How Does Drain Cleaner Work 

 April 13, 2017

By  Xion Lab

A clogged pipe can be very bad for the overall appearance of your house. It can cause increased flow of water, bad odor and compromised ambiance in your residence. Most people get too stressed out by drainage and run to plumber. In most cases, plumbers can be too expensive and they usually don’t provide long-term solution for water drainage.

It is much easier and effective to use drain cleaners to completely get rid of obstruction and blockage. However, people are not sure about what makes a drainage work usually. It is important to learn the mechanism of action behind a drain cleaner and how it functions to remove clogging in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere. Here are some of the most important things you should know how does drain cleaner work.

How Does Drain Cleaner Work?

You can find various types of drain cleaner as per your needs. Depending on the size of hole, you might need liquid, powder or gel form. Apart from this, you can also mix other strong chemicals to get results quicker. These substances work together to produce reactions on obstructed and sealed substances. The powder formula is known to create heat in the affected area to induce motion. Different types of drainage cleaners work in various ways to function.

If you are using a liquid drain cleaner, it is either produced by using chemicals or enzymes. In most cases, a combination of acids or bases is used to create motion in jammed clogging in drains. Going for enzyme drain cleaners is a good choice as it won’t produce any damage to your flooring. Apart from this, these drain cleaners are also effective to be used for long term purposes. There won’t be any wear or tear on your pipe. Before using one, you should know how does drain cleaner work.

How Does Drain Cleaner Work

A. Enzyme-Based Cleaners

Although using an enzyme-based drain cleaner is less risky, it also takes a lot more time to function. A closed sink is an irritating problem and people in most cases are not willing to wait for long durations to solve the issue. A chemical-based drain cleaner is much faster and proceeds results quickly. You will be able to get rid of dust and debris within a few hours. However, there are increased risks involved when using chemical-based drain cleaner as most of these are inflammable.

B. Chemical-Based Cleaners

When using chemical-based drain cleaner, it is vital to follow a set of instructions to avoid any danger. In extreme cases, these drain cleaners can damage internal fixation of pipes in your home. The chemical-based drain cleaners must be mixed with water to produce sufficient gas and heat. The most common chemical-based drain cleaners are made from various substances including hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, lyre, caustic soda and others. Never use them together as these chemicals when combined can completely destroy the sink and inner fixture.

It is vital to know how does drain cleaner work. Here are some popular types of chemical-based cleaners and their functionality:

1. Cleaners Made by Bases

If your drain clear is made of bases, they are going to function in a completely different manner. The bases will produce electrons to remove clogging. Base, alkaline and other chemicals work together to produce heat and dissolve foamy substance. In most cases, caustic drain cleaners will be denser than water and help in removing any drainage from stagnant water.

2. Nitrates and Hydrogen Peroxide

Another popular type of drain cleaners is manufactured by combining nitrates and hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are also very popular for cleaning out drainage from holes. The sealed material loses electrons and starts to become oxidized. The product is much heavier than water and easily moves through still surface. The chemicals function simultaneously to generate gases and heat.

3. Acid Drain Cleaners

Another type of drain cleaner is acid drain. These cleaners work by increasing ions in occlude substance to create movement and heat. This is also one of the most popular methods to get rid of obstruction in drains. However, it can be very difficult to find the right one in store. These acid drain cleaners are produced by using high concentrations of sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Make sure you understand how does drain cleaner work. The two chemicals work together to product heat and movement in the affected area. This is one of the quickest methods used to clean pipes and holes in your house.

How Do Homemade Drain Cleaners Work?

You can use household items to remove any clogging. Most people produce their own homemade drain cleaning agents to solve smaller and less dense clogging. Some of the most common items you can use at home include:

1. Lemon

You can use lemons to remove clogging from your pipes. Not only it will help in removing obstruction, but also make your sink more hygienic and neat. Lemons are popularly used to kill any germs in an efficient manner. For best treatment, pour lemon juice on the clogged surface and clean with water once the debris is softened to the point of appearing on surface.

2. Bleach

This is one of the most common methods you can use to remove obstruction using homemade items. Bleaching is so popularly used because of lack of risks and hazardous effects. Other than this, the mixture also produces immediate effects and it is ideally used in emergencies.

All you need to do is pour some fresh bleach on pipe and let it stay there for at least 2 hours. Depending on the density, you can dilute the solution by adding water. Make sure the bleach does not end up discolouring your pipes and sewerage lines. You can add other agents with bleach as well. Rinse the mixture with water once you are done. You can also use chlorine bleach. But, make sure the quantity you take is not too much as it might kill useful bacteria present in pipes. Any damage to germ eating bacteria can be present in tanks can cause additional problems.

3. Vinegar

You can also use white vinegar to remove clogging. Mix half glass of white vinegar with water to produce results. Never leave the solution for more than 2 hours in one session.

4. Ice Cubes

Are you still confused about how does drain cleaner work? Then, this is the easiest and most convenient method of cleaning drain for you. You can place a few ice cubes inside pipe to remove any solid material stuck inside. It is also the cheapest possible way to get rid of excessive blockage in your pipe. It will help in maintaining the regular flow of water inside pipes.

Things You Should be Careful About When Using Drain Cleaners

After you understand how does drain cleaner work, you should learn how to use them. Most drain cleaners work very efficiently to reduce any dirt and bacteria present. However, in some cases, it can be very dangerous to use the formula.

Although the chemical is effective on pipes and holes, it can be very risky to be used without prior knowledge. It is very important to know how does the chemicals of a drain cleaner work. Here are some essential guidelines for using it:

  • If you do not have prior experience of using drain cleaners, there is a high risk of swallowing the chemicals involved. They are too dense and can damage your skin, eyes and mouth. Therefore, it is important to be extra cautious when dealing with this chemical.
  • Avoid using drain cleaners near fire because they can cause explosive inflammation.
  • In some cases, resourceful bacteria and other ingredients present in an area will be affected and killed.
  • Make sure you use them far from any furniture in your home. The drain cleaners are popular for producing damage to appliances at home.
  • If you don’t know how does drain cleaner work, read directions carefully before applying on any affected area. Do not let children come near the surface.
  • Depending on the type of chemical you use, you will have to leave the closed area for a specified period of time.
  • Once you have learnd how does drain cleaner work, don’t forget to use gloves, glasses and other materials to cover your body parts. Avoid mixing your solution with anything else as it will become hazardous.

If pipes and holes are closed with hair and debris, you might need to reapply couple of times before the mixture works effectively. However, it is very important to take intervals in between to avoid inflammation of the product. Never use boiling hot water with the chemical formula as it can be very risky.

Apart from this, you can also use plungers, air burst drain cleaners, chemical drain cleaners, home remedy drain cleaners and numerous others. In case of emergency, you can also use electric drain cleaners. No matter what type of drain cleaner you use, it is essential to know how does drain cleaner work beforehand.

Common Reasons Behind Pipe Clogging

The main reason behind clogging and obstruction inside a tank, pipe or hole is the formation of substance that holds it together. It is commonly known as biofilm. Plumbers can help in taking the clogged material out to remove drainage whereas a drain cleaner will help in removing the entire substance from roots.

A drain cleaner, if properly used, will produce better results and help to provide improved functioning of pipes for longer duration of time. The chemical-based drain cleaner is applied on to the surface of clogging which help in softening the biofilm. Once it is completely pulpy, it then moves up to the surface clearing any waste and debris. For effective results, it is very important to study how does drain cleaner work.

The problem is that you can never avoid sealed drains in your house. The pipes can get jammed by hairs, dirt and debris. Whatever maybe the case, you are going to suffer. This is exactly where you need a drain cleaner.

Avoid Using Drain Cleaner for Laundry Clog

If you want to a drain in your laundry room, never try liquid cleaners. No matter how much substance you use or how many times you repeat, this method won’t be effective. Since laundry clogs are mainly formed by cloth materials, they won’t get dissolved using liquid drain cleaners. In case there is any solid material present in a pipe responsible for clogging, it is better to go for enzyme based drain cleaners. Also, in case of emergency, you can always call plumbers to get rid of interrupting substances.

drain cleaner

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Even though there are many different methods to clean drainage, you should always try your best to avoid them in the first place. The key is to carry essential maintenance rituals in your bathroom and kitchen regularly and be clear about how does drain cleaner work. The chance for clogging will be much less if you keep your house clean on a regular basis. Here are some tips you can use to avoid occluded drains:

In Kitchen

When doing dishes, never wash utensils with food or tea bags inside. Any solid material can be dangerous for your pipeline and cause obstruction. Use trash and dustbins to get rid of any leftover food items. Keep separate cabins to place your monthly groceries. Hard food items are one of the most common reasons behind clogged pipes in kitchens. You should also guide your family members about how does drain cleaner work.

1. Avoid Throwing Heavy Waste Materials in Garbage Disposal

You should be extra careful about your garbage disposal if you want to avoid any clogging. Make sure you don’t throw potato skins, coffee, banana and eggs as they are known for blocking pipelines. It is also essential to pour water to ensure that waste materials are in a flow and not creating any obstruction in between pipes.

2. Cover Greasy Food Items

Be extra careful about oily and greasy items. Never throw them directly as they will cause stickiness in the pipeline. Always put greasy materials in a container before sending them down the garbage disposal can.

3. Use Hot Water Once in a While

It is also very important to keep using hot water inside your pipes. Boiling water can provide assistance in reducing any clog formation and stickiness within tube. Also, learn how does drain cleaner work and regularly clean the surface.

In Bathrooms

1. Hygienic Bath Routine

Maintaining a hygienic bath routine is very essential. Get rid of any hair in the shower drain. Avoid flushing any solid material in your bathing area. It is also important to wash pipes regularly. Pour hot water in your drains to remove any small obstruction immediately. You can also use bleaching agents such as lemon once in a while. In case of any risk, it is better to get your bathroom regularly inspected. It is also recommended to use lotions and liquid soap instead of hard materials that can clog pipes.

2. Avoid Flushing Solid Items

Don’t flush stuff that might be too hard on your toilet. Paper towels, tissues, hygiene products, napkins and floss are some of the common materials responsible for clogging your bathroom. These things are famous for creating blockage throughout the pipeline. Using drain cleaner on them can further worsen the obstruction. This is very important to realize how does drain cleaner work and act accordingly. Never use dense chemical to flush this stuff as it will increase the obstruction.

3. Flush Well Each Time You Use Toilet

Make sure you flush well every time you are done with using toilet. Sometimes, hardened stool for longer duration of time can clog pipes completely. Avoid flushing extra toilet paper as they might create additional burden on sewerage lines.

4. Avoid Using Shelf on the Top of Toilet

Never put anything on the top shelf of your toilet. Although, it is the best place to store something you want to use in toilet. It is never recommended as your belongings might fall in bowl and increase the risk for clog of your toilet. Apart from this, you should also be careful when noticing any sign of blockage and take immediate action. Never use any powder or chemical if you don’t know how does drain cleaner work.

In Other Areas of Your Home

Overflowing sinks and drainage will make your home or business atmosphere bad. The house or business begins to smell foul which kills overall appeal of your residence, and business. Whether you are living in your home or planning to sell it out, clogged leads will significantly reduce the charm of your place. The problem with drainage is that it not only smells bad but also causes substantial distress to residents. Seeing dirty water around the house is never a beautiful or scenic view. Therefore, it is essential to know how does drain cleaner work and keep your home clean.

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