Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridge 

 July 29, 2017

By  Xion Lab

The EZ Trap is the best sloan waterless urinal cartridge on the market. It lasts 3 to 4 times longer than the Sloan waterless urinal cartridge, and dramatically reduces maintenance costs.  You can buy the EZ Trap waterless urinal cartridge for your Sloan waterfree urinal by clicking on the banner below.

Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridge

Traditional flush urinals installed in most public spaces waste a lot of water. In order to regulate the water usage, a number of states such as Arizona have made it mandatory to install waterless urinals in public buildings. Waterless urinals help in water conservation. These urinals are designed in a way that the waste matter goes down the drain automatically.  No water is required to flush the liquid waste. As a result, the water bill is reduced significantly when waterless urinals are used instead of flush urinals. The cost savings in public buildings that receive a lot of traffic is particularly significant. It is estimated that urinals installed in state buildings, schools and shopping malls can help in annual savings of about $900 in water bills.

Waterless urinals can become an integral part of the ecological drive to conserve water. The fact is that the drinking water supply is limited. Using waterless urinal can contribute to conserving of the precious water supply. This is particularly important in the south and southwestern areas in the US such as Texas, Arizona, and California.

One of the best waterless urinals is the Sloan waterless urinal. Here we will talk about waterless urinals and why Sloan waterless urinal cartridges are one of the best.

What are Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals have become increasingly popular in the past few years. The idea about waterless urinals was conceived in the 1980s by a German inventor named Klaus Reichardt. He had been inspired by similar urinals that were in use in Switzerland in the 1890s.

Initially, people were skeptical regarding whether the waterless urinals are hygienic. Due to lack of knowledge regarding waterless urinals, a number of states had banned installation of the urinals.

However, due to increasing awareness about the true benefits of waterless urinals, most states have repealed the prohibition on waterless urinals. As mentioned earlier, Arizona has now made it mandatory to install waterless urinals in government buildings. Similar laws are in the pipeline in other states in the US.

Waterless urinals are completely safe and hygienic. Despite the fact that urinals don’t use water, they are more hygienic than the traditional flush urinals. In fact, it is due to not using water that waterless urinals are cleaner as compared to traditional urinals.

Bacteria thrive in moist areas. They tend to flourish in places that are in direct line of the water. As a result, a flush urinal bowl contains a lot more bacteria as compared to a waterless urinal bowl. The surface of the waterless urinal is pore free. It remains dry that inhibits the production of bacteria.

Furthermore, waterless urinals prevent odor problems. The odor that is commonly associated with urine is in fact of ammonia gas that is produced when the liquid waste comes into contact with air and water. With waterless urinals, no water is used to flush the waste. Also, the urinal is kept in an airtight chamber inside. Therefore, there is no odor problem. In most cases, the odors near the waterless urinal come due to urine spilled on the floor. Cleaning the floors on a regular basis will prevent odor problems.

Another great thing about waterless urinals is that they are much easier to clean and maintain as compared to traditional urinals. The only serviceable part is the Sloan waterless urinal cartridge. There is no separate water supply to the urinal. This results in significantly less plumbing repair costs in the long run. Installing waterless urinals can result in great cost savings for the company.

What are the Different Types of Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals that are available in the market drain urine without the use of water. However, they differ on how this is achieved. The waterless urinals use different techniques to drain the liquid waste. The two most common types of waterless urinals are briefly discussed here.

a. Hydrostatic Sealant Urinals

Hydrostatic sealant urinals trap urine using an organic compound. The organic compound floats above a hydrostatic float. It collects and seals the urine inside the urinal cartridge. The liquid remains in the cartridge in an oxygen-free environment. As a result, there is no odor problem associated with the hydrostatic sealant urinals.

b. Liquid Sealant Urinals

The liquid sealant urinals consist of oil based sealant inside. The sealant keeps the urine from rising upwards. The liquid waste remains sealed beneath the sealant. This prevents the bad odor that is associated with urine.

Due to being less dense than urine, the sealant floats above the liquid waste. It’s recommended that the sealant should be checked and replaced at a regular interval. Most urinals require replacing the sealant after about 1,500 flushes.

The Inner Working of Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals work in an entirely different manner as compared to the traditional flush urinals. At first sight, waterless urinals may appear similar to flush urinals. But on close inspection, you will find that the waterless urinals don’t have a separate water supply line.

So, how do waterless urinals drain liquid waste?

The peculiar design of the waterless urinals allows it to drain liquid waste without using water. Waterless urinals don’t require any plumbing. A separate supply line need not be installed. Due to the same reason, pipe erosion is not a concern among waterless urinals. This results in less plumbing repair costs in the long run.

The two most important components of waterless urinals include the sealant and the cartridge. The sealant collects urine and keeps it inside the urinal. This ensures that the urinal remains safe and hygienic. Due to not using water, waterless urinals have significantly less bacterial formation as compared to the traditional flush urinals.

Bacteria are formed when the liquid waste is exposed to water and air. Since waterless urinals do not use water, there is fewer bacteria formation in waterless urinals. Also, the urinal is completely odor free. Due to not using water, no ammonia gas is formed that causes the unpleasant odor that we normally associate with urine.

Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridge: How it Works?

Waterless urinal cartridge is the most important component of the urinal. The cartridge represents the next generation of urinal technology. Waterless urinals don’t use water due to the particular design of the urinal cartridge.

Sloan waterless urinal cartridge performs many functions. The cartridge acts as a funnel in the waterless urinal. It allows the urine to pass down the urine bowl to the drain without using any water. The cartridge is installed at the base of the waterless urinal.

A sealant that is biodegradable is present inside the cartridge. A barrier is formed by the sealant between the open air and the drain. This prevents the urine from being exposed to air thereby preventing bad odor problem.

The sealant that is present inside the cartridge serves the function of a barrier that prevents urine from flowing backward. The urine remains sealed inside the urinal and is not exposed to water and air. This prevents the foul odor that we normally associate with the urine.

One of the main functions of the Sloan waterless urinal cartridge is that it filters uric sediment found in the urine. This prevents the buildup of waste deposits that cause blockage inside the pipes. As a result, there are less plumbing problems associated with the urinal.

The Sloan waterless urinal cartridge performs the function of a filter. It removes all sediments from the pipe and sends it down the drain pipe. As a result, the water that is sent to the sewage plant requires less processing. The sewage plants release harmful greenhouse gases. Since waterless urinals reduce the load on the sewage plant, it results in the emission of significantly fewer greenhouse gases making a positive impact on the ecology.

waterfree urinal cartridge

Why Use Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridge?

Waterless urinal cartridges have different efficiencies. Depending on the manufacturer, the cartridges can last anywhere between 1,500 to 7,000 uses. The lifespan of Sloan waterless urinal cartridges is on the higher end of the spectrum. The cartridges are made of a quality material allowing them to last for a long time.

Sloan waterless urinal cartridges are affordable as well. You can get the cartridge for a couple of dollars. As compared to other brand cartridges, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars when you buy Sloan waterless urinal cartridges.

The high-quality cartridge eliminates the uric sediment that results in water that is free of hard water and non-corrosive. The water that flows into the drain pipe does not corrode the pipe. This results in significantly less plumbing cost as compared to flush urinals.

Regular maintenance of the Sloan waterless urinal cartridges is required to ensure proper functioning of the urinal. Make sure that the cartridge is replaced after about 7,000 uses. After replacing the cartridge, the sealant must be refilled.

Using the WES-150 Sloan waterless urinal cartridges results in saving of a lot of water. The biodegradable and replaceable liquid sealant that is present inside the cartridge filters the waste. As a result, the liquid that enters the drain remains inside without overflowing. Since the waterless cartridge needs replacement about 7,000 uses, using Sloan waterless urinal cartridges can be cost effective. The best thing about the urinals is that it results in savings of around 24,500 gallons of water as compared to older flush urinals.

Sloan waterless urinal cartridges consist of a layer of proprietary biodegradable sealant. The sealant remains inside the cartridge and floats to the surface. Liquid waste enters the cartridge and passes through this sealant. The sealant inside the cartridge isolates bad odors from the bathroom.

The liquid waste being denser than the sealant remains inside the cartridge. Uric sediment deposit is removed from urine as it settles that prevents corrosion of the pipes. The waste flows down the internal trap and then exits the cartridge leaving the uric deposit. The urine is then funneled downwards after which it is redirected out of the drain pipe.

Salient feature of Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridges

Sloan waterless urinal cartridges are designed to receive waste through the drain holes. They are engineered to allow waste to pass through a biodegradable layer of sealant. The sealant passes through a drain trap known as the Siphon Trap System.

A discharge tube present inside the cartridge directs the flow of urine into the drain system. The cartridge can be easily replaced when required. There is no need to hire a professional plumber to replace the cartridge. In the next section, we will list the steps that are required to clean and replace Sloan waterless urinal cartridges.

Benefits of Installing Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridges

Sloan Waterless Urinal cartridges have been made after thorough research and development. The patented cartridge secures into the urinals. It utilizes an O-ring seal that allows tamper-resistant and airtight installation.

There are no mechanical parts making it maintenance-free. The cartridge uses no water and features a patented sealed locking cartridge. The biodegradable cartridge seals the liquid inside eliminating all types of odors.

The cartridge has been engineered to last for more than 7,000 uses. It is manufactured of recyclable ABS. The liquid sealant inside the cartridge is 100 percent biodegradable. Cartridge can be easily installed using a cartridge installation, a removal tool and protective glove.

How to Clean and Replace Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridge

The waterless cartridges manufactures by Sloan have a gel sealant which make them very expensive to maintain. If you are using the Sloan waterless urinal cartridge you have to follow strict manufacturers recommendations, by using special cleaners which normally are very expensive. This is why we recommend the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge for Sloan waterless urinals. They fit Sloan’s urinals perfectly, and the maintenance cost is much lower. You can buy the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge by clicking the banner below.

waterfree urinal cartridge

Cleaning urinal bowl and replacing waterless urinal cartridge is easy. You can easily clean the cartridges without calling a professional plumber. Here are the three steps to clean the urinal bowl.

Step 1. Spray a mist cleaner on the bowl. Make sure that you use a cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 2. Now you should clean the outside and inside of the bowl using a sponge. You can also use a rag to clean the bowl.

Step 3. Afterwards, you should clean the entire inside and outside the area of the bowl with a mop.

Now, here are the steps that outline how to replace the Sloan Waterless Urinal Cartridges. You should replace the cartridge in any of the following three conditions.

  • The blue indicator is not visible
  • Urine flows slowly into the cartridge
  • Sealant appears on top of the cartridge

Step 1. The first step is to insert the key into the urinal cartridge.

Step 2. Next, you should turn the key to the left.

Step 3. Afterwards, you should lift and tilt the cartridge. This will drain all the liquid inside the cartridge including sealant and urine. You should dispose the cartridge by first sealing into a bag and then disposing it off.

Step 4. Now, you should scrub the urinal housing deep inside the tail pipe by using a one and a half inch diameter nylon brush.

Step 5. Next, you should flush about 5 gallons of soapy water down the drain. Wipe the inner stainless steel rim using a sponge.

Step 6. Now, insert the new cartridge inside the urinal. Turn the key to the right to secure it into place.

Step 7. After inserting the new cartridge, you should slowly fill it with about 1 liter of clean water until no air bubbles appear.

Step 8. Add new sealant inside the cartridge. You should allow the sealant to drain inside the cartridge.

Step 9. Finally, spray disinfectant and the wipe clean using a soft cloth.

After you have removed the old cartridge, harmful sewer gases will start escaping through the opening. If you are not going to install the cartridge immediately, you must put paper towels or a rag into the opening to block the release of the potentially dangerous sewer gases. You should remove the rag or paper towels when inserting the new cartridge.


Sloan waterless urinals help in conservation of water. Since no water is required to drain the liquid waste, it results in lower water bills. The best thing about Sloan waterless urinals is that they are easy to maintain and clean. The only thing that requires attention include the cartridges. They are maintenance-free and need to be replaced at regular intervals.

The best thing about the urinals is that they help reduce carbon footprint. You will be playing your part in reducing the carbon footprint by installing Sloan waterless urinals.

Waterless urinals help conserve water. Since no water is used in flushing the liquid waste, it results in less wastewater passed on to the sewage plant for treatment. Treating the wastewater results in increased production of carbon dioxide. The more the water that requires treatment, the more the release of this harmful greenhouse gas. Since waterless urinals reduce the waste processing requirements, it results in less emission of the harmful gas. In this way, when you install Sloan waterless urinals, you will be playing your part in making the world a more hospitable place to live for the future generation.

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