How To Remove Smell From Garbage Disposal 

 July 4, 2018

By  Xion Lab


A garbage disposal is probably one of the most important developments for your kitchen a source of comfort and ease in most regards. It is a rather useful tool that is mainly used for the express purpose of eliminating waste in the kitchen without getting your hands dirty or even having you throw away peoples refuse rather than just dumping it down the sink and turning on the garbage disposal. Its secondary purpose in that light can be directly attributed to keeping your sink clean and tidy which is essential considering how unappetizing ones meal can get if they have a mismanaged and ill-kept kitchen. Another key reason it is essential is because it creates an express purpose as the garbage disposal is all about the ease of access for one plus it shortens the entire throwing out the garbage element of housekeeping.

What is your Garbage disposal capable of?

Every Garbage disposal has strengths and weaknesses that one should be aware of especially when booking a garbage disposal for use at home, rather than an office kitchen. Installing a garbage disposal can save you on precious minutes which can be reallocated elsewhere. The key focus should be on what your garbage disposal can do, what kind of features it has and what kind of upkeep it might require. Keeping your garbage disposal unit clean and fresh requires a sufficiently good amount and quality of care you must display for your kitchenware.

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How To Remove Smell From Garbage Disposal

How often might you have to take care of this conundrum?

Unfortunately, the exhaust segments of your garbage disposal often build up a hearty collection of spoiled food, refuse of all kinds and bacteria over time. This tends to account for your abnormally vulgar smelling garbage disposal. This often gets people really worried and stressed over how bad their kitchen starts to smell. In a way they are not wrong to worry about the smell because it is caused by spoilt food which tends to be harmful for everything except compost.

What happens to the garbage that does not get disposed?

The most alarming fact here is that the refuse will start to infect the air and the reason why you opened up an article which told you how to remove smell from the garbage disposal. We often take this for granted in some cases which should not be the case. If one was to know how much impact the air you breathe can have on your mind and mood they would be more careful about these kind of issues. The ambience of the house suffers which makes for a very bad dinner host. So be sure not to host a dinner or event over at your place when the smell gets bad. But rest assured that there’s no need to panic if things start to stink though because that’s how you’re supposed to find out about the issue.

What happens if you do not remove the smell from the garbage disposal

In most cases people should be quick to change the condition as best as people can. The core reason why this can become an issue is if it is left out to rot instead of being fixed. In a multitude of recorded cases and reports, the smell is a part of normal wear and tear which the garbage disposal goes through. Food tends to already be pulverized mostly which can make it easy for the food to get trapped between the blades or under the lid which can be very irritating for the one managing the upkeep. The ideal scenario in this is to avoid the rot as much as possible so there is no major requirement for such a thorough cleaning.

There can always be a number of reasons for your garbage disposal to smell

Garbage disposal stench can come about from a multitude of reasons, like a meal that uses strongly scented items like onions and garlic which was not pulverized properly. This happens when the garbage disposal ends up leaving chunks that would not go through the disposal, or sometimes the disposal can start to smell without warning. This can be attributed to a number of other reasons too, which might have more to do with the upkeep of the device rather than what goes through it.

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How can one go about removing the smell from the garbage disposal?

In either instance, it is essential for one to keep good care of their garbage disposal. And therefore, it’s rather imperative for one to know how to kill the odor quickly. Mostly this is done so there is no infection of the air mainly or that people do not feel sick from the smell of the unclean garbage disposal, before it spreads to the entire kitchen or eventually the house. If this happens and you find yourself deodorizing an entire house just because you decided not to fix the issue when you could easily afford to. The situation would seem worse and worse till you manage to push out enough to clean the garbage disposal thoroughly and probably professionally if one has waited too long because rotting or rotten food can attract multiple kinds of insects and arachnids too.

There are a number of ways you can prevent this from happening to you and your garbage disposal. Most people forget that devices like this and dryers and washing machines have a maximum load limit. Basically it is absolutely impossible to keep certain people from stuffing their garbage disposal with chunks and expecting it to work perfectly. The idea is to ensure that people would keep from putting too much work load on the device which would in turn spoil it. There are other means one can use to ensure they do not have to keep on cleaning the device every day. The idea is to create a perfect balance which would ensure that the device keeps functioning properly rather than dispelling that insanely disconcerting smell.

One could always acquaint themselves with simple tips on how to get rid of garbage disposal odors, which should help to keep your kitchen and home smelling fresh. This can become a necessity in case of an express lifestyle. Mostly because not everyone would be able to take out time for this and not everyone would be open to work on such a minor issue with ample time. Especially if they just got back from work or have work on the next day which can be a tiring thought to think. Let alone the fact that one would have to regularly keep a check on this kind of issue so things do not go out of hand and end up costing you more than it would have cost you to call in a professional or should.

Consult the Construction Company

Be sure to check with your builder or the esteemed manufacturer of the garbage disposal unit before trying anything. This is mainly to ensure you do not end up hurting yourself or the device in any way. The ideal way to deal with this situation is to research your equipment and ensure that it would not get destroyed if you tried means to clean it. Ideally one would be smart to call in a cleaner and get some professional help to remove the smell from the garbage disposal unit. This would be expensive and would end up costing you a pretty penny. This is not entirely the smartest solution unless you’re crunched for time and require a lot more than just a garbage disposal cleaning. It would be smart for you to use these means to ensure your kitchen is safe and clean when you cannot personally get about and do it.


If you are from the people that would rather try and work on it themselves, ones who would rather work out a solution that would prove cost effective and less time consuming. You should be poised to follow these simple techniques on how to remove the horrid smell from your garbage disposal. These are remedies that basically make sense due to the nature of the technique and the elements used to ensure that the garbage disposal does not get strained and does not spew the rancid liquids every where every time you use it. These set of technique include a wide range of items that would either aide you in losing the smell or would entirely clean out your garbage disposal unit which would again prove valuable once you are out to clean it.


When life gives you lemons… Well, cut them up into small portions and toss them down the disposal drain if you’re looking for a quick “how to remove smell from garbage disposal” be sure to drop the citrus chunks when the garbage disposalis grinding. You can also do the same thing with a fresh lime; the citrus scent gets rid of most strong stenches. The citrus fruits lime and lemon tend to have strong corrosive juices with high acidity value which can easily wipe off the grime and food bits as the enzymes work their magic. This is one of the least expensive ways to remove smell from garbage disposal and would ensure the citrus juices end up “digesting the foods” and so in the process clean up your garbage disposal unit.


People have reported good progress using mild bleach, roman cleanser, or slightly fragrant bleach poured down the garbage disposal along with running cold water. This won’t just help kill the smells from your pipes, but it will also help dislodge any trapped particles of food because of the corrosive nature of the materials used and the cold water dilution technique one would be able to remove the smell from their garbage disposal.

Clean the Lid

While it may seem extremely obvious, one should also clean the top of the garbage disposal lid with soap or other materials which would ensure that there is not excess material stuck to the lid as this would make the smell more vile, use water and a brush to remove food particles that are lodged between the edges as they would be hard to get out. Not every smell originates inside the disposal itself so therefore it is essential for one to keep a look out for such materials which would make sure you do not keep trying to look too hard when looking to remove smell from garbage disposal.

Brush Clean

Use a dish brush or wire brush to clean inside the garage disposal unit this would make sure the scrubbers and brushes are deep enough to clean whatever they can.

You must be careful enough to ensure you have unplugged and disconnected the garbage disposal unit before attempting to put your hand or a tool down the garbage disposal drain. Take both precautions as you can never be too careful and accidents don’t tend to announce themselves. Saving your arm is worth the extra effort.

Store Bought Products

Most of the mainstream popular market leading companies make specific products that are designed to serve a certain purpose like to clean the drain thoroughly; these are sold in home improvement stores all over the country and one can very easily find this as the go-to solution. Research your device and manufacturer and check out your owner’s manual for highlights and details before adding anything that might potentially damage the garbage disposal unit, leaving you with not only the broken garbage disposal unit but also a question regarding how to remove smell from my broken garbage disposal unit.

Cold water

Run it so when you run the garbage disposal one should always run cold water this ensures the fluid from the foods does not end up splattered around which can also cause a rather irritating smell. This would save you up on the task of cleaning up the kitchen you are saving on water and a garbage disposal cleaning if you continually run cold water as the garbage disposal is running.

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