5 Ways On How To Clean A Clogged Sink Drain 

 June 5, 2017

By  Xion Lab

A clogged drain is every person’s most dreaded household problem. Nobody wants to deal with it because it involves a lot of dirty work. You have to see and clean out the things you thought were long gone and were the drain and sewer’s problem. But little did you know that this problem will come rearing its ugly head to get you out of your comfort zone and the bliss of perfectly flowing and drained water.

The tell tale signs of a clogged drain are when you notice the water taking a longer than usual to drain out, you smell something strange every time you run the water on your sink or even the shower when the water surrounding your feet starts pooling up even though your drain is opened.

This is not one of those times when you should be thinking about getting a bubble bath though. It doesn’t take long for a clogged drain to go unnoticed because of the these signs and if they are ignored due to avoiding to do the dirty work then one day you are going to be in for a rude awakening because the drain will be completely clogged by then.

Clean A Clogged Sink Drain

The worst part is you really don’t know how to clean a clogged sink drain and don’t know where to start. And even if you or anyone else you know, knows how to clean a clogged sink drain chances are you or that person wouldn’t want to get into doing this. You think about calling a plumber but do you think it is really worth calling a plumber for?

Of course a plumber always knows how to clean a clogged sink drain because he is a professional but you end up paying a whole lot more than what you could easily do at home with just a few tips and tricks that will get your drain running like it was before. Then you can easily tell anyone who has a blocked or clogged drain problem on how to clean a clogged sink drain. They will thank you for the tips you will be giving them on how to clean a clogged sink drain as it is the solution for this ghastly problem.

You need to fix this problem as soon as possible because the more you delay on unblocking your clogged drain, then it will become worse by the day. You must be wondering about how to clean a clogged sink drain and you might have even asked around from other people but if that lead to nothing but clueless shrugs or the usual “I don’t know” then your last resort must have been researching about this problem online.

You must have Googled how to clean a clogged sink drain and then after scouring through tons of resources, viola! You came here. Well let me tell you that you have just come to the right place my friend.

Cleaning a drain is quite a hassle so unless you don’t know how to clean a clogged sink drain then it is imperative that you do because a clogged drain can lead to overflowing of water in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower. And before you know it, the whole house might reek of a nasty stench from the drain and sewers. But before we delve into the issue of how to clean a clogged sink drain, the reasons behind a clogged drain should be explored as well so that they are prevented in the future:


When it comes to the shower, you bet that there are going to be times when there will be hair stuck in the drain and it’s definitely not a pretty sight. It will get clogged especially if you have a hairy pet such as a dog or cat. There are certain breeds that shed their fur or hair a whole lot more than regular ones so if you are going to be bathing them in your own bath tub rather than a back yard than be prepared for a clogged drain in the long run.

When it comes to your own hair, it’s inevitable too because people can lose up to a 50 strands of hair during the day. Plus the seasonal hair fall can also occur so always pick up your fallen hair from the drain if you see any and don’t expect it to be shoved inside the drain through the pressure of the water. Hair clogging the drains is one of the most common things but rest assured once we give you the tips on how to clean a clogged sink drain, then you will be a worry free person.

The bathroom sink sounds like an odd place to have hair clogged. You can expect this from a shower drain but a sink? Well if a person has a beard that they trim and shave everyday or have recently cleaned off an entire thick set of facial hair then that could be a major reason for your bathroom sink to be clogged with hair. Sometimes people bathe their small pets such as kittens or puppies in the sink rather than a bathtub so their hair can also be the cause of clogging the bathroom sink.


Just like there is a hair problem in the clogged drain of the bathroom, grease is the major culprit when it comes to the clogged drain in a kitchen. You can’t really help it to be honest because a kitchen that is heavily used daily will always have some form of grease and fatty oil build up in the long run. Grease is quite a common problem in a blocked drain. It won’t be quite obvious in the beginning but will start showing the effects after a few years or even months.

The first thing you should do in order to prevent this problem is to never drain out any oils or fatty substances down the sink. Always put them in a container and then dispose them off in the garbage. Knowing how to clean a clogged sink drain becomes really important if you are using your sink to wash greasy dishes. Even if you have a dishwasher, you will still need to use the sink more.


This can’t be stressed enough but there is a reason every toilet has a trashcan. The toilet is not the place where you flush down your toiletries such as baby diapers, sanitary napkins, plastic wrappers and what not. Over time these things get clogged and they cause problem and you end up wondering how to clean a clogged sink drain.

The problem with disposing diapers, napkins and wipes down the flush is that although they might seem gone by flushing but as they go a little further down the drain they absorb the water and enlarge. This causes the drain to be blocked as opposed to the human waste which just gets broken down in water. These might seem like pretty graphic details but you got to know the facts.

Always dispose these items into the bin and only flush down toilet paper. The toilet paper should also be flushed sparingly and not into large batches. When it comes to the sink in the toilet, people can still clog the sink drain with hairs,

Broken pipes

There may be times when a pipe or two can break down and that can cause some serious clogging. For that, you need to call a plumber and never take it upon yourself to make any changes to your drainage system. This can cause more damage than you can imagine.

Poor installation

Badly installed pipes can be a major cause of clogged drains and nobody can tell this until the problem surfaces itself after a while. The best thing is to always have a licensed plumber come and check your pipes. This should be done after you move into a new place or get some renovation done into your home.

Miscellaneous things

Sometimes it’s not just hair or grease that gets stuck in the drain and clogs it, but a potpourri of other things. Anybody with kids would know that they throw almost anything around so toys and little trinkets are a no surprise if they are found stuck in the drain.

Sometimes people throw away the last remaining bit of soap down the drain as well and that little piece can be the devil that wreaks havoc later on. Women sometimes forget that they have hairclips and pins while they are showering and they might come off and fall in the drain.

When doing dishes in the kitchen, always make sure that the food bits and pieces that are left on the plates are thrown in the bins. Little bones should also be thrown in the trash and never in the sink. Small bones like that of fish might seem harmless to you but they can still contribute in getting your drain clogged. You would never think that you would have to know about how to clean a clogged sink drain but after reading this you will know exactly what to do.

So these were just a few reasons why your sink can get clogged and now it’s time to move on to know how to clean a clogged sink drain. Well read on to find out these important tips that will help you clear out your drain.

So the first step in knowing how to clean a clogged sink drain is to doing your research. Get as much as information you can because you never know what might work for you. There are tons of solutions available out there and depending on how serious your clogged sink situation is, the solution can differ.

You can ask your family members if they know how to clean a clogged sink drain or your friends too. But since you are already here, we are guessing you have done your research well enough to realize that Google can never be wrong. You can find everything at the click of a mouse these days so why should problems like ‘how to clean a clogged sink drain’ be not available online?

drain cleaner

Here are 5 surefire ways on how to clean a clogged sink drain:

Note: Always have your children away from the space you are doing any of these activities because it is quite hazardous. Also, tell everyone around you that you are going to be cleaning the drain so they have to be careful.

1. Drain cleaner

This seems like the most obvious choice but it’s also very effective. This is because drain cleaners are specifically made for this problem. But be careful because drain cleaners are highly toxic and dangerous in nature so you will always need to wear a mask, gloves and goggles to prevent yourself from inhaling or being exposed to the chemicals in the drain cleaner.

There are special drain cleaners that come for sinks so be sure to pick the one out that is made for sink. You wouldn’t want an extremely dangerous kind of cleaner that is used by plumbers in sewers or with pipes now would you? The instructions on the back of the drain cleaner should provide you with information on how to clean a clogged sink drain. A drain cleaner should ideally be the last resort in fixing your clogging problems but if you want a quick fix and an extremely effective one then a drain cleaner is a good choice.

2. Baking soda and vinegar

If a drain cleaner is not your choice then a concoction of 2 of your everyday kitchen items can be of help to you. Take a third of a cup of baking soda and a third of a cup of vinegar; mix them together to form a paste that will start to fizz. Take this fizzy concoction and pour it over the sink and leave it for an hour or two.

Normally it would be better if it is left overnight for better results. Or alternatively, you can also throw in some baking soda first then pour in the vinegar. It will do the same thing more or less. So if anyone asks you how to clean a clogged sink drain then this is a good solution that you can pass on to others.

3. Boiling water

This has got to be the cheapest yet effective solution to   knowing how to clean a clogged sink drain. You literally have to do nothing but pour down boiling hot water down the sink drain. But be careful because one wrong move can leave you with burns. Make sure that you are wearing protective gloves even while pouring the hot and boiling water. The boiling water melts whatever dirt, grime and gunk that has solidified down the drain and unclogs the drain by pushing all those things out of the way.

4. Dish detergent

What better way to clean the clogged sink than by using one of the most used things in the kitchen? The dish detergent should not be underestimated because if used correctly then it can help unclog the drain. Soon enough you will be telling everyone how to clean a clogged sink drain using the dish detergent.

Simply take half a cup of dish detergent and pour it down the drain, then pour in some good old boiling water on top of it and see the magic. The greasiness of the liquid dish detergent will catch the stuck things beneath the drain and the hot water will clear everything out along with it. It will also clean out any dirt and grime stuck and there will be no smell either.

5. Salt and baking soda

Pass the salt is usually something heard over the dinner table but when it comes to knowing how to clean a clogged sink drain, you will be saying this as well. This is one is also easy and like some of the above mentioned solutions, is another good everyday household item that can be used to unclog a drain.

All you need to do is to mix half a cup of baking soda and table salt in equal parts and pour it down the drain followed by boiling water. The chemical reaction of these three ingredients will take out all the dirt and grime that is causing your drain to be clogged.

So there you have it, the 5 helpful tips and tricks on knowing how to clean a clogged sink drain

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