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 May 25, 2017

By  Xion Lab

Do you fear the standing water in your bathroom or anywhere else, especially when you know guests are about to come at your place? Well, if you are a cleanliness freak, then you would definitely be concerned about it. Clogged drains are a terrible nuisance, but you have to deal with this dirt and nuisance by cleaning up your house so that it does not smell dirty. When drains get clogged, several people look for ways to rid them of this problem. As such, they may end up searching for drain opener reviews online too.

But what if you do not have time to go to the retailer and need to unclog the drain pronto? You won’t be looking up for products and drain opener reviews then. You would just need to get it done quickly. This is why when you do not have time to see drain opener reviews and DIY techniques for cleaning drains work best and help you with all complicated clogs.

Also, these DIY cleaners can also save your time and you need not call up the cleaning services and wait for them to come. Additionally, these cleaners are also environmental-friendly and contain non-toxic elements which are safe for humans.

Drain Opener Reviews

Don’t you want to make everything look perfect and want your house to smell good? Opt for DIY drain cleaners. From saving time to being efficient, they can be just the solution to all your problems. Avoid running to the stores or looking up for good drain opener reviews.

DIY cleaners can help unclog your drains without any hassle. Your bathroom or kitchen drain can get clogged without giving you any red flags and warnings; these DIY cleaners can also help you maintain them throughout.

If you want to know about DIY hacks for drain cleaning and other alternatives, read this blog and you will find effective solutions to your clogged drains.

Don’t Know Why Your Drains Get Clogged? – Check Out the Potential Causes

Have you ever wondered why your drains get clogged? Well, it is because of the dirt and things that go into it. On top of that, we may put in certain things intentionally in the kitchen sink. But what about bathroom drains? Things get stuck in it out of blue. If you are also experiencing frequent bathroom and kitchen drain problem, then you may not know the reason behind it. Before we learn about the ways to prevent clogs or cure these drains, you first need to know the basic reasons and potential causes of a clogged drain.

1. Plants

You may not know it but at times, you are not the reason behind the drain being blocked. There are some external factors as well. There is an external main pipe for both your kitchen and bathroom drain from where the big problem is given birth. The external factors, such as roots of trees, are always in search of moisture. When they are in search of moisture, they tend to head towards the drain.

This results in cracks in pipes and hence, causes blockage. According to research, this blockage is found most during the autumn season when leaves and flowers are falling around your home. Additionally, if you have pipes going from your garden, you may often face this issue. While you may not know about it as it is not in view, these tree leaves and broken plants create a mess and can lead to big problems and block the drain.

Often, several people look for drain opener reviews, but this problem can be best resolved by professional drain cleaners. Additionally, if you want to avoid drain blockage, ensure that the gardener looks after the fallen leaves and broken plants. When they would clean the mess outside on a daily basis, this would not be major cause of the blockage.

2. Foreign Objects

We mentioned above that there are objects that can be unintentionally dropped in the drain, such as soap. It can cause your drain to get clogged. Also, kids often like flushing things when they have it in their hands. While you are away and working, your naughty kid may take anything in front of them, such as their toys, your jewelry, or soap, and flush them down the sink.

If you have kids at home, then you would agree to this. That being said, kitchen drains also get clogged because of putting in food that ought not to be dropped in it. Often, people just dispose the potato peelings, tea leaves, and solid food in the sink. When people become lazy to throw things in the bin, they throw it in the sink. This is where the real problem arises from and leads to drain blockage.

3. Grease

One of the major causes for drain blockage is grease. You need to ensure about the fatty and greasy substances that can cause drain blockage. Grease can really problematic and it normally results in your kitchen drain. Grease is formed with fatty and oily substances. When you are washing dishes or cleaning remnants and other stuff, grease can be formed and could go in your pipes.

Have you ever heard about septic tanks? Grease and fatty substances is a result of that. There are several ways to clear the grease using the DIY drain cleaning. Often, the greasy substances can become so big that it can literally make you call the plumber or professional cleaners. To help you save money, you can maintain your drain by the DIY drain cleaning techniques.

4. Hair

In addition to plants, leaves and foreign objects, another main cause of drain blockage which can make you look up for drain opener reviews is hair. This can be a cause for both kitchen and bathroom clogs. When you go to take a bath, hair falling from your body can eventually build up and cause blockage in the drain.

Falling hair is a common issue and failing to clean them up in after taking bath would result in severe blockage. This is why you should clean up your bathroom when you find hair lying there.

Additionally, hair strands are really tiny and thin and can be easily caught and make their way to the pipes. If you are also having issues with your drains because of hair, you may be searching for drain opener reviews. Well, you need not worry; fortunately, there are devices that are available that can easily hold and take these hair out and clear the blockage so that you do not have standing water in your bathroom.

5. Toiletries

Toiletries can also be one of the major causes of blocked drains. Though it is not a new thing for people flushing baby wipes and nappies in the bathroom, they need to know that this is the main cause of blocked drains. Nappies, baby wipes and napkins swell in water, causing serious blockage issues.

People often think that they will disintegrate when they go inside water but in reality, they do not break into pieces. They just get stuck in water and cause blockage issues.

A blocked drain is neither healthy for us nor are they a pleasant sight. Therefore, it is good if they do not occur at the first place. Now that you know the main causes of blocked drains in your home, you should try not to put these elements inside the drain or take care of it. Take care of these factors as they can become problematic in the long haul.

Once you are inspecting or maintaining your drain properly, you would not necessarily have to look for drain opener reviews and would enjoy an unblocked drain. If you are dealing with this issue, you should try the DIY tips for drain cleaning. But if you think the issue is big, then you would require professional help.

Do Not Waste Money on Expensive Drain Cleaners – Create Them in Pennies at Home | Natural DIY Drain Cleaners

What can be better than the ways that are easy, cheap and healthy? The DIY drain cleaners can be really easy to make and require you to use common household items. Now, you need not waste your money on expensive drain cleaners.

Also, when you are short of time and guests are coming at your place, you need something instantly to clear the mess and get rid of the unpleasant odor at your house. These DIY drain cleaning tips can help you. Additionally, several people think these can be the go-to option when you need help with blockage instantly. Meet the environmental-friendly and non-toxic, natural DIY star players for drain cleaning below.

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar Concoction

One of the best ways to ditch dirt and unblocking your drain is the baking soda and vinegar technique. According to experts, baking soda is basically a pantry staple which effectively cleans, brightens, cuts through and deodorizes grime and grease. It has been proven to kill viruses. When baking soda and vinegar are combined together, they work like magic. Try it yourself and experience it.

If someone asks for drain opener reviews, many people who believe in natural DIY techniques would definitely recommend you to use baking soda and vinegar. Without any exaggeration, it can help you sort your blockage issue in a short time period and can be labeled as one of the best drain cleaners. To get through the blockage issues, all you need to do is to take vinegar and baking soda in equal quantities.

Basically, they are two ways to use them, although both of them have the same level of efficiency and are effective. Also, they would form a fizzy mixture. The first way is to directly put the baking soda and drop vinegar over it. After doing this, leave the sink as it is for some time. The second way to unblock your drain is to take an equal quantity of vinegar and baking soda in an empty bowl and mix them together.

It would form a fizzy compound. Then, quickly pour it in the sink. After half an hour, boil some water and throw in it the sink. You will find your drain unclogged and clean again.

In both the ways, you will find the compound bubbling up. Do not upset or think that it would cause damage. Often, people add liquid to cool it down. Do not do this as it will not let the blocked pipes clear the grime. Let the solution stay there for an hour at least. Many experts have also given positive drain opener reviews to the baking soda and vinegar concoction. If you are also fed up of blocked drain issues, try this yourself and you will get a clean drain in no time.

2. Hot Boiling Water

While baking soda and vinegar concoction can deal with your complex blocked drain issues, drain issues are often small and just require some maintenance. Here, boiled hot water can help you out in seconds. Well, this is not a combination like the previous one and only has one ingredient in it. One of the efficient and simplest ways which has also been given several positive drain opener reviews is using hot boiling water for your clogged drain.

All you need to do is to put some water in a kettle and boil it. When it comes to a boil, take it and just pour it down the drain pipe. All the dirt, fatty substance, grease, and grime stuck around the pipe would melt away with it. Ensure not to do it slow as it will not clear off the mess. Hot boiling water can be the star player if you want to clean your drain on a daily basis.

3. Washing Detergent

If you are motivated to ditch dirt, you will thumb through the internet for positive drain opener reviews. Let’s share what we found. As we were searching for some positive and helpful drain cleaning hacks, we found that washing detergent can also be really good to clearing dirt and grime in the pipes.

Washing detergent works wonders when it comes to unblocking the drain. Additionally, a clogged drain also spreads smell throughout your house. You would be glad to know that the washing detergent can help you omitting it too.

To help clear the clogged drain, all you need to do is to take any washing detergent and pour it in the toilet. After that, run hot boiling water in the drain. Both of them will be combined and would form a soapy concoction, removing the blockage that is stopping the water from flowing.

If you find that the drain still requires cleaning, use a plunger and you will find your drain clean and unclogged. Basically, the washing detergent has compounds that can help in lubricating and ensures that the grease and grime melts down the drain with hot water.

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Why You Should Look for Positive DIY Drain Opener Reviews? – Better Than Chemical Drain Openers

Have you ever wondered why so many people support the use of herbal and natural drain openers? This is because they are non-toxic and are not harmful to health. This is why many experts also provide positive drain opener reviews about DIY drain cleaners. They are better than chemical drain openers in several ways. The following points explain how they are beneficial to you.

  • The main reason to use DIY cleaners is because they are cheap and inexpensive as you make them on your own and use ingredients that can be easily found in our homes.
  • Also, another major benefit of using natural drain openers is that they are environmental-friendly. If you have children in the house, dealing with chemicals can be risky. This is why natural ingredients can provide you with the relief that your kids and your health would not be affected.
  • There are certain chemicals that warn you not to breathe and open the windows while using it. With natural ingredients, you need not worry about this. These are non-toxic items and ensure air quality inside your home is not affected.

Fed Up of Drain Blockage? – Simple Hacks for Drain Maintenance

The main problem arises when you do not maintain the drain. When you preserve the drain in the first place through the following hacks, you will not suffer from drain blockage issues.

  • Do not dump food in the sink; you have dustbins for that purpose.
  • Ensure to put sink strainers and clean them frequently too.
  • Do not flush diapers, wipes, paper towels or other solid stuff in the bathroom.
  • Ensure to pour hot boiling water in the sink to melt the grease, fatty substance and grime.
  • Do not forget to clear your garden, especially during autumn season.

Final Thought

Now that you know the main causes of drain blockage and the healthy, environmental-friendly and natural way to unblock your drain, we hope you find this blog helpful. Just do some basic maintenance and ensure to make it a habit. You will never be thumbing through the web for drain opener reviews again. Good luck!

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