Where to Find Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner 

 October 30, 2017

By  Xion Lab

A clogged drain that enthusiastically throws back its contents can effectively turn into a perfect disaster zone, especially if you have no idea whatsoever, as to how to go about trying to rectify the problem. At this point you wonder where to find liquid fire drain cleaner. Such a calamity can effectively put paid to your highly expensive furnishings, not to mention the fact that it can also cause mold to form all over the place and lead to dripping ceilings in the house or apartment immediately below yours, while you flap around and act like the proverbial ‘headless chicken’ who has no idea what to do with itself, except to run around in circles all over the place.

However, it does not always have to be this way, even if the drain is not just slow but well and thoroughly clogged as well. This is because even the most completely blocked of drains can be easily cleaned provided you know where to find liquid fire drain cleaner. This will help you get the job done even if you are otherwise allergic to very high power drain cleaning corrosive chemicals.

Where to Find Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner

The key point to remember is that you should not dip your fingers in the liquid because as the term implies, “liquid fire” is precisely that and can effectively wreak havoc on your skin. Even if you know where to find liquid fire drain cleaner, you should still take all relevant precautions, nevertheless.

Other low quality drain cleaners

There do exist many archetypical and low quality, but highly abrasive drain cleaners that are heavily laced with suitably combustible agents and corrosive chemicals that have the potential of lingering on long after they have done their job. As a matter of fact, they will inevitably end up getting washed into the main sewer system once they have dissolved the obstructions in your drain.

And from the drain and the sewage system, it is on to the sewage treatment plant. If that plant is not capable of treating them to the extent that they are rendered benign (not an easy task by any means for most conventional plants as such), they will inevitably progress on to myriad local waterways and ponds and freshwater reservoirs of the area in which you may be living in.

Once there, many of these highly dangerous and corrosive chemicals have the potential to not only poison the water supply but also act to severely damage all the flora and fauna that inhibits these waterways and eventually become the main causative factors for severe genetic mutations when these animals and plants breed and reproduce.

In fact, many (if not most) of these low cost and low quality alternatives to liquid fire drain cleaners carry with them the potential of being downright lethal and even fatal to the wildlife populating that area. This is why you should always know where to find liquid fire drain cleaner.

Taking this argument to its logical conclusion we can effectively surmise that such corrosive cleaners actually do possess the potential to out rightly decimate and otherwise kill the more sensitive species that may be part and parcel of the native ecosystem near your neighborhood.

Add to that the fact, that they may be singularly dangerous for you. As per reports published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, many cheap and chemical drain cleaners have the potential to create really hazardous fumes in the washroom or kitchen or any other place where they are used. Such fumes can be literally fatal to people and especially young children and infants who may be unfortunate enough to be in the immediate vicinity of these noxious fumes.

So, be aware if you intend to cook in the kitchen if you are using such a cheap and substandard cleaning solution for your kitchen drain or for that matter, if you take a bath (especially in a closed and locked bathroom) while the drain cleaner is doing its job.

In fact, if you were to do so, then you will be literally gambling with your life since you will in essence, be exposed to them and this can easily lead to unconsciousness or as the fumes overwhelm your respiratory system. And should you be unfortunate enough to be incapable of removing yourself from the immediate vicinity of these poisonous gases and fumes in the nick of time, then the consequences may well have the potential of being out rightly fatal. And even if not, your lungs may have suffered permanent damage and you might just end up being short of breath for the duration for your natural life after this exposure.

Moreover, many of these low quality corrosive agents have a habit of eating the pipes, especially the PVC pipes that constitute most modern-day drains. Once the pipe has been eaten away, the water will spill all over the masonry and effectively destroy not just the paint job, but threaten the very structural integrity of your whole structure itself.

The only way of dealing with this unfortunate circumstance is to demolish your washroom completely as well as the surrounding area till you are able to get to the pipes and thereby install fresh ones.

Then comes the whole arduous task of effectively rebuilding your entire home so that you would be able to go back to normal life all over again. In the light of the above we can easily deduce that the costs of using such a drain cleaning liquid solution rather than going for a high quality and branded product are infinitely higher. In fact, this is precisely why you should know where to find liquid fire drain cleaner.

What is liquid fire drain opener

However, when considering where to find liquid fire drain cleaner. You should always keep in mind the fact that liquid fire drain opener is also a powerful acid (sulfuric acid in this case) based drain opening solution as well. It works well when water outflow is ether very slow or completely blocked altogether in places such as showers sinks, tubs and any type of septic laterals that may need to be unclogged for optimum performance.

How it works?

What “Liquid fire drain cleaner” does is that the moment it is poured into the target drain that needs to be unclogged, it creates a lot of heat near instantaneously so as to be able to dissolve the troublesome clog producing waste that is responsible for the blockage in the first place.

The system works best in places where the temperature routinely falls below zero in the winter months and thereby blocks all drains with a mixture of ice and solid waste products.

The sulfuric acid present in your liquid fire drain cleaning system will instantly melt the ice and simultaneously act to dissolve the blocking matter (such as hair, grease, food particles et el) so as to be able to ensure that you have the pleasure and the convenience of using free running drains even in subzero, freezing weather conditions.

The great advantage of using this product is that it does not dissolve or in any way otherwise harm either plastic (PVC) or for that matter, even (stainless) steel and iron pipes. However, here it is pertinent to note that this will only happen, i.e. your drains will remain essentially undamaged provided that you use only the maximum recommended amount of dosage that might suffice to clear and unclog your blocked drains.

To find out what precise amounts may be needed, it is imperative that you read the label present on the container and make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter, otherwise you may end up damaging your entire drainage system and thereby do more harm than good.

drain cleaner

Always follow the instructions

Furthermore, it is also equally important that once you have figured out where to buy liquid fire drain cleaner and acquired the same then you should, under no circumstances whatsoever use it either with, before, or for that matter immediately after, any other drain cleaner or (corrosive) chemical.

If you were to do so, it is highly likely that you will end up doing irretrievable damage to your drains, especially since the acids and other corrosive agents will be lingering in your drain system and pouring a fresh dose of really powerful sulfuric acid in such large quantities will effectively ensure that the drains will not be able to handle this “double wallop” so to speak.

And apart from the clog the drain itself may well end up getting dissolved, in the bargain. This is why it is of critical importance to well and thoroughly read the label present on the container for any warnings and instructions and directions before using as well as the safety precautions that may be necessary for effective and safe use of this drain cleaning solution so as to ensure that your drains remain perfectly safe and only the irksome clog gets dissolved in the process.

Most acid based drain cleaners typically run true to form and usually contain a very large amount of sulfuric acid as their basic ingredient, which means that the concentration levels are very high indeed. To put it into perspective, let us take a piece of ph paper and pour some concentrated sulfuric acid on it. It will char and burn instantly, i.e. the moment it comes into contact with the drain cleaning agent.

This means that any waste tissue paper of the kind usually found in most occidental washrooms that end up clogging your drains will instantly turn to mush and subsequently dissolve. It does not matter if the waste tissue is tightly packed into a ball that is almost solid, the effect will nevertheless, still be the same and it will char and burn the minute it comes into contact with liquid fire drain cleaner.

All an acidic drain cleaners (and yes that includes liquid fire drain cleaning solution as well) are also fully capable of dissolving both grease and human hair as well as animal fur (in case you have hairy and furry pets that you frequently bathe in the bathtub in your washroom).

Should you be able to find out where to find Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner, then you will know that it is frequently available at the nearest hardware store in your area of residence. You should also be aware that the really strong acidic content in the Liquid Fire drain cleaning system can help dissolve all such biological and organic waste products so as to ensure that your drains remain clean and clog free for as long as you want them to be.

How to use liquid fire drain cleaning system?

Once you know where to find liquid fire drain cleaner and have acquired it, you should also know how to go about using it in a manner that will clean your drains without hurting you or your loved ones in the least.

First and foremost, it is absolute imperative that you study the safety measures that are clearly outlined on the container itself. This is an extremely corrosive product and can easily eat through both human skin and flesh. Under no account should it be accessible to young children at all.

Remember, even a few drops that manage to find their ways into either your eyes or any of your loved ones will result in absolutely agonizing pain and near certain and total blindness for the rest of your life. By the same token, should it come into contact with your skin, it will burn its way right into your very flash.

Carefully follow all instructions once you know where to find liquid fire drain cleaner and don thick gloves and an overall. Make sure that your eyes are always covered with safety goggles and lest any droplets inadvertently find their way onto your face, keep it covered with a safety mask as well.

Pour only the amount that is necessary, as per the instructions present on the container and step away when it starts to fume. Wait for the stipulated amount of time before washing it all away either with fresh clean water or a combination of baking soda and water. Baking soda is an alkaline base and therefore, negates the effect of the powerful acid present in the cleaner so that your drains are not compromised, in any way.

Once you are done, continue to use the drains as you used to, before.

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