Top-Rated Drain Clog Removers 

 November 3, 2020

By  Xion Lab

What Is a Drain Clog Remover?

Everyone experiences a clogged drain now and then wishes for the problem to be fixed in a jiffy. The only way you can do this is to look for the best drain clog removers in the market. It is very annoying to see your sink filled with used water, and looking for drain clog right then can be overwhelming.

Many drain clog manufacturing companies claim their product to be the best, but most are ineffective or just too mild. To find the perfect drain clog remover, you could either try each one on the shelf or do your research. Your best chance to determine top-rated drain clog removers is to do your research because there are just too many on the market.

What we can offer for you in this article is a guide to the best few drain clog remover, but after explaining what it is that you should see. If you’re a new homeowner, you know this problem is inevitable. If you’ve lived in your home for quite some time now, you know what we’re talking about:

It would help if you didn’t have to call your plumber for drain clog problems. They should be left as a last resort, and the opportunity cost could be used to buy an effective and high-quality drain clog remover instead. Once this product works perfectly against your drain clog, you should also understand how to prevent your drain from getting clogged again.

The main test criteria for compiling our top picks of drain clog removers were how easily and quickly they work – no matter what you are trying to unclog. The liquid chemical types of drain clog remover are always the best choice of offense for hassles in the opening.

Now, just so you don’t have to drive to and from your grocery, we will identify the top-rated drain clog removers in the market. One of these will solve your problem effectively.

Pure Lye

We want to give this product a 5/5 product rating and identify it as the best drain clog remover for general use. You can get this industrial grade product in a 1 Lb container, which will also be biodegradable. The makers of this product know how residue compiles in drains over the years. It is why their work can beat any severe clog.

As this product is industrial strength, you can be entirely sure it will work for your home or commercial property. With this product, you wouldn’t even need a manual drain opener tool, let alone other drain clog removers. It also comes in a large-sized container so you can stock up and know you have a reliable product if a drain clog comes up.

This product is not only our top pick but also the favorite of most people around you. You will indeed find reviews that say this product is the perfect match for even the most stubborn drain clogs.


This product managed to get a 4.8/5 rating and the best effect against blockages caused due to hair. Many products in the market can remove hair clogs, but this product seems to do it the quickest. It is so because Whink employs a formulation which guarantees professional strength.

All you need to do is stand over where you have a drain clog, pour the chemical solution over the standing water, and your job is done within seconds. The product also comes in a 32 ounces capacity, so you can make sure you won’t have a hair clog shortly.

This product is also known as the Hair Clog Blaster and is a significant investment. You can get this product for commercial and home use, and you will never have dead with the nausea-inducing work of manually pulling out hair for a drain.

Drano Max Gel

We would mark this top-selling product of Drano’s a 4.5/5. Its work can be bought in an 80-ounce pack and purchased a lot for keeping sinks free from clogs. The formula used by this product can also eat through a severe clog but lost its points due to being a little slower than the ones mentioned above.

Another aspect of why this product is perfect for most consumers is its price. For its level of efficiency, this product is very affordable. This product is also quite powerful, so make sure it doesn’t come in contact with your skin. It would help if you also stored it safely away from pets and children to avoid mishaps.


This product stands tied with Drano Max Gel, with a rating of 4.5/5. The formula used to make this product makes it the best drain clog remover for toilet clogs. It can breakdown every waste or any other thing that is causing a clog in your toilet. It doesn’t matter if you have public sewage or a septic tank – RID-X works fine either way.

All you have to do is pour 8 oz of this product every month, and you can be sure you’ll have a smooth working toilet. You don’t even need to worry about it being too acidic. It works great with every type of plumbing and can quickly eat through proteins, vegetable matter, waste, and toilet paper.

Every bottle that you buy will be enough for three months, and the formula is scientifically proven to be great for toilets, especially.


This product is rated at 4.4/5 and is a close competitor to its predecessors. The formula of this product is an excellent combination of enzymes and natural bacteria. This combination ensures that dead organic waste like hair-soap scum, cotton, paper, food particles, and grease are removed from your pipes. It will not harm any inorganic material, which is essential because your plumbing pipes are made out.

All you need to do is mix this product with water and watch the magic happen. The only reason it scored low on our scale is that it can take days to clean out your pipes to a full capacity thoroughly.

It concludes our top-rated list, and we can assure you that these products will live up to their marketing claims. You need to be informed about what type of drain clog remover should be used in what situation. It is so because once you know what kind of clog is troubling you, you’ll be able to purchase your weapon of choice. Also, another important consideration is how fast you want the clog to be fixed. One more thing most people like to compare is the prices of these products. Even though all of these products are affordable, it will be smart to opt for the cheapest one!

We would like for you to try a few more products to try as they also passed the test of effectively clearing out drain clogs – only a little slower. The following are the rest from the top 10 list:

  1. GreenPig
  2. CLR PP4
  3. Invade Bio
  4. Thrift T-200
  5. Drano Professional

What Makes Some Drain Clog Removers Stand Apart?

If you’ve never done so before, we’re here to tell you how tedious it can get to look for the perfect drain clog remover. You may end up spending a lot and not even come through with the best. All their packages make bold claims, and most of them are not up to the task.

Now what you need is stick with the tested and tried to drain clog removers, which have managed to stay top of the competition. Drain clog removers can only be judged based on their performance.

You can always find reviews of past customers if you do a little research. It can swiftly determine the best drain clog remover and save you on a lot of time and money.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

The Type of Drain Clog

The level of blockage that you are experiencing should be identified first. It can be done by pouring some boiling hot water onto where you have a drain clog. If this doesn’t get your drain working, then you may have a problematic drain clog. These drain clogs that require a professional inspection as some clogs need something more than drain clog removers.

If you’re still willing to go at this drain clog on your own, then you may need a hand-powered snake or a drill to combine with an effective drain clog remover. It usually tends to do the trick but beware – you will see a lot of icky-ness!

Types of Drain Clog Removers

You don’t necessarily have to opt for a liquid drain clog removers. Enzymatic drain clog removers are another option, and they come as a dry-powder. They work wonderfully for drain clogs that are a result of residue build-ups. However, the drain clogs that need to be fixed right away aren’t a worthy match for this type of remover.

Another important consideration is the way you use your pipes. For example, in the kitchen, drain clogs occur due to food waste and grease. The shower drain clog occurs due to hair and dirt. If these two are your problem, your best shot is to use a chemical solution drain clog remover. You can even find products that are fun-free and do not emit pungent and robust smells.

However, if your home has a septic tank, you should steer clear of these chemical solution drain clog removers. These will disrupt your tank’s performance, and you should opt for natural enzymes or manual pipe cleaning tools instead.

The Cost of Unclogging a Drain

Liquid drain clog removers are known to be relatively cheap and affordable, definitely instead of calling a professional plumber. The top-rated drain clog removers of our list cost very low compared to buying expensive drain clearing tools as well!

Keeping Your Drain Clear

Alongside knowing the top-rated drain clog removers in the market, you should also learn how to keep your drains clear; unless you plan on spending continuously on these drain clearing liquids. One common culprit of these drain clogs is hair. If you think this is why you are experiencing this problem, you should install a mesh cover. This cover makes sure that hair doesn’t accumulate over time, resulting in a hairy drain clog.

You should also make sure you know what can be thrown down a sink or toilet; and what cannot. Throwing toilet paper down there may be fine, but products like Q-tips, feminine hygiene products, and Kleenex are a definite no-no. If these things are why you’re facing a drain clog, then no amount of liquid drain clog remover can compete. Prevention should be your first line of defense!

In terms of your kitchen sink, you need to know what goes down your garbage disposal. You can also opt for a mesh cover in this case to catch the extra food items that may cause drain clogs. Despite these mesh covers, some food waste and grease will get through. If these build up over time, you can then use your choice of drain clog remover from our top-rated list.

With ample knowledge about some liquid drain clog removing wonders, you will be relieved from a lot of stress when you see the water starting to pool.  You know what to do! Whip out your choice of weapon, and watch it do wonders! Also, make sure you don’t be careless with things and up clogging your drains simply because you know you can unclog them. Prevention, after all, is the best cure!


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