Shower Drain Clog Remover: What to Do When the Shower Drain Is Completely Clogged? 

 October 31, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Picture this scenario: It is the middle of the thanksgiving season, and you have a whole lot guests staying at your place, and your shower drain refuses to work and throws up all of its contents not just in the shower stall but also all over, inside the very washroom. Close by the same room where your guests have been staying for a weekend visit.

While it is most certainly to hope that you would never have to face this kind of an ultimate nightmare scenario, but the fact of the matter is that many, if not most washroom shower drains do tend to get clogged entirely, now and then. And when this unfortunate eventuality does occur, then, of course, it can and generally does lead to pretty unpleasant results and even outright embarrassment in front of your esteemed guests. Apart from getting a high-quality shower drain clog remover, you cannot do anything else other than sitting and twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the problem to go away on its own. Unfortunately, that will not help either since such issues generally do not disappear on their own.

You can, of course, lock up the errant bathroom; but that will put a bit of strain on your remaining facilities, especially when your home is crowded enough, as it is. It is why your only viable alternative would be to use a shower drain clog remover to be able to do the needful and get your shower stall right back in working order, as soon as possible. You have one of two choices here. The first being to try out your home remedies and the second is to call in a top-notch professional plumbing outfit to do the needful. While the latter option deemed to be considerably better than the former, but it is a whole lot pricier as well especially when you vector in the fact that there are plenty of highly effective shower drain clog removers around as well.

  • Causative factors that lead to clogged shower drains.

There are many numbers of reasons because of which you might need to seek recourse to a shower drain clog remover. Still, the more prominent ones being human, or pet hair and other solid objects inadvertently dropped into the drain. A common culprit is an ordinary washing soap that can become firmly lodged at a T juncture. (It is the case just simply turning on the hot water for a few minutes in the shower stall can take care of the problem, once and for all).

However, the best solutions are not always the easiest ones, and when using a shower drain clog remove does not work. You will well advise calling for the service of professional plumbers who are well versed in the science of using such drain clog removers, to clean. Your clogged shower drain thoroughly and with guarantees that it will not become blocked again, any time in the immediate future.

o   Do not try and hire rank amateurs.

It is essential to understand that when you have tried out all of your home remedies and the usage of a shower drain clog remover has also removed the obstruction in the drain. But the drain subsequently becomes clogged all over again, then merely calling out a ‘fly by night’ operator is not the solution. Since such a rank neophyte can at best, come up with a stop-gap measure or he can also make a bad situation, potentially worse.

It is indeed why, should your first line of offence, that is using home remedies, or a powerful shower drain clog remover for that matter, does not work. It would help if you only went for a top-end plumbing outfit that has the means and the wherewithal to be able to do the job correctly. And thereby ensure that there is no repeat of the problem yet again. Going for a shoddy outfit means, you might end up made to pay through the proverbial nose because of the many issues and the large bills that may end up being caused by the erstwhile neophyte’s misadventures.

So, when it comes to hiring an excellent plumber for the demanding task at hand. You should also make sure that you as a homeowner, should under no circumstances whatsoever, be open to any compromises in terms of the overall quality of the skilled labour that you have hired for the telling task at hand. Indeed that is also why you should effectively consider hiring the services of the very best plumbing outfits out there, in the market.

Furthermore, these dedicated blue individuals should be equally well versed not just with the expertise required for cleaning out your drains quite methodically. Still, at the same time, they have to also effectively make sure that the same will remain unblocked, for a few years at the very least. Many such plumbing outfits are well versed in many different environmentally friendly methods. When it comes to using a powerful shower drain clog remover, and that is why it is so important to only use the best possible plumbing outfits for any such task at hand.

However, here it is deemed prudent to mention that many, if not most such individuals are not only costly, but they do have a tendency of racking up the bills, to a substantial degree.

It is why it is so essential for you to try and find the right person for the job. But before you go about doing so, it is equally important (if not most so to do the needful on your own, beforehand. That is to try and remove that pesky drain with the help of a shower drain clog remover.

These highly effective cleaning and clog removal agents have expressly designed to ensure that all the stray solid matter that manages to find. Its way in your shower drains, such as hair, bits and pieces of paper and plastic from shampoo bottles, soap wrappers. And even the soap itself that ends up inside the shower drain and so creates a massive logjam that leads to the drain becoming clogged altogether.

o   How to go about removing such jams

Here, the need of the hour is to try out natural remedies before moving on to a chemical shower drain. Many medications can tackle the task at hand efficiently enough to ensure that you can enjoy your showers without let or hindrance, and there is no inappropriate mass of dirty water swirling around your feet. Let us take a quick look at a few of the following:

o   The ‘hot water’ remedy

The most straightforward treatment possible is hot water. You can pour boiling down the drain directly from a kettle and wait for it to do its job both effectively and efficiently. It is even more useful when the clog has caused by various temporary factors such as pieces of soap and shampoo. The hot water will quickly dissolve those. It will do the same for any grease residue that is responsible for making the hair in the drain bunch up and cling on to the walls of the drain, thereby created a clog.

o   The wire hanger touch

It is also a relatively simple means of removing the clog. Just get hold of an old wireframe hanger and twist it into an elongated shape with a four in 90-degree angle juncture at one end. Use the top part as a handle and proceed to insert the longer length side of the wire into the drain. Push around till the wire comes into contact with the solid matter that has effectively clogged the drain. Once that happens, you should repeatedly pull, push and prod the wire till you feel the clog break.

There is no more resistance, and the wire can go seamlessly inside the drain without you feeling anything coming in the way, whatsoever. Now, without removing the wire open the shower or the tap and see if the water drained adequately. Yes, you might get wet in the bargain, but at the same time you will also be able to get the job done to ensure that there is no problem or issue at all concerning the drain and the clog has wholly removed.

o   Vinegar, lemon juice and water mix

It is also a pretty useful means of getting rid of that troublesome clog in the drain. The fact of the matter is that this combination, that is, vinegar, lemon juice and water all combine to make an astounding one hundred per cent natural shower drain clog remover. This mixture can be even more effective if it is also heated to a boiling point to ensure optimum clog removal properties.

o   Using a commercial shower drain clog remover

It is by far and large; the single most common type of shower drain clog remover around. What happens is that the moment a powerful commercial shower drain clog remover is poured right into the shower drain that needs to unclogged; it creates a whole lot of heat near instantaneously. Indeed, so how does this acidic mixture become that it can effectively dissolve the troublesome clog producing waste jammed firmly inside the drain, that is directly responsible for this blockage, in the very first place.

Such shower drain clog removers work best in all those places where the temperature typically falls well below zero in the winter season and thereby blocks all the drains (including shower drains) with a mixture of both pieces of ice as well as reliable waste products.

The powerful acids (both sulphuric as well as hydrochloric ones) that are present in your commercial shower drain clog remover will be able to instantly melt all the ice inside the drain at the same time. Act to dissolve the solid blocking matter (such as hair, grease, soap and shampoo particles, etc.).To be able to make good and sure that you have the convenience and the (literally) warm pleasure of using free-running shower drains even in below zero, weather conditions.

The great advantage of using such commercial shower drain clog removers and the product is that they seldom if ever, dissolve or in any way harm either plastic (PVC) or even (stainless) steel and old iron pipes. However, they can clean up the corrosion on old draining systems to ensure that the wastewater can flow easily and quickly through the drains.

However, here it is essential to understand and note that this will only happen. That is your shower drains will also remain practically completely undamaged provided that the user only uses the maximum recommended amount of dosage (as stated on the commercial shower drain clog remover’s box or container. Over usage (that is over and above the maximum recommended amount) can cause powerful chemicals to eat into the drains themselves and thereby cause even worse problems as well.

While overdosage can remove the drain’s blockage, but it is overkill since it not required in the first place. To find out what may need exact amounts, it is essential that you also read the label that is present on the container and after that, you should also make sure that you follow all the detailed instructions to the letter. Not doing so will mean that you are not just putting the drains, but your self in harm’s way as well.

Now that you know how to go about cleaning your shower drains. It would help if you got on it as soon as possible before any more guests appear.

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