Which Commercial Urine Remover Can Effectively Remove Pet Odors? 

 September 28, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Owning a pet is said to provide various psychological benefits. People who own pets are healthier, happier, and less stressed. While pets may not speak human language, they are incredibly responsive to their emotions. They show affection towards the owners in their unique way.

However, one unpleasant aspect of owning a pet is to deal with pet waste. When potty trained to pee inside the litter box, pets don’t create much mess. However, if they are not adequately trained, dealing with pet waste can be an ordeal.

The Problem of Pet Urine

While cleaning pet waste is not tricky, eliminating pet odor can be a pain in the neck. When a pet urinates in the carpet, sofa, or bed linens, you should use an enzyme-based commercial urine remover to get rid of the odor.

An important thing that you must understand about pet urine is that they are similar to humans’ urine. Pet urine consists of water and other trace minerals. One of the urine components is uric acid, which creates a foul odor when exposed to air.

When uric acid decomposes after coming into contact with the air’s oxygen, it releases ammonia gas. The odor problem worsens when the decomposing uric acid gives off mercaptans. The urine of older pets generally stinks the worst as their kidneys have lost their efficiency.

Besides, male pets that have not been neutered also have a particularly strong urine smell. The testosterone containing pee let females know about their presence, and signal males to stay away. Cleaning the urine of these ‘macho’ male pets is not an easy task.

How to Deal with Pet Odor Problem?

The most troublesome part of dealing with pet urine is not how to clean them, but how to eliminate the nasty smell. You will require an enzyme-based commercial urine remover to stop the pet odor problem. Cleaning the urine with a household stain remover will not eliminate the pet odor.

You should clean the urine using an enzyme-based commercial urine remover. Also, you need to clean the pet waste immediately as the longer you wait, the worse will be the odor problem.

When you use a household cleaning product, it does eliminate the urine. That’s why even when the stain is removed, the place will still reek of pet urine. What’s even worse is that your pet will be able to smell the urine. To eliminate the urine problem, you need to use an enzyme-based commercial urine remover.

Home remedies are not effective in eliminating the urine. You may have read about using vinegar and baking soda to clean the urine. The problem with these cleaners is that they only mask the problem. They do not remove the pet odor. After a few days, the urine odor problem will reappear.

The only way to altogether remove the pet odor is by using an enzyme-based commercial urine remover. Can use the product to cleaning the pet urine and eliminating pet odor. Use it to remove pet odor from the mattresses, couch, cushions, linens, carpeting, and other items. The commercial urine remover does not just mask the problem; it eliminates the issue.

Commercial urine remover

Why Enzyme Based Cleaning Products are Effective in Removing Pee Odor?

Enzyme based commercial urine remover attacks the root of the urine problem: uric acid. Dried urine contains uric acid that cannot be removed using most household urine cleaning products. They can only be removed using an enzyme-based commercial urine remover.

When a surface is treated with enzyme-based commercial urine remover, the urine is completely removed. As a result, your pet will not be able to smell the urine. It will prevent your pet from peeing at the place again.

An enzyme-based commercial urine remover contains natural enzymes that eliminate uric acid, thereby eliminating the pet odor. Enzyme based commercial urine remover will help remove the stain from cushions, mattresses, bed linens, and clothes. Whether you want to eliminate a pet dog or cat’s urine, an enzyme-based commercial urine remover will work flawlessly in removing the odor. The product can also help in removing the smell of human urine.

The urine of both humans and pets contains, among other things, crystals of uric acid. These crystals are broken down by the enzyme contained in the commercial urine remover. It eliminates the pet odor problem.

The enzyme that is present in the commercial urine remover accelerates the breakdown of the uric acid. It is a type of protein that is present in every living being. That is similar to bacteria that breakdown the waste. However, chemical enzymes are not alive. They are arranged in the form of amino acid chains. Their exact function is determined by the sequence as well as the structure of the amino acids.

Most enzyme-based commercial urine removers contain proteases and amylases. They are a type of enzymes that speed up the breakup of the urine. Proteases are used to remove stains caused by urine, blood, beverages, foods, and waste. They modify the structure and composition of the chemicals that cause the color, thereby virtually eliminating them.

On the other hand, amylases included in the enzyme-based commercial urine remover can remove starch-stains caused by ice cream, gravy, sugars, sauces, and eggs. The enzyme eliminates the stain by accelerating the decomposition of the starch chains.

An important thing to keep in mind when cleaning pet odors is that you should never use a cleaning product that contains ammonia to clean urine. The reason is that ammonia is present in the urine. When you use a cleaning solution containing ammonia, it will worsen the problem of the pet odor. The smell of ammonia will linger at the place that will attract your pet to pee in that area.

How to Remove the Pet Odor from Bed Linens and Clothing?

Can clean pet urine on bed linens and clothing in the washing machine. First of all, you should rinse the area where your pet has urinated by using an enzyme-based commercial urine remover. Next, you should put the dirty linens or clothing in the washing machine and add a quarter of cold vinegar and a detergent cup in the washing machine.

In case the pet odor is not eliminated after one cycle, you should add a commercial urine remover again and repeat the process.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should not use bleach to remove pet odor from clothes and bed linens. It is because bleach, when mixed with ammonia in the urine, can result in the release of harmful gases.

Another essential thing to note when cleaning the clothes in a washing machine is to avoid putting them in a dryer. Consider air-drying clothes. The reason is that the heat from the dryer can worsen the pet odor problem. As a result, you may have to clean the cloth in the washing machine again.

How to Remove Pet Odor from the Carpets?

Removing pet odor from the carpets is particularly troublesome. You should clean the pet urine using an enzyme-based commercial urine remover immediately after the pet urinates on the mat. Consider blotting up the area with the enzyme-based commercial urine remover. Next, you should rinse the area using water. Afterward, it would be best if you used a dry or wet vacuum cleaner. Never use a steam cleaner on the carpet to remove the pet odor as it can worsen the problem.

Enzyme based cleaning products are in liquid form. It would be best if you sprayed the liquid at the area where your pet has urinated. Leave the cleaner for about 15 minutes. It will give time to the enzyme to work in eliminating the urine at a chemical level. It will break down the chemical structure of the urine, thereby eliminating the pet odor problem.

It would help if you prevented the pet from peeing at the area where the enzyme-based commercial urine remover is used by placing aluminum foil over the site or covering it with a laundry basket.

Cleaning Urine that Seeps Below the Carpet

Usually, urine seeps through the carpet into the floor below. It results in a stain mark that results in a reviling stench. In this situation, you cannot use a chemical urine remover. To remove the stain mark below the carpet, you should use an oil-based, stain-blocking primer. You may need to remove the padding where the urine has seeped below the rug.

How to Remove Pet Odor from Cushions?

You can remove pet odor from cushions in a similar manner to cleaning the carpet. Spray the enzyme-based commercial urine remover on the area of the buffer where the pet had peed. Next, you should use a clean towel to blot up the room. Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes, and then wipe the area clean towel.

Cover the mattress area with a massive plastic sheet or trap until the cushion dries up completely. It will prevent your pet from peeing on the spot.

Once you have cleaned the carpet using an enzyme-based commercial urine remover, you should prevent your pet from peeing on the carpet again.

Consider placing the pet food bowl on the carpet. The reason is that pets don’t eat and get rid of the waste at the same place. Putting the eating bowl on the rug will prevent your pet from peeing on the carpet. It would also help if you placed pet toys on the rug as it will prevent your pet from relieving the call of nature there.

Why Pets Pee Outside the Litter Box

Pets that are not adequately trained will pee outside the litter box. They tend to pee on the clothes, linens, mattresses, floors, furniture, and other areas around the house. In some cases, even pets that have been potty trained start to pee outside the litter box. It usually happens due to some medical problems such as hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infections, kidney disorder, and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).

Older pets develop the habit of peeing outside the litter box due to arthritis, a bone disease. As pets age, their bone becomes weak. They will feel pain when performing physical activities such as getting inside the litter box to urinate. An older pet will prefer to pee outside the litter box is placed in a location that requires climbing into the litter box. They will associate pain with the litter box. That’s why they will not urinate at the proper place.

It would help if you determined the exact reason why your pet is not urinating at the designated place. You should find out whether the pet has developed a medical problem due to which it is not peeing in the litter box.

It would help if you took proactive measures to prevent your pet from staining your mattresses, linens, or clothes. It will eliminate the pet odor problem. It would help if you determined whether the pet is peeing due to a medical or behavioral problem.

If the problem is caused due to a medical issue, you should immediately take your pet to a vet. Resolving the medical issue can resolve the urine odor problem. In case the medical issue is not resolved, it can turn into severe pain. The vet will assess your pet’s condition and then provide appropriate treatment to resolve the issue. In most cases, this will determine the pet’s peeing problem as well.

In case the problem is not caused by a medical problem, you need to take proactive action to train your pet to use the litter box. You can also take simple measures such as placing the litter box at convenient locations or multiple locations. In case the litter box has a cover, you should remove the surface to make it easier for your pet to pee.

Dealing with Pet Spraying Problem

One common problem that some pet owners encounter is pet spraying when urinating. The results in some urine to sprinkle on the walls and carpets. Pets spray to mark the territory. To prevent this behavior, you should consider getting your pet neutered or spayed. Consider fixing your pet every six to ten months. It will help resolve your pet spraying problem rather than squatting and peeing in the litter box.

However, if neutering your pet does not resolve the problem, there might be other problems with your pet. According to veterinary specialists, it can cause pet spraying instead of urinating the usual way due to stress or frustration. There are many other reasons for your pet not urinating correctly.  It would help if you talked with a veterinarian to find out the real reason why your pet does not urinate the usual way.

Sometimes the problem is due to toa feud with a new pet. It would help if you considered separating the feuding pet and then slowly introduce the new pet. It may relieve the anxiety that will make your pet pee in a usual manner. Also, it would help if you considered buying a plug diffuser that is readily available online. The diffuser will help your pet become calm, encouraging it to pee in the litter box properly.

Addressing your pet spraying reasons rather than urinating by squatting will resolve the problem of pet odor to no small extent.


multipurpose enzyme cleaner


Household products are not effective in removing pet odor problems. You should use an enzyme-based cleaning product to eliminate the urine stain from the mattresses, bed linen, clothes, and carpets. The enzyme-based products work at a chemical level in removing the pet urine stains.

Unlike other cleaning products, and enzyme-based product will not just mask the problem; it will eliminate pet odor.  The products are also eco-friendlier as compared to household-based cleaning products.

It would be best if you took care not to expose the cleaning product to extreme cold or heat to lose its effectiveness. Also, you should note that enzyme-based commercial urine remover is excellent at eliminating different types of stains. Also, they can be used to clean both hard and soft surfaces.

The best thing about the cleaning product is that they do not cause discoloration. You don’t have to worry about the enzyme-based product damaging the fabric, mattress, bed linen, or the clothes.  However, before using the enzyme-based product to eliminate pet odor, you should consider using it in a small area. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before using the product to clean the stain.

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