2 in 1 Rust Converter & Primer

Want To Save Time, Effort & Protect Your Metal Surfaces From Corrosion?



  • Covers 2.5X more area. One gallon of product covers up to 1000 sq. ft. Can be applied with brush, or spray gun.
  • Water Based, can be applied to a damp surface, does not trap moisture, can be diluted with water. Tools clean up with water.
  • One step rust converter and primer coating. Low VOC (less than 1% by weight). No top coat needed. Accepts wide rage of coatings, not just oil based.
  • Prevents corrosion. Bonds with rust, cures hard as cement, no scraping, no sandblasting
  • Expands and contracts with metal; in lab tests, withstood 300°F (149°F) for 90 days without cracking or peeling.
  • UV and Hydrogen sulfide resistant. Contains no lead or heavy metals.

Made in the USA by Small Family Business
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Want To Save Time, Effort & Protect Your Metal Surfaces From Corrosion?

If you are looking for a rust stop paint that will prevent corrosion from destroying your metal rails, banisters or handrails without the need for an additional top coat, then you should look no further!

Introducing The Ultimate 2-In-1 Rust Converter & Primer By XIONLAB!

Now you don’t have to settle for all those low quality rust eliminators that require additional top coatings, cover a small area and take forever to remove from your tools! Our professional-grade rust neutralizer and sealer will help convert your metal surfaces into phosphate and make your renovation project easier than ever.

Customer Reviews

Best Rust Converter I've Ever Used

I’m a structural engineer that is in charge of the maintenance of several infrastructures. Including buildings, bridges, and equipment. Before we found XionLab’s Rust Converter, we used to take 2 to 3 days to apply a professional grade rust treatment, but now we do the same job is a couple of hours.

Clean Up is Breeze

In the past, when ever had to treat rust in metal with a rust inhibitor product, the worst part of my day was cleaning my tools. I had to use heavy solvents and clean up took for ever. With Xion Lab’s Rust Converter & Primer, I clean up my tools fast and I only use water.

Our Metal Tables are As Good as New - Happy Wife, Happy Life.

I have a couple of metal tables in my yard. I used several other rust treatment products, but since my tables are outside all the time, the exposure to the elements always penetrated prior treatments. Since Xion Lab Rust Neutralizer is UV and Hydrogen Sulfide resistant, it provided the ultimate rust elimination treatment. I did not have to apply another top coat, since my wife kinda liked the red oxide color of the primer.

Cover 2.5X More Area & Get A Bigger Bang For Your Buck!

Our rust neutralizer will covers 530 - 1,000 square feet per gallon, so you can protect your metal surfaces from further corrosion.

You can dilute it with 20% water and use a spray gun to apply this one-step rust treatment solution to all your rusty metallic surfaces with ZERO EFFORT!

2 container sizes available:
  • Gallon containers covers up to 1000 sq. feet
  • Pint container covers up to 125 sq. feet

Stop Rust Faster & Easier


Save precious time and effort with the XIONLAB ultimate rust reformer.

Can be applied with brush, or spray gun.

Our rusty metal primer is specifically designed to stop rust by converting EVEN DAMP rusted metal surfaces to phosphate. Will not trap moisture.

No need for heavy scraping or sand blasting!

Only one application needed. No top coat required.

One step rust converter and primer. 2 products in one.

Easy clean up. Clean all your tools with just water.


You can easily apply oil based, water based, enamels or any other top coating you like. OR you can go ahead and save your hard- earned money and skip on the top coating, since our industrial-strength rust remover and primer does not require a top coat!

Accepts a wide range of coatings:

  • Urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Enamels (Oil Based)
  • Enamels (Water Based)
  • Alkyd
  • Bitumen
  • Chlorinated Rubber

Environmentally Safer Formula

Our water-based formula is a professional-grade corrosion converter that is safer for environment. Our UV and Hydrogen Sulfide resistant formula is non flammable, contains less than 1% VOCs, NO lead, NO heavy metals, and NO oily solvents nor resins.

Cleaning Your Tools Is A Breeze

Thanks to our water-based formula, your tools can be washed quickly without any soap or chemical products.


  • Wrought iron fences and railings
  • Gangplanks and scaffolding
  • ProductionEquipment
  • Truckbeds
  • Docks
  • Stair cases and catwalks
  • Racking and shelving
  • Storage tanks
  • Lawn care and landscaping equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Steel window frames
  • and many more...

Get Your Anti Rust Metal Solution Today 100% Risk Free!

Our mission is to offer
you pro-grade solutions for your renovation or construction projects. And we know that impeccable quality is your top priority. That’s why we confidently back our rust eliminator with our EXCLUSIVE full-money back guarantee! What are you waiting for?

Bonds With Rust...Cures Hard As Cement

Our Rust Conveter & Primer is a cementatious coating that is not based on normal resins, but which bonds like cement. Cement bonds by the crystallization of chloride and hydroxides and our product bonds by the combination of phosphates with aluminum hydroxides.

The advantage of this type of bonding is twofold:
1. It gives the coating an extremely hard surface.
2. The bond can take place in the presence of water which means that our rust treatment may be used on a damp surface.

Our rust converter and metal primer is a low VOC (less than 1% by weight) phosphating paint, making it the only successful paint to convert corrosion salts such as iron oxide to phosphates. These phosphates which may take the form of iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, chromium phosphate, etc. are resistant to oxidation and therefore prevent corrosion.


  • Surface must be free from oil, grease, loose or peeling paint.
  • Loose rust should be removed by mechanical agitation. A minimum cleanliness of SSPC-SP-3 is required. Our rust converter bonds best to a rusty surface; do not brush down to bare metal.
  • Do not apply to a surface hotter than 100°F/37°C.
  • Mix until uniform before applying.
  • Apply to a thickness of 0.5–1.0 mil Dry Film Thickness (0.8–1.6 mil wet film thickness). Recommended for: Iron; Steel; Stainless Steel

1. Stir thoroughly before using.
2. Wirebrush surface to remove all loose flaky rust. Do NOT brush down to bare metal: Product bonds best to a rusty surface.
3. Wipe away debris with a cloth, paintbrush or air pressure. All grease and oil must be completely removed from the surface. Rinse thoroughly.
4. Stir product thoroughly until smooth, even consistency is obtained.
5. Apply with brush or spray. (For spray application, may dilute with up to 20% water.) 0.5-1.0 mil Dry Film Thickness.
6. If a top coat is to be applied use only 1 coat of product. Apply top coat only after product has dried completely. (48 hours)
7. If not applying a top coat; 2nd coat of product must be applied before first coat has dried; within (2-4 hours) 2nd coat should be applied at 0.5 mil dry film thickness.
8. For highly acidic, corrosive or abrasive environments such as strong acid or salt brine, a top coat is recommended.

Proudly Made In The USA by a Family Small Business

Many U.S. companies have outsourced or moved their manufacturing operations overseas. The result of this is that consumers are getting lower quality products. At Xion Lab, we believe that we have a responsibility to our consumers and retailers to not only provide high-quality products, but also continue to develop employment opportunities in the USA.

We’re proud to see how the impact of that decision has allowed us to provide a better quality product, and provide jobs and opportunities for people here in the U.S.

At Xion Lab, we’re proud of our humble history. Our family owned and operated small business will not focus its efforts in designing a super attractive packaging for our products. We will focus our resources in making sure our products are made with premium, quality ingredients.

Our mission is to honor God with the many talents He has given us, and develop safer chemical products that work.

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Product Id: XL07 (Gallon); XL07PT (Pint)

NFPA® Ratings:
  Health: 1; Flammability: 0; Physical Hazard: 0; Personal Protection: E

SDS: Click here to see product SDS sheet