Importance of Enzyme Cleaner for Pet Urine for Homeowners 

 October 10, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Enzyme Cleaner

Many homeowners consider pets very integral for the household. People love and care for them as family members. In many cases, extra care also becomes a requirement. For instance, you can’t let them fulfill their excreting needs anywhere in the house. But even after making all the necessary arrangements, pets can contaminate the home with their excretions.

Pet urine, for example, is an insanitary fact that pet owners can’t deny.  It is why pet owners must maintain different and regular cleaning regimen in the house to ensure that their excretions don’t infest the home. Enzyme cleaner for pet urine is one such product that can help you maintain a cleaning routine to ensure your house remains free from animal contaminations.

Importance of Getting Rid of Pet Urine From the House

Various reasons can be outlined as to why it is essential to devise a regular cleaning routine with enzyme cleaner for pet urine in houses with animals.

To Protect House Articles

As we know, pets roam and sit around everywhere in the house. Whether it’s your bedroom, couch or the lounge rug, pets can be found anywhere. This free movement of pets in the place makes many costly house articles prone to their excretions. It should be remembered that urine can ruin your furniture, bedding, carpets, and even flooring.  Therefore, you must have an enzyme cleaner for pet urine TV couch in the house so that you can commence the cleaning as soon as you detect the stain or smell.

You can get quality enzyme cleaner for pet urine products at very reasonable price tags, and it will indeed be a better tradeoff. Recuperating your messed up expensive carpeting or wooden floor can cost you a significant amount of budget if you don’t get on to cleaning it immediately. Similarly, bedding and upholstery might need replacement if they are not cleaned by an enzyme cleaner for pet urine right away.

So, it’s a straightforward choice: leave your expensive house article to rot and then worry about replacing them in the next renovation plan or cleaning them immediately with an enzyme cleaner for pet urine to maintain their service for longer.

To Protect Your Family From Health Complications

Pet urine is toxic. With many things around the house infested with pet urine, it can pose a significant health challenge to your family. Before it becomes a health risk, clean every affected house article with a suitable enzyme cleaner for pet urine.

We are enlisting some of the unhealthy consequences of urine residuals in the house to highlight the importance of using an enzyme cleaner for pet urine.

Respiratory Disorders

Pet urines have higher concentrations of ammonia. In houses with no direct aeration from the outside, ammonia fumes start to linger in the indoors. It means people breathing in that space will eventually breathe ammonia into their lungs.

Ammonia is widely known as an irritant for nasal passage, throat, and lungs. Breathing in an environment infested with urine can become quite arduous if you don’t have the habit of cleaning it quickly by an enzyme cleaner for pet urine.

Higher levels of residuals can also trigger more serious respiratory issues such as suffocation and asthma. Ensure that your cat or dog is not causing respiratory problems for your family and maintaining adequate ventilation and cleaning routine with enzyme cleaner for pet urine.

Skin and Eye Allergies

Even small traces of ammonia in the air can cause different skin and eye allergies. The eye is the most sensitive body organ, and it is essential to protect it from ammonia-driven allergies. On the other hand, skin allergies can destroy your whole comfort and peace of mind. You can easily avoid these unwanted conditions using a good enzyme cleaner for pet urine to clean every residual in the house.


Continuous respiration in the environment contaminated with pet urine can also lead to lightheadedness. From the modification of olfactory senses to shortness of breath, different conditions can jointly aggravate into lightheadedness and fainting. You won’t have to incessantly breathe in a urine-infested atmosphere if you clean every residual with enzyme cleaner for pet urine.

You can see how pet excretions can become a health risk for the entire family. By maintaining a cleaning routine that involves enzyme cleaner for pet urine, however, you can prevent all these health complications from happening.

To Protect Your House From Unpleasant Smells

Aside from damaging house articles and posing a health risk, untreated urine residuals are also harmful to olfactory aesthetics. If you don’t clean urine residuals with the treatment of a quality enzyme cleaner for pet urine regularly, then very soon, your indoors will start to stink.

No matter how immaculately you have designed and decorated your indoor if it is reeking of pungent ammonia, then forget about leaving an impression (a good one) on visitors. You may internalize this unpleasant smell, but with outsiders, this is not the case. It is why households with pets must maintain a good cleansing routine, and enzyme cleaner for pet urine should be a part of it.

Caution! (For Renters)

If you have a rented house or apartment, then neglecting a pet cleaning routine can cost you money for some other reasons. The landlord might seize your security deposit if you are leaving the house laden with pet contamination. Or else, you have to pay for professional cleaning works. But with regular cleaning through a good enzyme cleaner for pet urine, you can avoid heated exchanges with your landlord and consequent reimbursements.

Types of Pet Urine Residuals

Old Residuals

One can’t track their pets all day. It is the reason why many pet owners come to know about urine stains and residuals when they are already old. Finding the exact surface affected by old stains through the naked eye is difficult. So, get a UV lamp that will help you identify the same stained area to apply an enzyme cleaner for pet urine there accordingly.

Fresh Residuals

Please identify pet stains when they are fresh. You have to put extra effort into cleaning it, but cleaning them while they are new is more effective than removing them when they are aged. In a few steps, you can clean the new urine stains with the help of enzyme cleaner for pet urine products.

  • Remove and wipe up urine with the help of a towel/tissue/ sponge.
  • Apply an enzyme cleaner for pet urine on the stained surface
  • Rinse the area after a couple of minutes

With new urine stains, it is also essential to check if the pet has left a trail. So you can clean it with enzyme cleaner for pet urine before it becomes unnoticeable and adds unwanted ammonia in the air.

Domestic Items Affected by Pet Urines

Even though pets can urinate everywhere in the house, some items get most affected by pet excretions. Here, we will outline them to ensure you can have them clean with a top-quality enzyme cleaner for pet urine products.


Cleaning fabric-based house articles with enzyme cleaner for pet urine is the most cumbersome job. You have to take extra care to ensure that the fabric doesn’t get damaged during the cleaning.  Upholstery, bedding, andclothes, all these fabric items can be affected by pet stains. But you can remove them by effectively using a quality enzyme cleaner for pet urine.

  • Dry the fabric through a piece of cloth before the application of the enzyme cleaner for pet urine.
  • Apply an enzyme cleaner for pet urine on the affected portion.
  • With the help of a brush, spread and move the cleaner on the affected surface to penetrate every thread. Once working enzyme cleaner for pet urine in the fabric, leave it for several minutes so that enzymes can break down every urine particle on the material.
  • If the stain is old, repeat the same exercise several times with enzyme cleaner for pet urine to recover the stained fabric to its original form.
  • In the end, rinse the fabric accordingly.

It is important to note that enzyme cleaner for pet urine is best suited to clean fabric materials because, unlike other regular cleaning products, it doesn’t fade the real color of the stained fabric. No matter how extensively you use enzyme cleaner for pet urine, it won’t affect your fabric item’s quality.

Dry-cleaning the stained fabric after the treatment of enzyme cleaner for pet urine can help eliminate the stain and smell of pet urine.


We all are well-aware that carpet cleaning itself is a thorough job. In most cases, people have to rely on professional services for carpet cleaning. If you get rid of urine stains from the carpet with the help of enzyme cleaner for pet urine, you don’t have to spend extra time and money on full carpet cleaning. You can clean your carpet for stains using enzyme cleaner for pet urine in a few simple steps. 

Identify the affected carpet area and soak it with enzyme cleaner for pet urine for around 30 minutes. You can also use a spray bottle to apply the enzyme cleaner for pet urine on the affected carpet area. Spraying makes the application more effective, and you can successfully use a small quantity of enzyme cleaner for pet urine on a large carpet area.

Rinse the carpet with hot water when you are sure that the enzyme cleaner for pet urine has reached its padding. You can use the dryer for quick drying.  A steam mop is also a good alternative if you don’t want to wait longer for the carpet to dry. Instead of rinsing the rug with water, you can use a steam mop.

Carpet Cleaning is Important

Due to their weaving nature, carpets are the single biggest reason why urine residuals become a significant inconvenience for households. Ammonia fumes from the stained carpets remain longer in the air. In general, carpet cleaning is essential. But in the case of urine residuals, it becomes very critical. Therefore, remove any residual by applying an enzyme cleaner for pet urine before a stained and urine-contaminated carpet becomes a health hazard.

Hard Floors

Among all the things affected by pet urine, bare cleaning floors are relatively straightforward. However, you will need to tweak your cleaning of enzyme cleaner for pet urine a little bit for different types of floors.

Ceramic and Tile Floors

Ceramic and tile floors are more prone to stains. Therefore, it is essential to use the enzyme cleaner for pet urine immediately on the affected area. Otherwise, you have to commence extra cleaning work to get rid of those stains.

Stone and Concrete Flooring

Stone and concrete flooring are very easy to clean, particularly for pet stains. You have to pour enzyme cleaner for pet urine on the affected area and clean it after a couple of minutes. The use of an enzyme cleaner for pet urinewill ensure that your floor remains free of any stain.

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring gets most affected by pet urine. Not only does it ruin its surface with stains, if left unclean, pet urine can also mess up its structure. Moreover, most of the timber flooring options are comparatively expensive than regular flooring options. It is essential to keep enzyme cleaner for pet urine in your home if you have pets and timber flooring both in your house.

PVC and lamination flooring are also straightforward to clean. Their nonabsorbent surfaces play an essential role in making the cleaning routine more comfortable.  Just apply enzyme cleaner for pet urine and wipe it off in a minute or two and scrub it with a wet mop and you are done with its cleaning.

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