Ultimate Guide on How to Care for Pet Cats How to Keep Their Odor at Bay 

 November 4, 2020

By  Xion Lab


One of the most horrible feelings you can ever experience in your life. Is waking up late on the morning of a super important meeting but still patting yourself on the back because you did the responsible thing by planning out an outfit for the day before you went to bed only to discover that your cat took a leak on your tie. The real twist comes when you only happen to realize that something is very wrong with your association, while you’re sitting in the middle of the meeting, looking your boss dead in the eye as the stench of your cat’s piss sneaks up into your nostril. Oh, the irony!

Your Ultimate Guide on How You Can Eliminate Cat Odor without Getting Rid of Your Pet Cat

Plenty of people adore having furry friends around in their homes, and it doesn’t take very long for these furry friends to become a part of one’s family. Of course, in real life, nobody refers to them as ‘furry friends,’ but instead prefer to call them pets and give them unique names. Many people of all ages and sizes are so passionate about animals, such as cats, that they would rather die than turn away even a stray one.

In this world full of cat lovers, thousands of people find the idea of living in a home without one merely ridiculous. However, thousands more simply cannot open their homes to any pet due to the high maintenance and responsibilities that accompany them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love animals, but that they can’t possibly afford to wear a tie stinking of cat piss all day. But, that’s where this guide comes in, to make sure that such things never happen to you!

Moving on, the animal that is most preferred to keep as a pet is either a cat or a dog. Often, people tend to choose cats, especially if they don’t have a space in their residence big enough to accommodate an animal as hyper as a dog. Cats are docile animals, although they are highly unpredictable at the same time, and it’s not easy at all to get cat pee smell out.

So, what is the Biggest Challenge when it comes to Keeping Pets, You Ask?

The biggest challenge that cat owners seemed to have faced is that their cats took a lot of time to get potty-trained, especially if their personality leaned towards the stubborn side. That meant that the owners would often come home to find their carpets, sheets, laundry, and even impossible to recover files, covered in cat pee.

As a result, owners would be forced to throw out their laundry or whatever item that the cat had peed on, or they’d have to scrub the item until it was sparkling again. However, it is a well-known fact that the one thing that is rather difficult to get rid of despite the scrubbing and all is the horrible stench that cat piss, or any animal’s urine for that matter, leaves behind.

Anyone who has owned a cat must know how difficult it is to get cat pee smell out. Of course, it bothers owners to the point that they would begin reconsidering their decision to keep the cat in their house.

Should we forgo the pleasant atmosphere and joy that pets, precisely cats, bring in with them just because they cannot clean up their mess? Not!

The good news is that there are plenty of ways through which you can get cat pee smell out without having to get rid of the cat itself. So, before you go to that store to buy that cute little cat, read this guide and brace yourself for the amazing adventure you’re going to have!

First Things First: Cats, Just Like Humans, Need to Urinate

Pet cat

Even though cats are portrayed as evil and mad geniuses who are always plotting against the human race and will go the extra mile to cause destruction and ultimately, own the universe – it’s just not true. It’s not easy to understand precisely why a cat will do a sure thing, but that’s just how it is for them too. It’s heartbreaking to see that some people might even punish their animals in an attempt to teach them right from wrong. Although the punishments might not be extreme, a cat is likely to experience depression as a result because that’s how they’re functioned to be.

So, before we begin on the ways through which you can eliminate the nasty stench of cat piss, it’s essential to at least have a clear understanding of the fact that they are just as helpless and don’t know any better. Don’t punish the animal; cats don’t take well to that. A cat’s need to urinate is just like a human’s, and punishing them for it isn’t going to make things better.

How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of Any Clothing Item

You may consider the piece of item to be ruined once you discover that the cat peed on it, but don’t be so quick to throw it out! You can still save in just a few steps:

  • Breathe & Keep Calm: Frequently, upon realizing that the cat has given us such betrayal, we may overreact and not do much to help the cause. The first thing you should do is breathe, hold yourself together, and assess the damage closely.
  • Identify How Old or Recent It Is: You must determine whether the urine is old or new. In case the cat peed over two days ago, and you’ve only just discovered, there are additional steps to be taken. If the urine is still fresh, move on to the next step.
    • Grab all affected clothing items and throw them into a paper sack or a large plastic bag.
    • Soak the clothes in a sufficient amount of baking soda as this will help get the stench out.
    • Once doused in baking soda, seal the bag firmly by tying the open end.
    • Let items soak overnight, and don’t open the bag at all until morning.
  • Get Your Washing Machine: Take the pile of clothing items and place them in the washing machine. Add 3-4 cups of white vinegar – you can add more if needed. Add the laundry detergent – amount depends on the present items, such as for curtains and heavy items, add heavy doses. Add a cup of baking soda. Start the washing machine on the lowest setting—switch the device too hot.
  • Rinse Twice: Because it’s challenging to get cat pee smell out, you must rinse the clothing items at least two times. However, don’t add vinegar and baking soda or laundry detergent this time around. Rinse on fast settings.
  • Don’t Spin, Hang Your Clothes: Many people prefer to use the spin option in their washing machines to get the clothes drying faster, but because of the vigorous washing and the hot setting, the items might shrink. Hang the items out to dry instead.

If, for any reason, the stain or odor is still there, try higher doses. You might need to wash items multiple times, depending on the fabric. However, if the material is delicate, opt to hand wash it instead.

How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpets

If you thought throwing batches into the washing machine was hectic, you’re in for a treat! For some very odd reason, a cat will amaze you when you least expect it. They’re very good at it. Such is the case of when the cat pees on the carpet, and your heart begins to sink when you realize you can’t machine wash the rug no matter how much you wish you could.

It’s not just difficult to clean the carpet and get the odor out; it’s also very complicated. The fabric of a rug is different and must be cleaned vigorously to get most stains, liquids, and odors out. If you happen to find the urine sitting there for ages, you might as well invest in a new carpet because it’s nothing short of a challenge. But if the urine is fresh, here are the steps to save your carpet:

  • Do Not Rub the Stain: Humans’ first instinct when they see a stain sitting there on the carpet is to grab a wet cloth and rub the affected area, making the stain worse. In this case, if you attempt to scratch the patch of urine on the carpet, it’ll only sink in deeper into it.
  • Grab Some Paper Towels: Rather than a wet cloth, grab some paper towels or tissue papers instead and place them on top of the stain. Dab gently, and try to soak up as much of the liquid as you can.
  • Apply Vinegar: Once you’ve soaked up the liquid, apply vinegar generously on the patch.
  • Repeat the Second Step
  • Apply Baking Soda: Take some baking soda and apply it to the patch. Baking soda will help absorb any residue of the liquid or odor on the carpet.

After letting the baking soda sit for a couple of hours or overnight, vacuum the area if necessary. If the stain or odor is still there, try repeating the procedure. Additionally, you can use a backlight to spot the urine and get cat pee smell out, focusing on that area alone.

How to Prevent Future Disasters from Happening

pet cat

If your cat has been on lousy behavior for several months and doesn’t refrain from peeing on clothing items or wherever they wish to pee, then the fault could be on your part too. Pets are more or less like our own children, and they require as well as deserve the same amount of attention and affection again. You have to pay attention to your cat’s behavior to teach them right from wrong.

By nature, cats are spotless animals. So it doesn’t make them very happy to make something so dirty either. Most cats are very good at keeping their space clean. Although it requires effort, cats can easily be potty-trained by teaching them where it’s okay for them to do their business and where not. Domestic cats are likely to choose a litter box over any other place to excrete their waste.

However, the problem occurs with kittens the most because they are a lot more naughty and challenging to train. Potty-training kittens can be quite a challenge as well because they’re more concerned with exploring. Unlike with dogs, with cats, it can be quite tricky to make them realize their mistakes.

Anyhow, suppose despite potty-training, your cat seems more drawn to piles of clothes or the carpet to do their business. In that case, you’ll either have to get used to the vigorous procedure of machine washing or hand scrubbing items, or you can read the below mentioned ways to limit cat odor.

Keep Clothing in Cupboards

One common mistake is keeping the laundry or any clothing item on the floor. If you leave your dirty laundry lying around, the cat’s instinct will be that it’s safe to urinate here. And then you’ll have to go through the steps as mentioned above to get the cat pee smell out. So, it’s best not to take the chance and keep your dirty laundry, bed sheets, or any clothing items off the floor when possible.

Always Clean Their Litter Box

Often, busy schedules may cause us to neglect things such as changing the cat’s litter. Cats do not like being in filthy places, and so they might be drawn away from the litter box if it’s overflowing with their excrements. Opt for a litter scoop to scoop the poop out when necessary, instead of changing the litter each time.

Opt to Spay or Neuter the Cat

Many people believe that neutering your cat is the best thing to do, not just because they won’t be mating with any tom, dick, or harry, but because it helps them live longer as well. It works primarily if your male cat tends to mark his territory anywhere in or around the house. It’s a common habit, and in no way is it possible to break it.

Observe the Cat’s Behavior Closely

You may often not realize that the cat is about to go in for the win because you don’t understand the subtle hints they drop before they attempt to take a leak. If you notice and observe your cat closely, you’ll be able to correct them right then and there. It not only helps to efficiently potty-train the cat, but it also gives them a sense of guilt, so they avoid repeating the mistake.

Don’t Place the Litter Box & Food Bowl Together.

It’s relatively possible that you prefer keeping your cat confined to one space, but placing their food right next to where they do their business is downright disgusting. Cats rely on their instincts for every single thing, so if your cat feels that it can’t shit where it eats, then it’s going to look for a different spot. Of course, you may already have the common sense not to do this, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Reward Your Cat for Good Behavior

Often, we correct the cat’s mistake and then go back to living everyday life as if it hadn’t been any different. However, with cats, they need to be rewarded. They need to feel loved and cared for and are also known to do absurd things to get their owner’s attention if they feel neglected. If you reward your cat every time you see it doing the right thing, it’s going to stick to the good.

Make Sure the Cat is in Good Health

Regular check-ups are highly recommended for all cats. Sometimes, outrageous behavior isn’t under the control of the cat itself. It’s also possible that your cat has crossed a certain age and is too old to control their bladder; hence they pee where they are. Whatever it is, a good check-up will help you find out whether there’s reason to be concerned or not, so don’t skip any vet appointments.

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