How to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling the Easy Way 

 November 12, 2020

By  Xion Lab

There is no doubt that a garbage disposal system located in the kitchen is an excellent convenience and makes life a lot easier. With every comfort, there is a bit of drawback too, and in this case, you have to figure out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.

It holds especially true if and when you go to the kitchen and soon find out that there is a noxious odor permeating from the disposal system and pretty much fouling up the atmosphere all over the kitchen. If left to its own devices, the odds are that the stench of rotting fruit, veritable, gristle, and a whole lot of other things would be so foul that within a few weeks at most, that you will not even be able to walk and work inside your kitchen without a breathing mask! It is why you will have to come up with creative ways to understand how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.

First and foremost, you have to see if the disposal is blocked or not. Yes, putting your hands inside ‘loaded’ garbage disposal is not exactly the nicest of proposals. Still, sometimes you have to do the ‘icky stuff’ if you want to investigate how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling. A bit of ‘elbow grease’ never did hurt anyone, and it will help if you get involved in trying to understand how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling. Once you take the thing apart and peer deep down into its depths, you will see all the junk and grime that had been gently congealing away in the main drain and the bin of the garbage disposal system. Of course, all of it needs to clean so that you can figure out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.

o   Cleaning the garbage disposal system

However, even if you notice a specific unpleasant smell emanating from your garbage disposal, relax as it is not permanent, and trying to understand how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling is by no means an arduous task. The odds are that all required are already available in your kitchen or, for that matter, even your pantry. And once you get on with it, then it is very likely that you will be over and done with the entire exercise within ten minutes, tops! Let us see how: First and foremost, you will need a whole bunch of things to ensure that the disposal is not just squeaky clean but remains so for an extended period. Here is what you will need:

  • Fresh lemon peels
  • Ice
  • Scrub brush or even a dish wand
  • Dish soap
  • Kosher salt

Now that you have all the cleaning paraphernalia well in hand, it is time to go about getting the job done so that you can figure out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.

o   Using the scrub brush

It would help if you commenced the cleaning operation by liberally dabbing around about a couple of tablespoons or so of the dish soap right onto your own choice of either dish wand or, for that matter, even a scrub brush.  You can begin by safely and efficiently scrubbing the more visible portion of your garbage disposal system. It will make sense to pay a bit of extra special attention to the seam’s area, the place where the disposal’s flange merges with the sink basin itself.

The main reason for doing so is that many small organic particles have almost routinely blown by the wind’s force generated by the blades into the seam’s crack. These particles are known to linger there, which in turn not only leads to the steady growth of molds and other organic changes but also the bacteria present send out an intense (and often acrid) odor that could effortlessly overpower anyone coming into the kitchen. Mold can sometimes grow here, and to ensure that you know how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling, you must take care of the seams first and foremost, before you start on to the more ‘heavy’ stuff.

o   Time to let it all soak in

Once you decide to clean your garbage disposal, you must realize running the kitchen faucet even while operating the garbage disposal. Simultaneously, it does not automatically mean that the system’s housing will fill to the brim with the water. Rest assured that there is nothing wrong with the system since this is an entirely everyday occurrence. Designed the course this way to make sure that there is no leak or spillage. But, on the other hand, if your garbage disposal has started to emit a truly vile smell, then in, that case it can be a pretty big help to clean out the steaming guts of the machine with a thoroughly well-deserved good soak.   Here is how you can go about doing it correctly:

o   Take all due safety precautions

First and foremost, it is critical that you shut off the unit’s power supply and disconnect the main plug as well. Remember, the appliance runs on electricity, and water and live electric current must never mix. Furthermore, suppose the device plugged in, and you inadvertently put your hand in the lades to clean out the area at the bottom of the machine and accidentally switch it on. In that case, it can prove to have truly catastrophic consequences.  Remember, the blades are not just razors sharp, but they are adamant and designed to see meat and bones with ease.

Now that you have established that there is no danger of inadvertent operation or electrocution, you should proceed to plug the drain in the sink. And then turn on the faucet till the basin filled about halfway with the water. Then you should add just a bit of the dish soap you had purchased earlier (or if you want to go the natural way, simple vinegar, or any other organic and a natural cleaner).

Once that done, you should unplug the system’s drain, and after stepping carefully back away from the machine, you should plug it back in again and then activate your garbage disposal. Doing so will propel all of that extra soapy water right through the machine’s housing. It will mean that the soap (or vinegar or any other combination you may have put in the water) will effectively get into all the hidden nooks and crannies and not only clean them but also rinse them off as well.

o   Getting rid of the slimy residue

Regardless of how well you bathe the interior of the unit’s housing, and despite all that rinsing off with powerful cleaning and scrubbing agents, you will still need to do a whole lot more if you are intent on figuring out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.  For instance, the odds are that there will still be a whole lot of filthy and slimy residue that may even have left inside the machine. To dislodge the same property, it is essential that you need must go only as far as the little spice rack (in case your model has one, that is).

As it happens, various types of ‘kosher salts’ can also turn out to be a highly effective scrubbing and abrasive cleaner for your garbage disposal system. Here, all you have to do is pour a couple of trays of ice cubes directly into the garbage disposal unit and then switch on the appliance. It is running at full throttle. You should add at least half a cup of the kosher salt to the ice cubes (here you have to be careful that you keep as far away from the machine as possible, in case slivers of ice are sprayed into your eyes or other vulnerable extremities). Taken together, both the ice and the salt should form an ideal duo that will quickly grind away all that may remain of the foul smell causing residue so that you are finally able to figure out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.

By this time, you should have ideally figured out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling. And this horrid and putrid odor that bothered you every time you stepped into the kitchen should now be safely over and done with. But that is not the least of it as such.  While an odorless kitchen is undoubtedly the desired alternative, it is not the best one as yet.

It is because it would be nice if you were to swap the vile order with a fresh and clean scent as well.  It is not all that difficult, and all that you need would be a few extra lemon peels lying handily around. Just take the peels (and if you bushed from all your recent cleaning efforts, you could chuck the whole fruit into the appliance) and pop them in the machine and then switch it on. The juices that will be released once the peels ground to near powder will imbue the whole kitchen with a fresh and clean citrus scent that will easily last for a few days, at least.

Now that you finally know how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling, it will help determine how to ensure it does not happen again. Remember that the age-old adage “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” is as fresh as when it was first coined.

Even though it has been relatively easy enough to eliminate the foul garbage disposal smell successfully, this is not the right time to rest on your laurels. Instead, you should bear in mind these relatively simple and straightforward guidelines. In this way, you will also be able to cut down quite significantly on all the otherwise accumulated food residue that may have collected over the months and so fouled up your garbage disposal unit. It is this residue that causes terrible smells in the first place. And if you do not take care of it, you will find yourself being assailed by noxious odors every time you step into the kitchen, regardless of how many times you try and figure out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling.

o   Conclusion

First, coined it to remember is to use the garbage disposal machine the way it intended to use, that is, only and only for organic materials alone. So that means you should not try to dispose of plastic wires, spoons, and other assorted nonorganic garbage. Apart from that, it would help if you also tried to keep various fibrous vegetables, celery being a good example, and starchy foods such as potatoes (for instance) out of there. Lastly, it would help if you also tried to remove persistent particles that become stuck to the walls and the housing seam by ensuring that you run the appliance for at least ten seconds longer than necessary.

Rest assured that with a fair amount of regular care and just a wee a bit of extra attention now and then, you will be able to figure out how to Keep Garbage Disposal from Smelling quickly enough.

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