How Often to Change the Waterless Urinal Cartridge

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Waterless urinals are better than traditional flush urinals due to many reasons. They require less cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, they allow cost savings due to lower energy bills. The urinals don’t require water to flush the waste. This results in significant savings in water bills. They are less costly to install as well as compared to flush toilets since they don’t require a separate water supply.

The frequency you have to change the waterless urinal cartridge will depend on the amount of traffic the restroom has, and also the brand of cartridge you are using. There are many brands of cartridges, but the one we recommend is the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge. It fits perfectly on Sloan, Falcon, and Bobrick waterless urinals, and it last 3 to 4 times longer than regular manufacturer cartridges. The EZ Trap also cuts maintenance cost dramatically because you can clean your urinal with any cleaner, and it does not need special, and costly sealants for urine odor control. CLICK HERE for information on the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge.

Change the Waterless Urinal Cartridge

Both residential and commercial property owners will benefit from the installation of waterless urinals. Installation of the urinals is particularly recommended in high traffic areas. Schools, shopping malls, and parks could greatly benefit from the installation of waterless urinals. Here we will provide detailed information on waterless urinals including how often to change waterless urinal cartridge. The information provided in this article will help in proper maintenance and cleaning of waterless urinals.

A Close Look at Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals were introduced in the market during the 1980s to address the water shortage problem in California. The German inventor of the bathroom fixture, Klaus Reichardt, had stated that he had been inspired by similar fixtures used in Switzerland during the late 19th century.

How Waterless Urinals Work

Waterless urinals do not require water to flush urine down the drain. The particular design of the urinal allows the liquid waste to pass down the drain without the need to flush water. Urine passes through an oil based liquid sealant. The sealant is less dense than urine thereby allowing the liquid waste to pass down the drain. Urine accumulates in the U-bend that prevents bad odor associated with liquid waste. Majority of the urinals consists of a cartridge that must be replaced regularly. We will inform about how often to change waterless urinal cartridge later in this article.

The cartridge present in waterless urinals keep urine completely sealed. The oil-based sealant inside the cartridge prevents urine to overflow in the bowl. It keeps the liquid waste sealed inside the urinal. Urine collects in the cartridge that drains it down the pipe. The liquid waste is drained due to displacement.

The top of the urinal cartridge has small holes. The holes serve as strainers. They prevent items such as cigarette butts and chewing gum from entering the trap. This avoids blockages inside the urinal.

Keep in mind that in some urinals, the odor problem is controlled using a one-way valve, instead of a sealant. The valve is made of a flat rubber tube that opens to allow urine to pass through. In addition, some urinals consist of two silicon pieces that allow the liquid waste to pass through. These urinals don’t have a cartridge.

What are the Ideal Locations for Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals are best suited for public buildings that receive a lot of traffic. Areas that the urinals are commonly installed include restaurants, cinemas, rest stops, schools, train stations, and other similar areas. They can also become part of an ecological sanitation program storing waste water for use as fertilizer in agriculture.

In addition, the urinals are a great water conservation solution. They are ideal for areas facing a drought. In fact, some states such as Arizona have made it mandatory to install waterless urinals in state buildings. Other states are expected to introduce similar legislations due to increased awareness about the benefits of installing waterless urinals.

Following are some of the ways property owners can benefit from installing waterless urinals.

1. Water Conservation

Waterless urinals help conserve a lot of water. Replacing flush urinals with waterless urinals can help in saving anywhere between 60,000 liters to 150,000 liters of water every day. High traffic public areas stand to benefit the most from waterless urinals. The higher the usage, more the water savings.

Conservation of water is not just optional today; it is the responsibility of every individual. Increase in population with time will result in increased water demand. This increases the need for conserving water. In this context, waterless urinals can prove invaluable. They can help save tens and thousands of gallons of water every year. This can save water shortage problem to a great extent.

2. Cost Savings

Waterless urinals also help in saving costs. The bathroom fixture requires no water to drain waste water. This results in greatly reduced water bills. The actual cost savings depends on the frequency of use. It also depends on the price of water as well as the type of flush urinal being replaced. The cost savings will be much greater when replacing flush urinals without sensors. Estimated annual savings from installing waterless urinals range from $300 to $850.

There are many brands of cartridges, but the one we recommend is the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge. It fits perfectly on Sloan, Falcon, and Bobrick waterless urinals, and it last 3 to 4 times longer than regular manufacturer cartridges. The EZ Trap also cuts maintenance cost dramatically because you can clean your urinal with any cleaner, and it does not need special, and costly sealants for urine odor control. CLICK HERE for information on the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge.

flushless urinal cartridge

3. Green Sanitation

Green sanitation, also known as ecological sanitation, is an approach to making waste water treatment less harmful for the environment. It aims to reduce the amount of wastewater that is processed by the sewage plants. Traditional flush urinals send a large amount of liquid waste for processing at the sewage plant. The sewage plants generate more than 25 kg of carbon dioxide gas every year. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Wastewater urinals provide an economical way to reduce waste water. Since no water is used, the waste water sent to the sewage plants is significantly less than as compared to using flush urinals. This will ultimately help in reducing harmful greenhouse gases greatly benefiting the overall ecology.

4. No Bad Odor Problem

Waterless urinals also prevent bad odor problems. Most people think that the odor is the smell of urine. The reality is that the odor is caused by exposure of urine to water and air. It creates a chemical reaction resulting in the release of ammonia gas. It is this gas that creates the peculiar odor that is wrongly associated with urine.

Bad odor issues in the flush urinals occur due to the P-trap that holds urine. The trap exposes the waste to air and water resulting in the bad odor. Waterless urinals don’t expose liquid waste to water or air due to which there is no bad odor problem. When urine passes through the sealant, air bubbles rise to the top. As a result, urine is kept at a low oxygen environment inside the urinal cartridge. This prevents odor problems in the bathroom

Usually, the bad odor near waterless urinals is due to liquid waste spilled in the nearby floor or walls. Keeping the floors and walls cleaned will prevent bad odors in the bathroom. Also, to avoid bad odor problems, you should know how often to change waterless urinal cartridge. Cartridges must be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals. Regular maintenance of the cartridge will keep the bathroom completely odor-free.

5. No Pipe Blockage Problem

Pipe blockages are common with flush urinals. The blockage occurs due to the accumulation of solid waste inside the pipe. They form when lime scales present in water mix with uric sediments in urine. The waste builds up over time ultimately causing a blocked pipe. This results in flooding of the bathroom causing social embracement.

Flushing water to remove the blockage will only worsen the problem. Water increases the amount of waste deposit in the pipes resulting in flooding.

Waterless urinals are immune to pipe blockages. Since no water is used to flush urine down the drain, pipe blockages do not occur. The liquid waste is disposed of in an efficient manner. There is no accumulation of waste in the pipes similar to flush urinals. This prevents pipe blockage issues.

6. More Hygienic than Flush Urinals

Another great benefit of waterless urinals is that they are more hygienic as compared to flush toilets. Bacteria thrive in moist areas. Since no water is involved in flushing waste down the drain, bacteria formation is less in waterless urinals. On the other hand, bacteria tend to thrive in flush urinals. They are the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria representing great health risks.

The surface of waterless urinals is made of a nonporous material. This prevents the formation of bacteria inside the urinal. The surface dries quickly after urine passes through it. Also, urine is sealed inside the urinal cartridge. The air tight seal prevents the liquid waste from entering into the bowl. Therefore, bacteria does not form on the surface. Some studies have found that waterless urinals have six times less bacterial formation as compared to urinals that use water to flush the waste.

Important Installation Tips for Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals are easy to install. Installing of the urinals don’t take less than an hour. They are much easier to install in new build buildings as compared to flush urinals since they don’t require a separate water supply. This results in reduced time and cost to install the fixture.

The US plumbing codes should be followed when installing waterless urinals. In many states, plumbing codes mandate that the urinal lip-to-floor height should be about 24 inches for non-ADA compliant urinals. The height for ADA-compliant waterless urinals designed for disabled persons is 17 inches.

A waterless urinal comes with the accessories for required for installation. These urinals can be installed very quickly as compared to flush urinals. The time required to install waterless urinals is between 15 to 130 minutes. It depends whether the installation is new, simple retrofit, or rough-in retrofit.

A new installation takes anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes. Simple retrofit, on the other hand, takes between 45 to 60 minutes, while rough-in retrofit takes between 90 to 120 minutes. The times period mentioned here regarding new installation and retrofits are approximates. Professional plumbers can install the urinalsin even less time.

When installing waterless urinals, it’s important to consider the position of the drain pipes. The pipes should be sloped correctly to ensure that the liquid drains properly. Also, it’s important to use a pipe made of the right material and diameter. Picking the wrong pipe material can result in the accumulation of calcium phosphate precipitates and urine stones. It can lead to pipe blockages that will require costly repairs. Never install metal drain pipes with waterless urinals even if they are relatively less expensive as compared to other pipe materials. Undiluted urine will corrode metal pipes that will require costly replacement. Instead, it’s better that you should pick plastic drain pipes.

Although installing waterless urinals is easy, it’s recommended to leave the task to the experts. You should contact an experienced plumber for installation of the bathroom fixture. A plumber experienced in installing the waterless urinal will take proper precautions when installing the urinal.

Tips for Maintaining Waterless Urinals: How Often to Change Waterless Urinal Cartridge

Maintaining waterless urinals is important. The good news is that it’s not that difficult to maintain the urinals. You can easily clean the bowl by spraying it with water, and then wipe it clean using a dry cloth. Also, you don’t need to place urinal cakes to prevent bad odors.

The only important part that requires regular cleaning and maintaining is the cartridge. It’s essential that you know how often to change waterless urinal cartridge. This will ensure proper functioning of the urinal. how often to change waterless urinal cartridge?
The answer to this question is not that straightforward.

How often to change waterless urinal cartridge depends on the frequency of use of the urinal. In high traffic bathrooms, the cartridge needs to be checked, cleaned, and replaced, if required, more frequently. An important thing to note regarding how often to change waterless urinal cartridge is that different types of waterless urinals have different requirements regarding frequency of inspection. Some urinals require inspection after 1500 usages while others don’t require any inspection until after 7500 usages. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how often to change waterless urinal cartridge.

An important maintenance task regarding waterless urinal is inspecting and replacing the cartridge. How long does a waterless urinal cartridge last depends on the frequency of use. Another thing that determines how long does a waterless urinal cartridge last is the type of waterless urinal installed. The cartridge last for a long time for some type of urinals.

Generally, you will need to replace the cartridge between three to six months. A professional plumber will perform a thorough inspection of the urinal cartridge to determine whether it requires replacement.

Keep in mind that the liquid sealant needs to be added at the time of replacing the cartridge. The sealant should also be replenished in between the replacement. Most manufacturers recommend that you replenish the sealant after every 1,500 uses. In addition, you should always flush the cartridge using about four gallons of water at the time of replacement. You should flush the cartridge after removing the trap. The new cartridge needs to be primed as well before installing into the cartridge.

Knowing about how often to change waterless urinal cartridge will prevent odor problems. It will ensure that the urinal works flawlessly without any problem. Also, it will ensure that the urinal lasts for a long time without requiring any replacement.

You should note down the time the cartridge was cleaned or replaced. In this way, you will know when to change or clean the cartridge. Also, you should always buy a urinal that has been recommended by the manufacturer. This is important otherwise complications can arise.

Another point to keep in mind is that you should buy a cartridge that conforms to the manufacturer’s requirements. This is important as buying the wrong cartridge can result in complications. When replacing the cartridge, you should flush the system using three to five gallons of water. The urinal should be flushed after removing the urinal. Also, it’s important to prime the new cartridge with water before pouring the sealant into the cartridge.

After replacing the cartridge, the cleaner should use a disinfectant spray. Although waterless urinals are relatively more hygienic as compared to flush urinals, the bathroom fixture should still be disinfected. This it to eliminate any traces of bacteria that may have formed inside the urinal. The urinal should be disinfected more frequently in case of high traffic areas.

The frequency you have to change the waterless urinal cartridge will depend on the amount of traffic the restroom has, and also the brand of cartridge you are using. There are many brands of cartridges, but the one we recommend is the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge. It fits perfectly on Sloan, Falcon, and Bobrick waterless urinals, and it last 3 to 4 times longer than regular manufacturer cartridges. The EZ Trap also cuts maintenance cost dramatically because you can clean your urinal with any cleaner, and it does not need special, and costly sealants for urine odor control. CLICK HERE for information on the EZ Trap Waterless Urinal Cartridge.

flushless urinal cartridge

Final Remarks

Waterless urinals are the best solution for conserving water. They can help in drastically cutting down the water bills. The urinals don’t require any water to flush urine. They are designed in a way that the liquid waste drains down the pipe automatically. This is made possible by adding a less dense sealant that keeps urine from rising to the top.

Another great thing about waterless urinals is that they are eco-friendly. The urinals drain less waste water down the drain. This reduces the load at the sewage water processing plant. As a result, less CO2 gas is released into the atmosphere. In this way, you will be playing your role in reducing the carbon footprint on the environment when you buy waterless urinals.

The best part about waterless urinals is that they require less maintenance. Regular cleaning and replacement of the cartridge is the only thing that is required to ensure that the urinal lasts for a long time.

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