materials can eat pipes while they sit clearing the organic materials.

This happens because many other drain opener products are highly corrosive and are not safe to use on all types of pipes.

 A sulfuric acid drain cleaner will highly damage stainless steel, aluminum chrome, galvanized, and many other types of pipe materials. That is why liquid chemical drain cleaners are not recommended to be used in older homes.


When used properly, the formula of our Safer Drain Opener is safe on all types of pipes. Allowing you to safely use this product in any home or business, and also saving costly plumbing repairs of any damaged plumbing caused by other chemical drain openers.

Biodegradable Industrial Strength Drain Opener

Many chemical drain cleaners should be treated as hazardous waste. Other drain opener packaging cannot be recycled due to being contaminated with toxic, and corrosive chemicals. This is not the case with Xion Lab’s Safer Drain Opener.


After flushing the container with water, our biodegradable formula allows our user to dispose of empty containers for recycling. If recycling is not available, discard containers in the trash.


Other chemical drain cleaners poured down the drain can make their way into lakes, rivers, and wildlife. If used appropriately, our Safer Drain Opener’s formula has minimal effects on the greater environment, and the ecology of organisms.

Heavy Liquid Gel Formula Reaches The Root Of Your Clogged Drain Problem

We have developed our Safer Drain Opener with a high density, thickened, non-splash, liquid formula that is heavier than water, so it sinks and clings to the blockage and begins working quickly.

Once the chemical elements reach the clogged area it starts to discharge electrons that start becoming oxidized. The role of each chemical is different and they work one by one to generate both heat and gases to open clogged drains.

What Our Clients Say

I was amazed at how well this worked. I've used it 3 times now (over a long period of time). The first time, I followed the directions exactly (left overnight and poured very hot water down the drain in the morning [had to heat up water on stove before pouring down shower drain]). It was great. The second time, I didn't do the hot water thing and it wasn't that great. So the third time I went back to following it exactly and the drain is perfectly clear. So the hot water thing is actually an important detail.

Dawn from STAX / April 8th

I had zero expectations. I was hoping for something that will hopefully open the drain blockage in couples uses because that's how bad the situation was and i was thinking if it is safe for the pipes probably it won't be strong enough to unclog. My upstairs neighbor broke our pipes with draino so i was afraid of doing the same thing. I qimed for half but ended up pouring 2/3 of the bottle down the bath tub and the remaining down the sink. I waited 12 hours and poured 1L of boiled water down on both and my drains are like brand new. I am so happy that i'll stock up on this product.

Douglas P. / March 3rd

First off let me say that if you've got a bad clog or slow moving drain BUY this one and give it a shot. You cannot go wrong with a company that believes in customer satisfaction like the people at Xionlab do. Expect a couple helpful hints in your inbox before the product even arrives and a follow up to see if you were satisfied and , here's the kicker, they actually read and respond to your feedback!! I am wholly impressed with the steps they took in making sure that I was taken care of. Clogs are never fun and can disrupt your entire life and schedule. The people at this company seem not only to get that but they care that you are happy with your purchase.
Love that it's biodegradable, really was odorless and just feel safer not having put a bunch of caustic chemicals down my pipes.
In all, just give it a try- you won't be sorry.

PDXgoat / January 9th

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With 2 Snakes, With 3 Snakes, No Snakes

59 reviews for Industrial-Strength Liquid Drain Opener w/Snakes

  1. elie

    Love this product. Works perfectly

  2. nookfan

    I used in on a tub that would take an hour to drain after a shower. I did not want to use a product that would harm our septic system, so I tried Xionlab. One bottle was enough to fix the drain. I have since ordered two more bottles for further cleansing and maintenance. TIP: Make sure to use plenty of boiling water after the 6-8 hour treatment. And you may at first think the drain is completely clogged, but give the hot water a chance to work. It worked for me!

  3. simons

    Product really works. Had to use twice but got long lasting results with shower drain.

  4. kz

    I read the reviews and saw that different people had different experiences. I decided to roll the dice and give it a try. I’m glad that I did!! I have tried many different products to unblock my shower drain, roto-rooter, draino, salt, vinegar, baking soda and boiling water and was still ankle deep in water by the end of my shower. I poured in 1/2 of a bottle of this stuff and left it for 2 days (business trip). When I showered next, NO ISSUES! Throughout my whole shower there was no build of of water. I am very pleased with the product and thrilled that I finally found something that works for me.

    Buying more for twice-yearly maintenance. It still works!!

  5. dawn

    I was amazed at how well this worked. I’ve used it 3 times now (over a long period of time). The first time, I followed the directions exactly (left overnight and poured very hot water down the drain in the morning [had to heat up water on stove before pouring down shower drain]). It was great. The second time, I didn’t do the hot water thing and it wasn’t that great. So the third time I went back to following it exactly and the drain is perfectly clear. So the hot water thing is actually an important detail.

  6. kaewinters

    The kitchen sink in our shared office kitchen was disgusting; people had been putting food scraps in the disposal and not grinding them up and it had been poorly treated long before my company moved in. Every time someone ran water the whole kitchen would stink of rotten eggs and it was gross.

    As a last resort before calling a plumber, I bought this Xion cleaner. I poured half the bottle down the sink and left it overnight, directing the first person in the office in the morning to pour hot water in to flush it out. Imagine my shock to find out that inside the garbage disposal is actually silver, not black! The cleaner did such an amazing job with just one treatment, completely removing all the slime and rotten food. The smell is completely gone, and we have half a bottle left for future upkeep.

    I will absolutely be buying this product again, and plan to get a bottle to keep at home too! Plus the follow up email from Xion highlighted that a portion of their profits goes to a nonprofit that helps treat drug addiction, so it’s a company I’m happy to support too.

  7. bs

    I had zero expectations. I was hoping for something that will hopefully open the drain blockage in couples uses because that’s how bad the situation was and i was thinking if it is safe for the pipes probably it won’t be strong enough to unclog. My upstairs neighbor broke our pipes with draino so i was afraid of doing the same thing. I qimed for half but ended up pouring 2/3 of the bottle down the bath tub and the remaining down the sink. I waited 12 hours and poured 1L of boiled water down on both and my drains are like brand new. I am so happy that i’ll stock up on this product.

  8. yogifromnc

    I’ve been dealing with a slow drain for months. I’ve tried everything on the market and also tried baking soda and vinegar. Nothing worked. My drain then became completely clogged. That’s when I found Xion. I was hopeful, but had my doubts. I followed the directions and only used about 16 ounces of the drain cleaner. I let it sit overnight. When I tried it in the morning, the drain was completely clear! This has been the only thing that worked to clear my drain.

  9. pdxgoat

    First off let me say that if you’ve got a bad clog or slow moving drain BUY this one and give it a shot. You cannot go wrong with a company that believes in customer satisfaction like the people at Xionlab do. Expect a couple helpful hints in your inbox before the product even arrives and a follow up to see if you were satisfied or not.
    Love that it’s biodegradable, really was odorless and just feel safer not having put a bunch of caustic chemicals down my pipes.

  10. sublime

    WOW! This is no joke. This really works. My bathtub was so clogged that I could completely fill it with water for a bath without every plugging the drain – no exaggeration. I tried other non toxic products to unclog it with no success. I poured half of it down the drain but I waited for 24 hours before flushing it with hot water. I was so skeptical about the ability to unclog my tub, I even used boiling water from the stove. Well, I don’t think the drain has ever worked this well — even when I first moved into this place.

  11. lex

    WOAH. If I could give anything 100 stars, this product is it. I’m super excited to shower in the morning, and to not stand in gross hairy water! I dumped the whole bottle into my bathtub/shower drain, and I let it sit for 10 hours. I then boiled 10 cups of water and poured it into the drain. AWFUL NASTY BROWN CLUMPS AND THE WATER CAME BACK UP AND JUST STOPPED, no draining! So I thought CRAP, went and grabbed a plunger and metal hanger and as I was readying those tools, I heard the drain gurgle and it bubbled and all of of the sudden the water and gunk disappeared and I heard and watched the water run smoothly and quickly down the drain. It was so gratifying.. I then boiled about 12 cups MORE water, and poured that down and the drain was as clear as the day it was created. WONDERFUL PRODUCT. bought another bottle for a floor drain I have in my business/bar. (That drain is totally fckd. I’ll update if it works for that as well)

    Update on bar floor drain:::: I did exactly as I did with my shower drain to the bar floor drain, but it didn’t work. That drain however is SO old, (50s) we would have to bulldoze and dig to fix it. this drain product was worth a try and THIS IS STILL A WONDERFUL PRODUCT. I will be using for all other needs!!

  12. alison

    I was skeptical that a septic safe product could work so well. But, followed the instructions for our terrible kitchen sink clog and it worked with only half a bottle! Poured it down the drain at night and let it sit for about eight hours overnight. I then heated a container of water up in the microwave and poured it down. This did not dislodge the clog. But, then I boiled a pot of water on the stove and poured that down. That seemed to do the trick. Would definitely suggest boiling water to get the water perfectly hot enough rather than heating it up in the microwave or getting from another faucet. Glad I have the second half of the bottle to use if/when another clog arises!

  13. p.davison

    I have tried absolutely everything to open my bathroom drain so it can drain freely. Big box and grocery store products, baking soda and vinegar to plunging it.. Nothing worked. Before we called a costly plumber to snake out the drain I thought I would try one last product which was the Xion. I liked what the reviews had to say so I ordered it. By this time my bathroom drain was almost at a standstill. I used half a bottle as directed then let it sit overnight. In the morning I slowly poured in approx. 3 qrts. almost boiling water. It worked immediately and my bathroom drain has been draining quickly since I’ve used it 2 weeks ago. I will always keep a bottle on hand. Thank you for this very effective product.

  14. truthteller

    I used it in my almost totally clogged kitchen sink that would not unclog even after numerous treatments with other products. The first attempt with this product also failed to do anything as I let the product only sit for a couple of hours. The second time I let the product sit for 8 hours before flushing it out and it amazingly worked but it still took several minutes of careful flushing with hot water before the clog really cleared.

  15. thedancingchicken

    Years ago my drain clogged up and I used something natural from the store. So this time, I looked on Amazon for something similar. The last time I remember it took two treatments and then the clog was removed. I bought two bottles thinking it would take more, just in case to have it. But, I have more for next time, this worked in one night. I do believe the directions helped, following with HOT water the morning after I feel really helped. I’ll use this again and now I know it’s just hair and stuff, not a bigger plumbing problem.

  16. johnlochner

    I took a chance on this product because of the environmental protections. Hoped it would be as strong as the more caustic options. I haven’t had a drain backup in over 10 years, so I was expecting that it had its work cut out for it. It did so well that it apparently pushed all the gunk it had dissolved down to the area where the product had not reached. In other words, I think my clog moved down the drain several feet. So the next night I repeated the process with the second half of the bottle, per the directions. This time I could pour more boiling water down the drain, but it still backed up to the sink, indicating to me that the clog had moved a bit farther down the pipe, but was still being stopped in the part of the pipe that had not been treated. So I called Customer Service. Within just moments, they asked for my address so they could overnight a replacement bottle. It took two more half-bottle treatments, but my drain is now flowing free. Will definitely continue to use XionLab to keep my drains clean. And I’m still amazed at their “Customer Service” – that’s exactly what it is!!!

  17. kit

    I was hesitant to purchase this drain opener due to the mixed reviews, however I took the chance and am so glad I did. My kitchen sink was having some real difficulty draining and even with the use of a plunger (which had always worked in the past) the pipe just wasn’t opening up. I poured half the bottle directly down the drain and left it overnight (about 8 hours). The next morning, I boiled some water and noticed that after I slowly poured it down the drain, the clog still was not budging. Oh no!!! So, like many other reviewers, after the water slowly drained I poured the rest of the bottle down and left it for another 8 hours. This did the trick! When I poured the boiling water down the drain slowly, it opened! I’m very pleased with this product and would definitely purchase it again. Totally worth the money considering a plumber would have cost so much more! I can’t say it will work for all kitchen sinks, but it definitely worked for mine!

  18. betsyjohnson

    Had almost a completely clogged kitchen double sink…water was pooling up then verrrry slowly draining. Suspected it was bacon grease as my hubs eats bacon every morn and it started clogging as soon as the weather turned cold. Tried 3 bottles of regular drano type with zero luck. Last ditch try before calling the dreaded plumber. So easy pour in before bed ( both drains) and woke up heated some water and the water pooled up again almost worse it didnt even seem like it was slowly draining out so panicked heated som more water and this time Shazam! Totally clear but still did a third run of heated water to be sure and its free and clear. Won’t use anything else from now on considering the other types eat away and may weaken our pipes when this product works even better!

  19. ryanpierce

    Our tub/shower had been draining slow since we moved in. We tolerated it for a week before I started trying things. We tried a hair snake to see if there was hair backed up but nothing. I tried another common household brand drain cleaner from down at the local Home Depot and that seemed to work for all of about a day. Finally I went to the Google and did some digging. That lead me to this beautiful specimen of a product. I figured I’d give it a shot but wasn’t getting my hopes up. I followed the directions and my tub had no standing water in it when I used the product. It was thick and seemed to stay right there below the drain. I went to sleep and about 8.5-9hrs later I woke to the joy of seeing if my tub would finally drain like it was supposed to. I poured boiling hot water slowly down my drain and it didn’t go anywhere. I now had standing water. My first thought was oh great this product is junk and now I’m even worse off than I was to begin with!! But behold a little thinking and brainstorming lead me to my new plunger. I figure maybe just maybe the gel like product started to Solidify at the clog. One frustrated push on the plunger and we heard the water be forced down and then all the water in the tub rushed down the drain after it. It worked it really worked! It needed just a little help and maybe that was because I waited a little longer than the directions say but man does my tub drain now! I’ll be keeping this product around for a while! I highly recommend using this stuff!

  20. tc

    We had a bathroom sink and tub that were both draining slowly. I split the contents between the two. Left it overnight and poured boiling water in to each.
    The problem was instantly solved. I like the fact that this product is biodegradable and has no smell whatsoever.
    Highly recommended.

  21. todd

    The product itself did a nice job.
    I use this for maintaining a clean drain. If you incure a clog, it takes time to eat through the blockage. Leave it Overnight. That is the trade off for a Septic-Safe solution, vs a faster acting non-septic safe hard chemical.

  22. phinguyen

    I have a dual sink in the kitchen and though I cleaned the pipes thoroughly and regularly but lately water draining has been extremely slow. I tried everything from Drano to baking sodar/vinegar combo and nothing helped. Found this one. Put it half a bottle, left overnight then in the morning, washed it down with hot boiling water. First water batch, it was bubbling; second water batch, it was then back to slow moving again and I thought no… 15 minutes later I tried the 3rd batch of hot water, this time probably 4 gallons. The water went down so fast that I thought it was leaking so opened the doors to check and found none.
    I hardly written any review but I feel like I should compliment XIONLAB for an excellent product.

  23. farheenkhamisa

    After reviewing a couple of well known products that do the job, this one seemed to have no odor and served it’s purpose with a simple procedure.
    Applied this as the directions stated & when after about 9 hours, ran some boiling water through the experimented drains. One drain worked better than the other, instead of redoing the experiment, applied another cup of boiling water to the drain that could have been better, and it worked!! Will definitely purchase & recommend this product.
    And my husband sensed a light smell but it was gone after the 1st hour AFTER the procedure had been completed & to begin with, it was very light!

  24. margaretegan

    I had a slow drain and then it finally stopped draining. For 3 days i had water in the tub and would not drain. so i ordered this. I followed the directions to a tee and after 8 hours, waa-laa, it finally went down. I poured half of the drain cleaner followed by 8 quarts of boiling water and now its clear as a bell. I will always use this to clean my drain, its worth the price to me. I have used Drano and other name brands and they are just so so. I thank you for a grear product.

  25. uriah

    I tried two gallons on Drano Max Gel. Two containers of Calcium Lime Rust removal. A box of baking soda and a gallon of vinegar. Nothing was working. XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover was going to be my last resort before I called a plumber. I put 2 bottles of XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover in my double sink. After 12 hours, I poured pots full of scolding hot water down both sinks. Less than ten minutes later… I was shocked, grateful, and more than satisfied XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover WORKED. WORKED. WORKED. Ordering two more bottles just to keep on hand if I ever have a problem again. XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover is now my go-to.

  26. glenihrig

    Works as advertised!
    My bathroom sink was taking about two minutes to drain after washing hands. I applied the drain opener as instructed before going to bed. In the morning I poured 5 cups of boiling water down the drain. That didn’t seem to drain any faster (the instructions said a second application may be required). 30 Minutes later I applied a second 5 cups of boiling water and the sink drained a little faster. I then filled the sink to the overflow with hot water from the tap. After a few seconds the water began to drain so fast I had a ‘mini-tornado’ spiraling down the drain – completely open and free running.

  27. ann

    For various reasons, I didn’t want to use a toxic cleaner on my clogged bathroom sink drain. I tried vinegar and plunging but it didn’t work. I ordered this product and the package was damaged in transit and returned so I had to order again and paid extra to overnight it so I was really hoping it work. I poured half a bottle in at around 7:00 pm. When I got up at 5, nothing had happened and there was still pretty much the same amount of water in the sink. I went ahead and poured boiling water in while cursing under my breath. At about 6:15 am I went in to the bathroom and it was going down. Then it just seemed to clear out so I poured more boiling water in and it was clear. I was very pleased.

  28. judithfrederick

    I have used this product in my tub drain and bathroom sink drain. Does the job well but one must use a lot of the product based on the instructions on the bottle. Compared to other products like this, I was surprised at the amount that is required to use. But it does clean out the drains and mine were pretty bad.

  29. momof2

    I was very impressed with this product. I had to treat both my bathroom sink and tub. Sure it was a hair clog. Left the product overnight and flushed the drains the next morning with boiling water. My drains are clear and water drains wonderful. It states that it’s not harmful to septic systems – I truly hope not because I really like this product. I’ve now used it more than once and it never lets me down. I just used it in my kitchen sink. I think there was build-up that was causing extremely slow drain. Used this overnight. Flushed the drain with boiling water and it worked wonderful! Soon, I’ll be purchasing my 3rd bottle – make sure I have it on hand when I need it.

  30. carolina

    I thought at first it did not work. I used a half bottle and left it overnight and the very slow bathtub drain seemed unchanged. I did the same thing the next night, and it seemed unchanged the next day. But on the third day, though I did nothing more, the drain was open and operating normally. I guess it took awhile to work through the gook. I haven’t had anything done to the drain in the 15 years I’ve lived in my home and it probably had buildup. I’m happy with the results.

  31. bethanyhumphries

    Worked perfectly, as advertised. I tried a hand-crank auger in my bathroom sink, which has worked before–didn’t work this time (I don’t think I got down far enough). Tried a Roebic bacterial enzyme product a couple times–it didn’t help. Poured half a bottle of Xion Lab down the sink, waited about 18 hours in total (started at 1pm so I could try it before bed, but decided to leave it all night as well). Then I boiled about 4-5 cups of water (teapot full) and poured it down the drain–it backed up for a second and then went right down. Sink drains perfectly again. I will probably use the Roebic product and maybe Xion as well for maintenance now, as this happens at least once a year now in my bathroom sink.

  32. renee

    Followed the instructions on the bottle and that were so kindly emailed by the seller. Poured. Almost half of the bottle down our VERY stinky and clogged bathtub drain in the evening (which drain did nothing to assist). Waited till the next morning and poured a coffee pot full of water down the drain. Not a problem since and the sewage smell is gone too! I gave the rest to my mom to try on her bathroom sink that is always SLOW to drain! I plan on keeping a bottle on hand always.

  33. michaeldigregorio

    Have employed XionLab three time now in a proactive manner; reflexively staying ahead of any kitchen or shower issues. The former is especially key, by virtue of the fact there’s no garbage disposal beneath my kitchen sink.

    Yes, it’s far more costly than Zep, or the other mainstays sold at HomeDepot. But the results have proved nothing less than cost effective. It also appears to be less toxic than most drain treatments.

    Given the results, plus the organic makeup of XionLab, I’ll certainly be purchasing again.

  34. my36

    There is no strong smell for this product and it works great for the bathtub drain. Just follow the instructions and there is an obvious outcome (no clog anymore)! Really easy to use. But one bottle is only for 2 uses according to the instructions I think?

  35. jeffreypuls

    XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover DID work. I used 1/2 bottle the first night (bathroom sink) and let it sit for 7 hours before poring boiling water in sink. This seemed to nudge it a bit. Before I went to bed, I poured rest of bottle in and let it sit over night, then in the morning poured boiling water in and that seemed to do the trick. Has been about a month now and drain is still draining well. Thumbs up!

  36. renee-7211

    Followed the instructions on the bottle and that were so kindly emailed by the seller. Poured. Almost half of the bottle down our VERY stinky and clogged bathtub drain in the evening (which drain did nothing to assist). Waited til the next morning and poured a coffee pot full of water down the drain. Not a problem since and the sewage smell is gone too! I gave the rest to my mom to try on her bathroom sink that is always SLOW to drain! I plan on keeping a bottle on hand always.

  37. juliemiller

    I live in a rental apartment with very old plumbing. As a woman with long hair, you can imagine we have frequent clogs, so after using Drano twice and still having water build up in the shower while using it, I wasn’t super hopeful anything else would help. I have never used this brand before, but liked that it was a safer option. I followed the directions, but let it sit for about 24 hours instead of 8 and then rinsed with hot water and it worked! No more standing in water in the shower. I liked that the bottle is also two applications as well!

  38. stevenp

    I had a clogged drain in the bathtub. The tub would fill to cover my feet while my wife or I took a shower. Upon doing some research, I came across Xion. I initially poured half the bottle into the drain and waited 1 hour ( I could tell this was a tough clog). After rinsing with warm water, the clog seem to be worse. I left whatever water remained and came back 5 minutes later to find the tub empty. I turned the water on and saw a noticeable improvement! There was still some backup, So I decided to finish the bottle and let it sit for another hour. After rinsing with warm water, the clog was no more! Very happy with this product and will use again in the future!

  39. smartone

    I love this Xion Lab drain opener and just ordered my 4th bottle. First, I pull out any long hair stuck in the drain and then I let this work it’s magic overnight. In the morning, I flush the drain with hot water and it’s like new again. I wasted so much money over the years on products from big box stores, but never again.

  40. conniesmith

    Our tub drain was running slowly and we had tried several other brands, but this one did the trick! I poured half the bottle down the drain and let it sit for 8 hours, followed by boiling water. Easy to use!

  41. ranthem

    Most-used bathroom sink in the house was starting to drain very slowly (causing water to start filling the sink). It seemed like too much icky work to try to clear the drain of hair, etc manually. I used this product as directed, and it managed to totally increase the drain flow. Problem solved. Although it’s a concentrated formula, and you still have to be cautious with it, there is no harsh odor, and it’s super easy to work with. Did not in any way damage my old PVC pipes, nor my little chromed plastic sink stopper that I couldn’t remove during this drain treatment. Truly satisfied.

  42. jar

    the directions sound like you have to be very exacting, but really you just pour the stuff in, wait a while (overnight if possible but not necessary in my experience) then pour boiling water in it. I just used a tea kettle to boil water and that amount of water was fine. I live in an old brownstone so lots of plumbing problems and clogged sinks… this has made my life easier. Very happy with it.

  43. vikawhite

    I didn’t expect too much from any drain clog remover products but this one is different. I poured it into our clogged bath tub and forgot to run the hot waters for 2 days. So I eventually run the hot water. The drain didn’t work for 2-3 minutes, but then I heard sound from the drainer indicating that something was opened up. And it did! All of sudden the clog in my bath tub was removed. We saved lots of money by choosing this product and not calling a plumber.

  44. marktippery

    This is the second time I have used this product successfully. The first was on a clogged shower drain and this time on a slow draining sink. The product performed as promised both times. I received Fast delivery, of an effective product and great customer support. The seller provided directions for optimized product effectiveness, which was greatly appreciated. Plus a portion of sales goes to support an excellent cause.

  45. melina

    I have used this product on two separate occasions now and I am blown away by how well this product works. Like many others I have tried other brands only to find that it makes no difference at all leaving my drain still clogged. From experience I am glad to report that this product works flawlessly. I poured half the bottle in my drain and let it sit for at least 5 hours. I come back after that time with a hot glass of water, flush it down and voila! Drain is no longer clogged!

    I used this product on my shower both times, I will say the first time it was really backed up so I let the cleaner sit for around 6 hours. I did have to also plunge the drain after running the hot water down to fully clear it out. The second time I used it I did not have to plunge the drain.

  46. manolo

    Had a slow shower drain. Bought the product. Followed directions (which were super easy). Filled a 16 oz Dixie Cup so I could throw it away after pouring the product down the shower drain, slowly. Set a timer for 8 hours. Poured a quart of boiling water down the drain. Worked as advertised. Slow drain back to normal!

  47. christopherstandish

    Follow the directions as instructed and you should be great! My spouses tub drain was clogged and the tub would fill with water when showering. It would take a long time to drain afterwards. Used product as instructed and it worked great. Fast drain with a little whirl pool even since there was so much suction!
    *You can’t rush this stuff. Follow the directions and it will work great.

  48. goldielox_ss

    My guest bathroom sink and tub where clogged. I had tried several home remedies to unclog them and nothing worked. I read the reviews on here and was a little skeptical but bought product anyways. Yesterday I poured 16oz of XionLab down my sink and 16oz down the tub and left for work. When I returned I boiled 2 pots of water and poured down the drains. My sink and tub are both unclogged now. I was totally surprised. This product really works!!! My husband was so excited as we had been talking about hiring a plumber. Now we don’t. Thanks XIONLAB!!!

  49. buddy

    Worked fantastic!
    Had a bathroom sink drain that was, I repeat, was totally clogged. Called plumbers used snake etc. still clogged. Added half of container and let sit for 6 hrs. then filled sink again and added remainder. Let sit for 1 hr. sink drained like new. Flushed for 30 minutes because I couldn’t believe it. Still free and clear!!!!

  50. larkspur

    A plumber was going to charge me $100 to pour this stuff in my shower drain. After some research, I found this one and it worked great! No clogged drain. Much better for you your system (we have septic) than Liquid Plumber. I only needed 1/2 a bottle. I will definitely buy it again.

  51. taylor

    Worked perfect. Had a backed up shower and left this for 2 hours (totally forgot and only meant to leave for 30) but it totally fixed our drain. I did not want to go out and buy Drano which is full of disgusting and harsh chemicals I’d have to breathe in. This did a great job!

  52. sagar24

    We had a super clogged bath tub drain, mostly due to hair. We tried lot of drain clear liquids but nothing worked. We tried this product as a last chance before calling a plumber. We applied this liquid for 2 consecutive nights (for about 8 hrs as advertised by the seller) and the drain is now all clear. Being organic is just a great plus for this product. We highly recommend this product

  53. reader

    I have long hair that causes a drain clog every now and again no matter how diligent I am about cleaning the shower. This was a great option that I also felt good about using–it was fast and effective and I wasn’t worrying about dumping a ton of toxins down the drain. It took care of a tough clog with half a bottle and I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  54. timp

    We had a shower drain that has been slow for years. Liquid plumber hasn’t worked. I poured 1/2 bottle and let it sit overnight. Next morning, I poured 2 gallons of hot water down that drain. It now drains like it’s new. Couple days later I added about 1/4 bottle down that drain and let it sit overnight, just in case there was any residual blockage. I can’t say it got any better after the second round, but was a good peace of mind.

  55. jj

    I used everything on my sink and nothing worked. I was going to call a plumber and decided to buy something expensive first, just in case. First run didn’t do anything. I got upset, ready to make a call, but did the second run and all good. I dunno what exactly it did, but it worked.

  56. lamard

    So my shower drain all of a sudden had a huge build up. I used half a bottle of this magical juice and let it sit overnight. The next morning I boiled two pots of hot water and poured it down the drain then left it for most of the day. When I did finally shower, I had no water build up at all whereas I usually have some sort of water build up in the tub. This served it’s purpose!

  57. arteest

    I tried this because my condo was built in the 70s and I wanted to avoid harsh chemicals. You know what? IT WORKED GREAT! My clogged drains were as good as new in about 3 hours! I will definitely keep this on hand and will happily recommend it to others! What a good product!

  58. kmccullough

    This is my go-to product to unclog & maintain the drain in my tub. It works like a charm. I do wish it was a little less expensive for the amount you get, but right now I just buy as needed and haven’t had any issues.

  59. trevororeilly

    Used it just like the directions said and whala! Sink is draining and so is the shower! I even boiled water to rinse after treatment and perfect! The seller even sent me an email to forward directions and make sure all was good with the product. Great customer service!

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