How to Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell? 

 May 18, 2018

By  Xion Lab

Let’s imagine a scenario!

You are returning to your house after a really hard and long day at work. While driving, all you think is of reaching back home as soon as possible and relax. Making your way through the roads jam-packed with vehicles, you finally reach your home, park the car and rush inside.

But, as soon as you open the lock and put your first step inside, something came rushing to you.

No! You shriek.

Holding your head in your hands, you stop at the doorway with shock and dismay. Then slowly, anger takes over the shock and you feel like throwing everything out of your house.

No, we are not talking about your little kitty; rather about the smell of her urine coming from your carpet, couch, rug, mattress, wood floor or from your garden. (Let’s not talk about the struggle to only locate the actual source of the smell).

How would you feel if this happens with you?

You would not like it, right?

But, what if it happens every day? And what if this unwanted guest not only welcomes you, but every person who enters your house?

You would detest it, for sure, and in addition to search for how to get rid of pee smell, it is likely that you may start thinking for giving up on your lovely cat.

You don’t have to though!

If you can relate to the situation and find yourself stuck with the sickening and unwanted presence in your otherwise beautiful house, you have three choices.

One, learn to live with it (the most disgusting option to even think of).

Two, replace the mattress, carpet and/ or the couch where your cat had peed (the most impractical option; keeping in view the likelihood that such accidents can happen every now and then, replacing the furniture is not a viable way to deal with it).

Last, but not the least, deal with it and kick it out of your house (this requires some time and effort though, but it is the most practical and viable way to deal with the problem).

Wondering if the last option is actually possible in real?

Yes! It is.

If you do not know how to get rid of cat pee smell, do not worry! We have got you covered!

In this article, we have highlighted some of the amazing and tried and tested methods that answer the age-old query of cat owners, that is, how to get rid of cat pee smell?

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Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell

Why Does Cat Urine Stink So Badly?

While urine, be it of a human or an animal, does smell bad, those who have or have ever had a cat know that the urine of cat actually smell horrible. Put simply, it stinks.

This makes a lot of cat owners ask why cat pee smells so bad.  

Due to the widespread inquisitiveness, it is important to answer this question before going into the details of how to get rid of cat pee smell.

All the cat owners know how bad the cat urine smells. But, if remained unnoticed and hence, not cleaned, it stinks more than one can think of. Left untouched, the bacterium in the cat urine starts decomposing and gives off ammonia like smell.

If not cleaned at this stage, the decomposition process continues and reaches its second stage during which compounds known as mercaptans start emitting from the animal urine. It is from these compounds that the cat pee gets its characteristic stink and makes pet owner go crazy in searching for how to get rid of cat pee smell.

Other Reasons

In addition to the reasons stated above i.e. the process of decomposition, some other factors also contribute to the awful odor of cat urine. Therefore, while you are searching for how to get rid of cat pee smell, also spend some time to find out why your cat has been demonstrating the strange behavior.

The possible reasons as put forward by the experts are as follows:

  • When the cat is very old. This is because as cats get old, their kidneys do not function as efficiently as they did during the earlier stages of life. As a result, their urine smells horrible.
  • If this is not the case, the stink may be due to the powerful hormones cats tend to emit in their pee.

Why Is Your Cat Urinating Outside The Litter Box?

While it is important to know how to get rid of cat pee smell so that you can deal with the urine incidents as soon as you identify them, it is also important to know the reason behind your cat’s behavior, if they become regular occurrence.

Many people believe that it’s their way of taking revenge from the owner if they were treated badly or to get attention if they were being ignored. However, experts do not agree with the first wide held notion. When it comes to the second view, experts do agree to it to an extent i.e. its cats’ way of gaining the owner’s attention, but not simply due to the fact that they were ignored. Rather, they say that a cat not using his/ her litter box is actually trying to tell something to the owner. Therefore, identifying the underlying cause is as important as it is to know how to get rid of cat pee smell

While there could be many things that your pet cat could be attempting to tell you through his /her atypical behavior, there is a strong likelihood that it is a medical problem he/ she is facing. Therefore, veterinarians and experienced pet cat owners suggest that this should be the first thing to consider, if your cat has suddenly started peeing outside the litter box. It could be a result of some kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infections and/ or disease, and diabetes (Yes! humans are not the only ones to suffer from these health problems!).

In addition to these medical conditions, considering the age of your pet cat is also important because his/ her old age may be the reason for quitting the litter box use. Older cats can suffer from arthritis, which makes it really hard and painful for them to get into the litter box. As a result, they end up urinating at various places in your house leaving you to spend hours on the internet to know how to get rid of cat pee smell.

There may also be a behavioral reason behind your cat’s unusual behavior. According to Human Society of New York’s executive director Sandra Defeo, a cat owner needs to become a detective in order to find out the reason for the change in the pet cat’s behavior.

Once, you detect the reason it becomes easier for you to deal with the problem and you won’t have to face the BIG question, i.e. how to get rid of cat pee smell, again and again

Since dealing with the underlying cause of pee incidents is the key to avoid them in future, experts of the fields recommend taking the time out to identify it in addition to search for how to get rid of cat pee smell. Otherwise, you would be facing the same problem again and again and you would always be found asking how to get rid of cat pee smell.

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How to Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell – Fail-Safe Ways to Get Rid of the Stinky Odor

Those who have or have ever had a cat as pet, know that no matter how much time and effort you put in for your cat’s toilet training and how compliant he/ she is, the possibility of such mishaps can never be entirely ruled out . This is why almost every cat owner is found asking, at some point of time, how to get rid of cat pee smell?

To answer the longstanding question, that is, how to get rid of cat pee smell? Here, we are discussing some easy yet amazingly useful ways to deal with the mishaps your cat might be causing these days, all over the once aesthetically pleasing house of yours.

1. Vinegar – the Cleaning Champion

When it comes to DIY house cleaning, no other product can be as useful as the good old vinegar. It is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used to get rid of tough stains, bad odors and even grout from floors, including both wooden and tiled, carpet, counter tops, stove, oven, garbage cans, drains, windows, sinks, mattresses, toilets, showers, clothes, and all sorts of equipments.

It also does not disappoint people who want to know how to get rid of cat pee smell.

The best part?

Despite the strong smell of vinegar your house won’t smell of it for long. As it dries out, both the vinegar’s smell and any other odor that may be coming from the area/ equipment, disappears.

To the relief of those who have always wanted to know how to get rid of cat pee smell quickly and easily, vinegar gives the same results in case of cat urine stains and the smell emanating from them. As the stains of cat urine get dry, alkaline salts form in them. Since vinegar is acidic in nature, it neutralizes the alkaline salts found in the dried urine.

As the smell of vinegar subsides gradually, it also takes away the smell of urine with it, leaving your house free from the horrible odor of cat pee.

If you do not want to ask every other person how to get rid of cat pee smell, make a solution by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water and keep it handy so that any unfortunate accident can be instantly treated. This solution can be used to clean both the floor and the walls.

If it’s your cat’s litter box that’s stinking of urine, the simplest and easiest cleaning trick is to empty it and then fill the box, about half an inch, with distilled white vinegar. Allow 20 minutes to vinegar to do the magic. Swish it around the box before throwing it. Now, wash the litter box with cold water.

Ta-da! You would be surprised with the quick and amazing result of this magic potion. Try it and you would be recommending it to every person asking how to get rid of cat pee smell.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide for Wood Floors

There are no two views as how aesthetically good wood floors look. However, when it comes to cleaning, they can pose a real challenge. Wood has the tendency to get stained. Also, it soaks up the liquid and with the smell. Due to this, even if you quickly clean up the mess from the wood floor, sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of the bad odor.

Smell of urine is one of those that keeps emanating from the wood floor even after the cleanup. While replacing isn’t even an option here, there has to be a way to remove it. Before you ask how to get rid of cat pee smell from the wood floors, let us tell you the best way to do it.

Here you go:

Take a large bowl and combine a cup of hydrogen peroxide and water, each, in it. Now add, 1 to 2 drops of any dish detergent and about 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Mix everything together and your homemade wood floor cleaner is ready!

Apply it over the affected area of the wood floor with the help of a rag. If there is liquid on the floor, make sure to clean it first.

Wipe the wood floor with the rag soaked in the DIY cleaner and leave it for about 2 to 3 minutes. The solution should not be left on the wood floor any longer than this as it may damage the floorboards. Now, wipe the area with a separate clean and dry towel and your wood floor would no more smell of the cat urine.

This homemade odor cleaner works amazingly on both new and old urine incidents because of the powerful ingredients. Baking soda works great against strong odors; cat urine smell is not an exception. In addition to this, hydrogen peroxide breaks the enzymes present in the cat urine and thus, acting like a powerful overt-the-counter enzyme cleaner, works effectively to remove cat urine stains and the strong odor from the wood floor.

Bonus Tip: Although this solution should not affect the color of the wood, it is suggested that all those cat owner who want to know how to get rid of cat pee smell from the wood floor, first test this cat pee odor remover on a small area to be on the safe side. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


3. Charcoal for Yards

This may appear a strange trick to people who have been wondering how to get rid of cat pee smell, but those who have tried, have found it to be useful. So, all those who have been trying various methods in order to know how to get rid of cat pee smell, give this a try as well as you would only need two things for it.

Yes! Only two things.

  1. Charcoal
  2. Few pieces of old Newspaper

All you have to do is to break the charcoal into small pieces, if they are too big, and place few of them on a piece of newspaper. Keep it in the yard and let it work for few hours. If you know where the affected area is, keep the newspaper, with the charcoal pieces over it, near the place. However, if you do not know where the cat had peed, keep it anywhere in the yard that’s smelling of cat urine.

Surprisingly, the horrible smell of cat urine will be removed within a couple of hours.

While this tip is found to be effective in yards, it can also be used by those who want to know how to get rid of cat pee smell from the rooms.

Final Word

While owning a pet cat is an awesome and rewarding experience, like everything it has its own downsides too. Those little cute kitties can be your best friends, but still at times, they could refuse to comply by the rules they have been taught and trained to follow. Peeing outside their litter box is one of them. Since the smell of cat pee is strong and horrible, it creates a big trouble for the owners, making a lot of people ask how to get rid of cat pee smell?

If you do not want to find yourself asking the question how to get rid of cat pee smell, make sure you start toilet training the kitten as soon as you bring it home. Since, the possibility of urine incidents cannot be completely ruled out when there are children and/ or pets in the house, equip yourself with some homemade cleaners for removing cat urine stains and smell so that you won’t have to ask every cat owner how to get rid of cat pee smell?

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