How to Eliminate Vomit Smell from Car 

 July 5, 2018

By  Xion Lab


Ever wondered How to Eliminate Vomit Smell from Car? Everyone has their fears for some it is cliff diving or flying in an airplane but for some of us it is definitely vomit ophobia. Some of us cannot possible stomach such cases and well if you are among the people who would say they have the weakest stomach, you need to read on.

Naturally, the number one worst bodily fluid for most people’s gag reflexes is vomit. If one even tends to see vomit, smell vomit, or come into any sort of contact at all with vomit, they tend to themselves vomit. Or at the very least gag profusely till they are forced to leave the vicinity of the vomit. It can be human vomit, cat vomit, dog vomit, Martian vomit, bird vomit. . . it makes no difference. Remember the barf-o-rama in the fair from Problem child? Some of us (and I) still have nightmares about that.

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How to Eliminate Vomit Smell from Car

Steps to Cleaning Vomit

Start with the big chunks.

This is the worst part of removing vomit mostly because of how scooping it up from your car carpet cannot be as easy as you imagine. If the vomitis still wet, I generally start with some paper towels and very gently, so as not to rub it into the car carpeting further, rather safely scoop the bigger chunks out and drop them in the garbage can. It also is a rather smart and innovative idea to use cut-outs of a couple squares of discarded or used cereal or soda box as scoopers. This way you can use one square to scrape the chunks onto the other which would enable you to keep your hands clean and safe. Many people recommend using a spoon or a spatula (hamburger-flipping type) to remove chunks, but as we go on there are things that would make you understand why one cannot simply use that option. Just make sure you always work your way from the outside in so as not to spread the vomit stain and to ensure total clean which would mean the smell and the stain would both be gone.

Shower the vomit with love.

Once you’re all done gagging and puking from the previous step which pretty much regularly happens to me, you will have to continue to remove vomit. This step is at least ten folds less disgusting than the last we promise you would not have to stress out as much about it as the last step although hold on to your stomach juices there will be time for respite. Get a spray bottle, fill it with cold water (or, better yet, club soda), and douse the car carpet with the solution. This would make it easier for the stain to get sprayed out once you increase the nozzle size the stream mode would help you wash down the vomitgo very easily. Now, take a white towel and start blotting and dabbing the puke. Shoot with strong streams of water and dab with the towel repeatedly until the pukeis completely soaked up by the towel and the car carpet is perfectly clear making sure you eliminate the vomit smell from the car carpet. Make sure to use a clean section of towel each time to ensure the maximum absorption thereby making sure you get it all and do not leave over residue which would make things very nasty and make the car smell like pukefor the rest of its days. You may need more than one towel. Just make sure it’s a towel or a piece of cloth (or two) that you would not mind throwing away or that generally you don’t care about.

Clean puke with your very own vomit cleaner.

For this method one would be needed to make the solution themselves which would enable one to be self sufficient which would also mean that anyone can make their solution and that anyone can sort this problem out easily. Ideally to make the solution you are supposed to grab a mixing bowl, pour 2 cups of warm (not hot) water in it, and stir in 1 tbsp of table salt. This is an old surefire recipe for getting stains out. Once the salt is dissolved, mix in ½ cup of white vinegar. This would ensure the vomit becomes sufficiently wet for the cleaner to get rid of it. One tbsp clear dish or laundry detergent to ensure that the smell is masked and that the suds take out the vomit from the car carpet fabric, and two tbsp rubbing alcohol for those hard to get out stains and smells.

This isn’t an exact science, so just estimates mainly that can help you better work towards a perfect solution that would suit your needs and your car carpet. Now you would be required to grab hold of a clean kitchen sponge, dip it in your custom made vomit cleaner solution, and press it into the vomit. This would release the cleaner on to the stained surface as well as extracting the residue from the car carpet. You might be needed to do this multiple times if the carpet stain is stubborn, the car temperature is too hot or if you simply need to do it to ensure the carpet does not absorb the smell. After you are done dousing the stain a couple times so there is cleaner all over the stain you would need it to sit idly on the stain for a few minutes. Once you have left the cleaner on the stain for a while it would be a good time to go and grab a new old towel and blot just like before. This would mean you have to repeatedly douse and clean the area till there are no stains left behind and the smell is almost un-noticeable. This will be repeated, also like before, as often as necessary until no more vomit is being transferred to the towel. This could mean one of two things;

  1. That the towel has reached maximum absorbency and can no longer absorb things from the carpet or 2. That the stain is too stubborn and would need another towel.

Each time you blot with the towel, you will be removing a chunk of vomit that would not be stuck to your car carpet and leave a nasty smell. Have an extra towel or two on hand just in case the situation gets messy and if the smell bothers you just as much as it bothers us it would be advised that you keep an extra air freshener and an extra amount of vinegar.

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enzyme cleaner for vomit

Rinse away the sins.

Alright, so by now you must be thinking that we’re finally getting there. Now would be the perfect time to really see how your vomited-on car carpet is turning out. Grab a glass measuring cup, fill it with warm water, and flood the area of the stain with it. This would keep the stain from getting too dry and becoming a hassle. Using yet more clean/dry towels, blot up the water would ensure the maximum amount of the vomit is taken out of the car. It works best to set the towel down on the stain and walk around on it preferably using rubber insulation boots which would not sustain any of the damage and would in turn be better since the water would not get absorbed in them leaving a nasty smell. Rinsing is a key task in this and needs to be done properly because you want to make sure to get the detergent out of the car since it would damage the carpet fabrics. Detergent has a tendency to attract dirt too. This would mean your car carpet would be a magnet for such filth and would be harder to keep clean afterwards if you do not take special care of the situation. You probably don’t want that. Do this twice and see how it looks it should take out most of the impact of the vomit and would be advised to repeat in case that is not the case. If you’re not satisfied, go to the last step and repeat until said satisfaction is achieved. If not, march on with the saints to the next one.

Bring out the big guns.

This step is usually only considered necessary if you’re cleaning puke that has been on the carpet for awhile. This would mean that someone puked in your car and you could not deal with it at the time. This would also mean that now the smell has gotten to your nerves and it is making the commute unbearable. So, if after everything that has come before there is still a bit of a stain on the carpet and would not leave despite the strain you put on it, you need to mix yourself up about 1 tbsp of ammonia with 1 cup of warm water. This would be a good solution for a wipe-off. Grab an old kitchen sponge or a sponge you not longer wish to use, douse the sponge in the mixture and absorb after which you must rinse it out in a sink, and start dabbing. Considering it is done in a garage, this would save you loads of time and water. And, yes, by the order of the gods you will definitely be needing more and more clean towels at hand. This is actually about the point where most of us would run out and amidst the panic have to use paper towels to finish the job. Anyway, dab and dry just like with the vomit cleaner. Once the stain is gone, rinse and dry like before. Make sure you try the ammonia first in an inconspicuous spot on the carpet to check for colorfastness.

Odor control

Alright, now you know how to clean up vomit stain and the residue what is now left will probably be easy but if left out it will definitely be one of the toughest things to deal with. The last thing you need to do is to ensure that there won’t be any lingering vomit smell which would leave one in a gagging choking mess. This is easy or at least it sounds rather easy. All you have to do now is grab a box of good brand of baking soda and rather freely start sprinkling all over the stain and the affected areas. Don’t be shy about it both because the more you tend to use the better you would be masking the smell of the vomit and the closer you would be to eliminating vomit from your car carpet permanently. Dump a bunch of the stuff on there to weigh down the goods and the affected area so there is high penetration. Once it’s down, work it into the carpet with your fingertips, yes it may seem disgusting but realistically it is a need at this stage and would require one to do this as long as there is moisture on the carpet but it is definitely a key element to the smell. The carpet will probably still be a bit damp or even possibly wet from the cleaning, and the baking soda will get clumpy which would mean that it is absorbing the liquids as well as pulling out the residue of the vomit from your car carpet. That’s OK. Let it sit on the carpet until it is completely dry. This will take several hours, possibly even overnight or a few hours in the sun which would make the car hot enough to allow for that level of evaporation. Once the mixture and the carpet are completely dry you would be smart to vacuum it up as soon as possible thereby cleaning up the affected area with a few more rinses and a couple other products your car would be smelling like its brand new and you would have successfully eliminated vomit smell from your car.

There are a number of products in the market that are available specifically so that they will help you eliminate the vomit and its smell a little more quickly. These products are usually loaded with strong chemicals that would easily take out the stain but alternatively there are natural products that would do the same task.

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