Water-Based Rust Converters 

 October 30, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Metal is one of the essential materials in our lives. There are countless things that we use this unique gift of nature. It also believed to be a crucial natural matter in the world. It is why we use it to build sturdy and long-lasting things. Even though they are healthy, some types of metal have significant weakness, and that is rust.

Rust is simply oxidization of the metal. It occurs when the oxygen in the atmosphere interacts with the water. It oxidization process only appears on the metal that contains iron, which is why rust is also known as iron oxide. It weakens the metal, which is why it is considered harmful for it. Many people try to get rid of the rust by obliterating it. Can remove it through sandblasting and much other rust removing products available in the market. However, obliterating the rust takes away some of the strength of the metal. Therefore, it might be useful but not significant enough. The best thing to do is convert the rust into a valuable shield to protect the metal instead. It is precisely what rust converters do.

Choose Rust Converters Instead of Rust Removers

All of us own things that made up of metal. Our cars, bikes, fences and many other things are all made up of metal. Therefore, these things are also likely to rust after a certain amount of time. When the time finally arrives, use rust converter on you precious metal object instead of rust remover.

Rust converter is a chemical solution that converts the iron oxide (rust) into a protective layer that prevents the metal from getting corroded again. Its layer of protection is also quite adhesive, which means you can paint it with your favourite colour.

Rust is a rotten part of the metal. Obliterating it will reduce the mass of the metal, and it will become weaker. Rust converters make sure that no piece of the metal is lost. It converts the weakness of the metal into its strength.

There are many different types of rust converters available in the market right now. Although all of them serve the same purpose, it all comes down to your preference. For instance, there are some rust converters which are eco-friendly, and some are harmful to the environment. Some are much cheaper, while some of them have the best reviews online. Similarly, some people prefer water-based rust converters over the acid-based ones, and there is an excellent reason why.

Water-Based Rust Converters

Water-based rust converters are free from all the harmful chemicals that are damaging to the environment. They are also decomposable, which makes them the perfect choice for people who care about the environment. Other than that being eco-friendly, water-based rust converters are even easily washable. It means that if you spill a little bit of the solution on your skin or clothes, then you can easily wash it off using soap and water. They are also considered more reliable by the people who used it and reviewed it previously.

Below are some of the best Water-based Rust Converters that you can buy from the market today:

Corroseal 82331 Water-based Rust Converter

If you are looking for the most uncompromising rust converter product that can work in even the harshest of environments, then the best option for you is Corroseal 82331 Water-based Rust Converter. Created specifically to be used by the marine industry, the 82331 by Corroseal is one of the most rigid rust converters that you can find in the market. It has endorsed by the people working on the sea, such as oil rigs and ships. It protects the metal even against the salty seawater, which corrodes the metal relatively faster.

Despite being produced explicitly for industrial use, the Corroseal 82331 is also tame enough to be used at home. Since it is water-based, you also don’t have to carry out any extra safety measure during the application process. Even if you get some of it on your clothes or skin, you can wash it off.

To apply the Corroseal 82331 water-based rust converter, pour the solution out on a tray or any small container. It is a ready-to-use material, which means you don’t have to mix anything with the solution at all. Apply it to the affected area using a brush or a roller. After the application, let it sit and dry for at least 24 hours. After a day of drying, it must reveal a smooth black surface that is ready to be painted. The black-coloured converted rust shield is an excellent platform for painting. It is also adhesive and can hold onto any paint for quite some time.

The water-based qualities of the Corroseal 82331 rust converter also mean that the product is non-flammable. One gallon of the solution is enough to cover an area of almost 250 square meters.

The Corroseal 82331 water-based rust converter is readily available in all the hardware stores country-wide. However, the best place to get it from is undoubtedly Amazon. A one-gallon bottle of this rust converter will cost you just $54.95.

Ad Coast Rust Converter and Primer

If you want to explore other options in the water-based rust converters category, then you should have a glance at the AdCoast Rust Converter and Primer. It is one of the best selling rust converters in this category, and the reviews have been relatively positive from the previous users.

One of the hottest selling points of this rust converter is that it is water-based. People are worrying more and more about the environment due to the epic climate change since the last decade so. Therefore, there is nothing better than getting your work done without damaging our beloved planet.

The results of the AdCoast Rust Converter and Primer are incredible. It transforms the rust into a sturdy protective shield that guides the metal effectively and prevents any further corrosion. While doing all that, it leaves behind a latex metal primer that is a perfect canvas, which you can paint. Its smooth black surface can hold onto any paint that you decide to put on it.

Coast Rust Converter and Primer created as a perfect replacement for all the painful processes such as sandblasting to get rid of the rust. It is also an ideal alternative for all the rust removing products, which only make the metal weaker. It rust converter does an incredible job in conserving the metal with all its strength.

The coast Rust Converter and Primer is only available in one gallon-sized bottle. You can easily find it on Amazon for just $56.00.

Gempler’s Eco-Friendly ECQ

If your primary motive is to buy the most eco-friendly rust converter in the market, then you should go for Gempler’s Eco-Friendly ECQ rust converter. Its manufacturers claim that it is the most eco-friendly rust converter currently available in the market. The water-based qualities of this product back Their bold claim. These qualities demonstrate that this product cares about the environment.

Being designed mainly to protect the environment does not mean that this product has compromised anything when it comes converting the rust. It can still give some of the best products on the market a tough time in rust transforming competition. It reacts immediately with rust as you apply it and then converts the stubborn rust into the useful covering. The finished surface reveals a dark-coloured smooth surface that can repaint to match the original colour.

It does underperform a bit when it comes to the painting department. According to its manufacturers, the best paint that you can use on this product is oil paint. They do not guarantee the adhesiveness of this surface on the other types of colours. It is a bit of a compromise as most of its competitors promise that it can use all kinds of paints after application.

The application of this product is quite vast. You can use it on your vehicles, fences, grills and even on the valuable antique items.

The Gempler’s Eco-Friendly ECQ rust converter is only available in the one-quart sized bottle. However, this whole bottle is more than enough to cover 125 square meters of rusty metal area. You can easily find this product on Amazon.

One Step Primer Sealer Rust Converter Spray

If you are brand conscious and don’t trust any product from a small manufacturer, then you would surely be a bit sceptical about rust converters. However, you definitely would have heard about 3M, which is one of the biggest brands in the world. And yes, they also produce a rust converting product. One Step Primer Sealer Rust Converter is their contender in the market for the top spot. Judging by the manufacturers’ record, it should be one of the best products in the market.

The first thing you need to know about the One Step rust converter is that it is only available in one size spray can. It also means that the only way to use it is by spraying it directly on the rusty metal. However, it would help if you made sure that the rusty metal surface is clean before you start pouring. Clean the surface using a brush or microfiber cloth. After that, spray the One Step on the body and let it dry for at least 48 hours.

After two days of drying, the surface shall reveal a black coloured seal instead of rust. Its seal is adhesive, which means you can paint it with any colour.

The One Step Sealer rust converter is also a water-based product, which makes it environmentally friendly. You can easily find it on Amazon for a price of just $22.96.

PlastiKote 623

Last but not least, the PlastiKote 623 is another water-based eco-friendly rust converter that can easily found in the market. PlastiKote is a famous company known for producing some of the best rust treatment products in the country. Their 623 rust converter is a non-toxic product that is good for dealing with the rust. It is also suitable for the environment.

It would help if you had a container and a brush to apply this product to the affected metal. Make sure you cover the entire metal surface when using the 623 because it also acts as a primer after it’s dried. In this way, you can paint the whole metal surface. The PlastiKote 623 does not form any bubbles during the application process, like some of the other products. Its quality makes sure that the end product is smooth as silk.

The primer that this rust converter leaves behind is a perfect canvas for all kinds of paints. The manufacturers also guarantee that the surface does not bleed through the colouring after a certain amount of time.

The PlastiKote 623 rust converter specifically designed to be used on automobiles. However, according to the manufacturers, you can use it on pretty much all kinds of metals.

Its product is only available in a small size 8 Oz bottle that will cost you $17.25 from Amazon.


There are many water-based rust converters available in the market right now the best ones mentioned above. All the products mentioned above are eco-friendly, which already makes them better than the other products. However, they have different applications and specific target areas. For example, if you are vehicle has rust, and you want to treat that, then you should get the PlastiKote 623. Similarly, if you want a product for your boat, then go for the Corroseal 82331. In the end, it all comes down to your preference and convenience.

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