How to Remove Urine Smell from Mattress Fast 

 May 9, 2018

By  Xion Lab

Coming home after a hard day at work, only to be assailed by what is arguably one of the smelliest of objects, i.e. a mattress full of urine, is not exactly a pleasant experience. It is difficult enough as it is, to endure this absolutely horrid stench at public restrooms, including bars, school lavatories or even your own bathroom for that matter.

But, to actually sleep on such an otherwise stinky mattress is absolutely beyond the capabilities of just about any individual, irrespective of gender, race or even age. (Yes, even kids hate sleeping on mattresses that they themselves may have urinated or for that matter, defecated on.)

However, a point to take into consideration when dealing with the thorny issue of how to remove urine smell from mattress, especially when cleaning up the mess left by an adult or a child or any four-legged companion you may have an affinity to (and who in return, may have developed an affinity of relieving itself on your mattress), you would know well, exactly how difficult it usually is.

That is, to successfully get rid of that odious urine smell and eliminate it completely so that your mattress remains completely odor free and fresh.

Some people go to the extreme and just buy a new mattress when they see that their mattress has been stained by urine.

If you are one of those persons that doesn’t want to deal with cleaning urine from your mattress and just wants to go out and buy a new mattress, please read the following article…HOW TO PICK A MATTRESS.  But, realistically, if you encounter a mattress that has been stained by urine, there are very good products that will clean the urine out of the mattress effectively.

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Remove Urine Smell from Mattress

Different types of urine odors in mattresses

While simple washing may help remove at least some of the strains as well as the smell, but sniffing the mattress closely will almost certainly make you gag due to the sheer horridness of the smell. There is a reason why it is so difficult to remove this stench.

This is directly due to the strong uric acid crystalline deposits that are typically found in urine. By this, we mean just about any type of liquid watery waste that is discharged by almost all mammalian species (not including vomit because it contains bile juices that require a completely different treatment to get rid of).

Here, the key factor to remember is that with human and animal urinary deposits, the amount of these uric acid crystals is directly responsible for the pungency of the odor. As a simple rule of thumb, we can say that the more the crystals, the more pungent the odor.

Should there be a lot of uric acid, then it is going to be easy to get rid of this odor and thus resolve the problem of how to remove urine smell from mattress.

The advantages of using enzyme based cleaners

Generally speaking, one of the best ways to do so is to use a really strong, enzyme based high quality cleaning product. The main reasoning behind this is that most traditional products that only involve soap and powerful detergent chemicals that can handle most types of strains, spots and stenches, are not able to work all that well, due to the fact that they are not really able to break down the strong and pungent uric acid crystalline deposits.

As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to efficiently, safely, and permanently go about trying to resolve the issue of how to remove urine smell from mattress is to use any enzyme based product that could not only bind but eventually destroy the uric acid layers that may have seeped deep into the mattress.

In fact, the only permanent method of removing urine odor and stains is by using products specifically designed to bind with and destroy the uric acid. This is arguably one of the best ways of answering the question of how to remove urine smell from mattress.

Here, it is imperative that such products should have that correct combination of different natural enzymes as well as other equally important ingredients that will effectively help destroy all residual uric acid crystal deposits while simultaneously ensuring that they also successfully ‘liquidate’ all residual bacteria mixed with the actual urine.

In fact, these bacteria (part of the uric acid crystals) are directly responsible for the bad odor, since their excretions give off this smell.

Enzyme cleaners vs. regular cleaning and scrubbing ages

Many liquid enzyme cleaners that are currently available in the market tend to follow the same part as the urine to seep deep inside the folds of the mattress. The enzymes are applied to the stain as either a thick fluid or even completely liquid form and take the same path that the urine would have taken originally.

However, their efficacy depends directly on the nature and type as well as the age of the stain that is causing the odor. In fact, there do exist some enzymes that tout their ability to remove both the stains as well as the odors from mattresses that may have been urinated upon, even decades back!

This is something that is simply not possible in spite of all the scrubbing and cleaning and ‘elbow grease’ that you may use in collusion with the usual ‘run of the mill’ cleaners that are available in abundance at virtually all supermarkets and grocery stores just about anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, if your mattress has been soiled, it is patently obvious that you cannot leave it as it is and this brings us to the admittedly thorny question of precisely how to remove urine smell from mattress.

Especially if the problem is both recurring as well as persistent and just plain refuses to go away, courtesy a particularly naughty child or pet (such as a dog or cat, in case of our four legged friends).

But, there is no cause for worry or any undue reason to fret since there are various methods that can answer the seminal question of how to remove urine smell from mattress, irrespective of how smelly and stinky it may be.

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urine remover

But first, let us round up the usual suspects when it comes to soiling the mattress in the first place. In this case, the most common culprit is the humble housecat:

Removing cat urine odor from a mattress

Most pampered kitties tend to live inside the home rather than outside it. However, too much love and affection can be counterproductive and may lead to the kitty abusing its privileges. However, since we do love our pet cats a lot so we will have to deal with the problems of their upkeep as well.

When it comes to understanding how to remove urine smell from mattress when the culprit is a cat, the work will be a lot more difficult than doing the same when the urine droplets have been left on the mattress by a human.

Of course, the first time you realize that your kitty has been in a bed wetting mood (or mattress wetting, in this case) is when you smell that horrible stench in your bedroom. However, if it has dried up already, it will not be all that easy to find as such, until you use a black light for this purpose (or unless you are ok with using your nose to sniff around till you find the soiled area, that is).

Cat urine has a tendency to glow bright green in black light, thereby making it a whole lot easier to find the problem area. Most common types of black lights are easily available at hardware stores and online ecommerce websites.

However, should the urine stain be still wet, it is advisable to blot it up as much as possible with paper towels, lest it gets a chance to be absorbed deeper into the foam of the mattress. Once you have gotten as much of it as possible, it is time to get rid of the rest so that you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, here you should already know how to remove urine smell from mattress, beforehand.

There certainly are very many commercially available products at hand that have been designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of how to remove urine smell from mattress with regard to cat urine. And indeed, such products are easily available in either liquid or solid form and can be applied or sprayed on, as and when required.

However, should you be willing to go the DIY (do it yourself) method and work exclusively with the stuff already available in the kitchen, then there are certain handy options available. Let us take a look at a few of them:

The case for using baking soda

That ubiquitous kitchen staple, baking soda is an amazing companion outside the kitchen as well, as a potent rust removal chemical all the way to getting rid of cat urine and helping you figure out how to remove urine smell from mattress. As a matter of fact, once baking soda is applied to the stain, it will effectively absorb the cat urine as well as its odor. And what is more, you can actually see it working up close and personal.

What happens is that the baking soda turns yellow from the urine. Once that has happened (typically takes a few minutes at most), remove the stained baking soda and reapply a fresh coat of powder. Repeat this process till the baking soda stays white after the last few applications. In fact, it would be best if you do not sleep on that mattress and leave the baking soda to do its job of absorbing cat urine all night long.

On the following day, you may vacuum the powder off your precious mattress. However, make sure that you vacuum it thoroughly and no particles remain behind, due to the fact that cat urine contains very potent bacteria that can give you a host of skin dieses and rashes should you sleep on a urine stained mattress. Once the vacuuming process is complete, you can do the following so that it will be easy to clean your mattress after you eventually figure out how to remove urine smell from mattress

The importance of white vinegar

Get hold of an empty spray bottle and mix it with one part pure white vinegar for every two parts of lukewarm and clean water. Now, shake this mixture well to ensure that the vinegar and water are evenly mixed together.

Mist the vinegar and water spray solution over the area (or areas, as the case may be) of the mattress that have been spoiled by your cat and rub these areas vigorously with a paper towel. There is an alternative method as well and that is to simply mix the whole vinegar and water solution in a bucket and simply place a clean (and suitably white) cloth into this liquid. Once the cloth is completely soaked, rub the stain vigorously with this vinegar solution.

After the solution has completely dried, wipe them away (i.e. the solution as well as the cat urine stain) with warm water. Finally use a hairdryer to ensure complete removal of any residual moisture.

Using a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture

For this, you will need the following items:

  • Empty spray bottle
  • 2 squirts of common hand soap
  • 15 oz. of hydrogen peroxide
  • At least two tablespoons of baking soda


Mix 15 oz. of the hydrogen peroxide along with two tablespoons of the soda bi-carbonate as well as the squirts of the liquid hand soap we mentioned above. You may create this mixture in a plastic container and thoroughly stir the same with a disposable plastic spoon.

Apply this mixture to the cat urine odor and stains on your mattress and simply rinse all of it off, with some lukewarm water. Lastly, the mattress may be aired out on the terrace or if that is not possible, then it may be dried with a conventional hair dryer.

One of the best products to clean urine from a mattress is Xion Lab’s Enzymatic Urine Remover.  For more information about this products…CLICK HERE.

urine remover


By now, you have figured it all and cleaned it well and effectively and your mattress should be looking and smelling as if it has only just been manufactured. Now that you know how to remove urine smell from mattress, it is time to put it in the balcony or porch to dry off so that you can sleep in peace on an odorless and stainless mattress all over again.

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