Commercial Enzyme Cleaner – The Best for Urine Stain Removal 

 May 22, 2018

By  Xion Lab

In this blog we will talk about why a commercial enzyme cleaner is the best option to remove pet urine stains.

Pets provide great social support. Studies have shown that owning a pet result in positive psychological effects. People who own a pet feel happier and less tense as compared to people who don’t own a pet. Moreover, people who keep pets have a lower risk of developing a heart disease. This is because people with pets engage in physical activities such as playing or walking with their pets.

The benefits of owning a pet cannot be denied. However, there are certain responsibilities with owning a pet such as taking them to the vet, and cleaning the pet waste. In this article, we will explain why it’s important that you immediately clean your pet’s waste, and why use a commercial enzyme cleaner.

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The Dangers of Pet Waste

Pet waste should be cleaned immediately. They not only smell disgusting but also harbor a lot of different diseases. Pet waste may contain viruses and bacteria that can cause illnesses in humans. Apart from coming into direct contact with urine, you can also contact the disease through inhaling pet odor.

Most people think that harmful pathogens are eliminated when the pet waste is cleaned using soap or other household cleaning detergent. However, the fact is that pet urine odors are not as innocuous as they seem.

Urine on the furniture, carpeting, baseboards, and other similar places are a serious health hazard. It’s important that you use a commercial enzyme cleaner to remove the pet odor. If not removed immediately, pet odors can be a serious health risk.

The particular odor that we associate with urine is the ammonia gas that is released when the uric acid in the urine is exposed to air. Inhalation of ammonia gas can lead to serious lung damage. Prolonged exposure to this gas has been linked to lung cancer. It can also lead to skin and eye irritation.

People with asthma, allergy, and weak immune system are at increased risk of developing health complications when exposed to pet odor. Inhalation of ammonia can also worsen the symptoms of migraines.

Even exposure to low concentration of ammonia through pet urine can result in serious health problems over time. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you remove pet odor using a commercial enzyme cleaner.

Diseases Linked with Exposure to Pet Odors

Exposure to pet odors can lead to a variety of health problems. Some of the health complications that are associated with prolonged exposure to pet odors include the following:

  • Bronchiolar edema
  • Bronchitis
  • Fatigue
  • Airway damage
  • Asphyxiation
  • Tracheal burns
  • Alveolar edema
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pneumonia

In addition, pet waste harbors a lot of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Here are some of the diseases that humans can contract through pet waste.


Campylobacteriosis is a common bacterium that is present in pet waste. About 49 percent of dogs and 45 percent of stray cats carry bacterial diseases. It is particularly common in puppies and kittens.

The bacteria cause severe fever, cramping, diarrhea, and abdominal pain in humans. Humans can contract the bacterial disease by coming into contact with the waste of an infected pet. Although not life threatening, the disease causes great discomfort.

Leptospirosis Bacteria

Another common bacterium present in pet waste is leptospirosis. It is prevalent in the warm and humid environment. The bacteria can be passed onto humans to form kidney and liver disorders.


Hookworm is also present in pet urine. Species of hookworm that commonly infects dogs and cats include caninum, ancylostoma brazilense, ceylancium, and stenocephala. The parasites can be transferred to the humans when the pet urine is not cleaned immediately using a commercial enzyme cleaner.

Hookworm infections can result in the formation of cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) – a serious skin condition. When the parasite enters the skin, it can result in painful red rashes. Some of the hookworm species can cause abdominal pain and gastrointestinal problem.

Parrot fever

Parrot fever can infect all types of birds, and not just parrots. They are passed on to the humans through contact with the bird urine. Bacterium Chlamydia psittaci is responsible for parrot fever. A person who contracts the disease experiences symptoms about 10 days after the infection. Common symptoms of the disease include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fever, chest pain, and breathing problems.

Toxoplasmosis and Toxocariasis

Taxoplasma and toxocariasis are two other diseases that are caused due to contact with the pet waste. They cause various health complications.

  • Toxoplasma is caused by the parasitic alveolate Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite is usually found in the waste of a feline pet. If you don’t clean the pet waste it can result in serious health complications. Pregnant women are particularly at risk of contracting the disease. Some of the symptoms of the disease include abdominal pain, swollen glands, and muscle aches. The disease can also cause damage to the eyes, brain, and other parts of the body.
  • Toxocariasis is also a parasitic disease that is caused by a parasitic roundworm known as Toxocara. The eggs of the parasite are found in dogs as well as cats. Humans can contract the diseases through contact with the pet urine or feces. Symptoms of the disease include abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, lung damage (visceral toxocariasis), and eye damage.

After reading the serious health hazard posed by pet waste and pet odor, it must now be clear to you why you should use a commercial enzyme cleaner to eliminate the pet odor. The risk of contracting a disease can be significantly reduced if you take steps to immediately and effectively eliminate the pet odor. Using a commercial enzyme cleaner, you can effectively eliminate the threat.

One of the best commercial enzyme cleaners in the market is Xion Lab’s Super Strenght Bio-Enzyme Cleaner.  For more information about this product…CLICK HERE.

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What Products Can You Use to Eliminate Pet Odor?

You should not let pet odor remain on the mattress, floor, clothes, or carpets. It must be eliminated immediately otherwise it will become a health hazard. If you do not eliminate the pet urine using a strong commercial enzyme cleaner, it will get stronger and concentrated over time.

You may not see the stain after the urine dries. However, you can still smell it. What’s even worse is that your pet will be able to smell the urine. This will encourage your pet to urinate in the area again. That’s why it’s absolutely important that you clean the area immediately.

Keep in mind that home remedies and non-enzyme based cleaners will not be able to completely eliminate the health hazard. Home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda, and others do not completely remove the urine stain; they only mask the problem.

Also, you should never use a cleaning product that contains ammonia. The reason is that products containing ammonia can react with the uric acid in the urine. Instead of removing the urine, it will exacerbate the problem. Even if the stain is eliminated, ammonia will linger at the place. Instead of completely removing the problem, it will only worsen it.

You can use a commercial enzyme cleaner to remove pet odors in cushions, mattresses, couch, linens, carpeting, and other furniture items. They can break down the uric acid present in the urine thereby completely eliminating the urine problem.

Enzyme Based Cleaning Product – How It Works?

Enzyme based cleaning product consists of the natural enzymes that are helpful in eradicating pet odors. Cleaning the surface using an enzyme based cleaning product can effectively eliminate the pet odor problem.

Your pet won’t be able to smell the urine when you use an enzyme based cleaning product. The commercial enzyme cleaner will remove the pet urine as well as human urine. You can use the cleaning product for eliminating urine from all types of hard and soft areas including floors, mats, clothing, cushions, mattresses, and bed linens.

Both human and animal urine are similar in composition. They contain uric acid crystals that when exposed to air can result in the release of ammonia gas. When inhaled, it can create serious health disorders including damage to the lungs and skin.

Commercial enzyme cleaners can effectively remove the uric crystals. They eliminate the uric crystals by attacking their chemicals composition. The enzyme present in the commercial enzyme cleaner speeds up the decomposition of the uric acid crystals.

Enzymes are actually proteins that are present in living organisms. They act similar to bacteria in decomposing the urine. However, unlike bacteria, they are not living organisms. The enzymes present in the commercial enzyme cleaner consist of a chain of amino acids. Their function depends on the specific sequence of the amino acid.

Common types of enzymes that are present in commercial enzyme cleaner include proteases and anylases.

  • Proteases — This enzyme present in a commercial enzyme cleaner is used to clean protein based stains. It is used to clean stains caused by urine, beverages, and blood. The enzyme changes the chemical composition thereby eliminating the stains.
  • Amylases — This enzyme is also present in certain types of commercial enzyme cleaners. It is used to remove starch-based stains. The enzyme is used to remove stains that are caused by ice cream, gravy, eggs, sugars, and sauces. It eliminates the stain by the breakdown of the starch chains.

Steps to Clean Pet Stain Using Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

You should clean pet urine on the carpet using a commercial enzyme cleaner. Enzyme based cleaners are in the form of liquid and are contained in a spray bottle. To remove the stubborn stain, you should spray lightly on the area of the stain. You will have to blot the area using a clean cloth and let the liquid sit for a few minutes.

Consider leaving the liquid for about half an hour so that the enzyme can completely eliminate the stain. Afterward, you should rinse the area using clean water. Use a dry or wet vacuum cleaner to clean the area. Do not use a steam cleaner as it will worsen the stain.

Also, you can clean clothes and bed linens containing urine in a washing machine. However, when drying the clothes, you should avoid putting them in a dryer. Instead, you should consider air drying the clothes.

An important thing to remember when using a commercial enzyme cleaner is that you should prevent your pet from peeing at the place where the enzyme is used. You should cover the area with a laundry basket and place an aluminum foil over the area. Also, you can place a laundry basket over the area to prevent your pet from peeing at the place.

One problem that you will encounter when cleaning the carpet is when urine seeps to the flooring below. This will create a stain mark resulting in a reviling stench. In such a case, you cannot use the commercial enzyme cleaner. What you should do is to use an oil-based primer to neutralize the stain. In case the stain is not removed in this way, you may have to remove the padding where urine had soaked beneath the carpet.

After you have thoroughly cleaned the area, you should train your pet so that it does not pee at the place again. Let’s look at some of the tips that can help you to train your pet to pee in the litter box instead of peeing on the carpet, mattresses, bed linens, and your clothes.

How Can You Train your Pet to Avoid the Pet Odor Problem?

Training your pet is important to eliminate the pet odor problem. There are many ways you can train your pet to avoid peeing outside the litter box. Here are three simple tips that can help you in training your pet to pee at the proper place.

  • Pets generally don’t urinate near the food bowl. If your pet has developed a habit of peeing at a particular place, you can eliminate this habit by placing the bowl in the area. This will prevent your feline or canine pet from peeing at the place. You can achieve the same effect by placing pet toys near the area where you pet habitually urinates.
  • Another thing that you can do is to take your pet to a behavioral therapist for animal behavior therapy. In this way, you will be able to teach your pet to pee in the litter box.
  • Often it happens that pets who have been potty trained start to pee outside the box. If this is the case with your pet, you should consider finding out whether the problem is caused due to any medical problems. A pet will avoid peeing in the litter box if it associates it with pain. This can happen if the pet has developed kidney or other problems. Older pets generally develop bone problems such as arthritis. They will experience pain when getting inside the litter box to urinate. An older pet will particularly avoid peeing in a litter box that is placed in hard to reach the place.

You need to rule out the reasons for your pet not peeing at the designated area. If the issue is caused due to a medical problem, you should immediately take your pet to a vet. The vet will assess the condition of your pet and then provide appropriate treatment to resolve the condition. Usually treating the medical problem will resolve the problem of your pet peeing outside the litter box as well.

Consider placing the litter box in multiple locations to resolve your pet’s peeing problem. You should also place one more litter box than the total number of pets inside the home. Also, if the litter box has a cover, you should remove it to make it easy for your pet to relieve the call of nature.

Taking the above simple measures can prevent your pet from peeing outside the litter box. It’s important that you act proactively in resolving your pet’s peeing problem. This will ensure that you don’t expose your household to health risk. Pet odor exposure can lead to serious health problems. You should not allow your pet from staining the linens, mattresses, or clothes.

Final Remarks

You should remain aware of the health hazard that is present due to pet waste. You should take immediate steps to remove pet odor problem by using a commercial enzyme cleaner. The best thing about enzyme cleaners is that they completely eliminate the urine. Instead of just masking the problem, a commercial enzyme cleaner will remove the pet odor along with the stain.

Household cleaning products and home remedies that you read on the web do not eliminate the odor problem. They just mask the odor that reappears after a few days. This will expose the household to the pet odor that can create significant health problems. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can ensure a healthy environment inside the house.

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