How Enzyme Cleaners for Drains a Perfect Choice for Residential Needs? 

 December 6, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Many residential units’ features remain unnoticeable but play a significant role in ensuring that we live with all our comfort intact. We only come to realize their importance when they stop working. For instance, a residential drainage system’s value is only realized when it goes out of order. Many cleaning products are available in the market to ensure that house drains remain free of clogs and enzyme cleaners for drains.

Bleaches, acids, and other cleaning products similar in their formulae and actions are commercially available in abundance. However, people still have to go for third-party plumbing services to resolve their homes’ drainage issues. The reason is pretty simple; most regular off-the-shelf cleaning products are not effective in their cleaning mechanism. However, some products, such as enzyme cleaners for drains, are both effective and quick in their action to fulfill your cleaning needs.

Before we further discuss the topic, it is important to understand what edge enzyme cleaners for drains have on regular cleaning products.

Why Enzyme Cleaners for Drains?

There are pretty solid points that make enzyme cleaners for drains a perfect choice to guarantee the functionality of an important component of residential plumbing systems.

Enzyme Cleaners for Drains are Non-Toxic

It is an important quality of enzyme cleaners for drains that make it very suitable for residential uses. Bleaches and other branded chemicals are toxic. The toxicity of such chemicals is not good for households. Moreover, one has to keep them with extreme care, particularly in the presence of children and pets.

On the other hand, enzyme cleaners for drains are made of biomolecules used in many bodily reactions. Therefore, there are non-toxic. You can use enzyme cleaners for drains without putting the wellbeing of your family members in jeopardy.

Enzyme Cleaners for Drains are Eco-Friendly

We all are well aware that our environment has been facing the worst kind of existential threat in the form of different synthetic and non-synthetic pollutants. It is one of the reasons we are witnessing seasonal anomalies. Snowfalls in April and a wave of scorching heat in fall are gradually becoming a new normal.

Environmentalists have also alarmed that the global average temperature is constantly rising. If measures are not taken in time, we will soon face unprecedented geographical changes. We have discussed all these points to highlight the importance of using eco-friendly products like enzyme cleaners for drains.

Like most of the regular drainage cleaning products, enzyme cleaners for drains don’t have any side effects on the environment because:

  • Enzyme cleaners for drains are not made through hardwearing industrial processes. It is important to note that industrial processes are one of the biggest reasons for greenhouse emissions, a principal pollutant affecting the ozone layer.
  • Enzyme cleaners for drains are biodegradable. It means their reactions and their resultant products are also not harmful to the environment. Enzymes have this attribute because they play an important role in many life-sustaining reactions. Whether it’s plant or animal life, enzymes are the molecules responsible for facilitating many reactions to carry on the life cycle.
  • Unlike bleach and acid-based products, enzyme cleaners for drains don’t emit the fumes of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It is important to remember that VOC is harmful to human health. The use of products containing VOC inside the house can contaminate the indoor atmosphere. VOCs are unhealthy, and they can end up in the body through respiration. From ENT irritations and headaches to permanent damage to vital organs, VOCs are bad for human health from every aspect. So, why to pick a cleaning product with VOC when you use enzyme cleaners for drains?

As you can see, enzyme cleaners for drains provide a comprehensive eco-friendly regimen.

Enzyme Cleaners for Drains are not Detrimental to the Structure of Drains.

Drain pipes are made of materials not designed to withstand the continual use of products with strong chemicals. For instance, acid-based drain cleaning products can speed up the wear and tear of drain pipes. In simple words, you reduce the drain system’s useful life with the use of such products.

In contrast, enzyme cleaners for drains are not made of strong chemicals. Their reactions are only limited to the buildup of organic waste in drain pipes. By carrying out your regular cleaning routine with enzyme cleaners for drains, you can protect your plumbing system for longer.

The reaction of Enzyme Cleaners for Drains is Quicker.

Even strong synthetic chemicals need an overnight application to clean up the drains. It is not the case with enzyme cleaners for drains. Since household drain wastes are mostly composed of organic molecules and enzymes are known for breaking down organic products into their basic units (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen).

So, enzyme cleaners for drains are very quick in their reactions in residential drainage systems because they are available with perfect substrates (organic material) there to react with. Moreover, you don’t have to bear toxic smell lingering in the house using enzyme cleaners for drains while quickly doing their work.

The above discussion is quite convincing to advocate using enzyme cleaners for drains over any other cleaning product. We will now discuss why you should devise a regular cleaning routine with enzyme cleaners for drains.

Importance of Regular Use of Enzyme Cleaners for Drains

It is recommended for several important reasons to maintain a routine of cleaning with enzyme cleaners for drains.

Use of Enzyme Cleaners for Drains Extends the Functional Life of the Drainage System

Residential drain systems often subjected to clogs and resultant overflows are not just the recipe for the inconvenience. They are also a burden on your pocket because you will have to replace them before the actual time of replacement. Even if you don’t replace them, you will have to pay a good amount of money to plumbers to fix them.

However, if you regularly clean your drainage plumbing with enzyme cleaners for drains, then you don’t have to experience overflowing and gushing sewage every day. Moreover, a smoothly running drainage system can work for a couple of years longer than its given operational life.

It would help if you used enzyme cleaners for drains for regular cleaning because frequent use of other cleaning chemicals hurts the drainage network’s condition, as discussed in the above section.

Enzyme Cleaners for Drains Will Remove Bad Odors

Clogged and contaminated drain pipes do not make the choking of drainage imminent; they are also bad because they are responsible for infesting particular spaces in the house with foul odors. Indoors reeking with bad smells don’t help maintain a hygienic environment in the house, no matter how many moping and cleaning efforts you are putting elsewhere.

Use enzyme cleaners for drains to ensure that the drain doesn’t create stinky odors in different house spaces.

Kitchen Drains

A Kitchen free of any funny smells is considered a prerequisite for maintaining a sanitized cooking and eating space, and enzyme cleaners for drains can help maintain that. For instance, drain pipes in the kitchen leftover food debris along with the grease. While stuck in the drain, these organic particles start to decompose, resulting in really bad smells out of the sinkhole. With time, this stink encases the whole kitchen.

People with their dining tables within the kitchen space can ruin their whole feasting experience with these bad odors from the kitchen sink. If you are hosting some guests over dinner, then it can get pretty worse. Eating while their olfactory senses are burdened with unpleasant smells can make the whole experience unforgettable for them, but not in a good way. With the regular use of enzyme cleaners for drains in your kitchen sinks, you can prevent the infestation of unpleasant odors.

Bathrooms Drains

Bathrooms sinks and shower drains can also catch unpleasant smells if you do not care for their cleaning with good quality enzyme cleaners for drains. There are multiple reasons why bathroom drains stink and how enzyme cleaners for drains can help eliminate it.

  • Mold growth: If you notice a musty odor in your bathroom, then mold growth within the drain is the reason for this. It happens when the cleaning of drains is ignored for a considerable period. The use of enzyme cleaners for drains can be very effective if the drainage pipes in bathrooms are infested with mold growth because enzymes are known for decomposing mold and fungal growths into simpler compounds.
  • Formation of biofilm: Clogs in drain pipes can often lead to the formation of biofilms. These are very thin layers of microorganisms present in the clog. Enzyme cleaners for drains are known for their action that neutralizes these biofilms in the drain systems to prevent bad odors in the bathroom.
  • Sewer gases: A combination of toxic and non-toxic gases resulting from the decomposition of organic and non-organic material can also make your bathroom drains stink. However, suppose you regularly use enzyme cleaners for drains for their cleaning. In that case, there are minimal chances of accumulating sewer gases in the bathroom drains because they are known to break compounds in their most basic form, where they cannot produce sewer gases.

Enzyme Cleaners for Drains Will Also Effective Against Pest Infestation

The heading of this section can be confusing, but this is true. With the regular use of enzyme cleaners for drains in your residential drainage system, you can prevent your abode from becoming a breeding ground for different species of insects.

Dirty, damp, dark, and clogged drains provide an ideal environment for many insects’ reproduction and growth. These different pest infestations are not good for the wellbeing of your family. They can become a reason of illness among minors and elderly of the house whose immune systems are not that impregnable.

Dirty drains with a lot of organic material, also become a food source for rodents. Mice are known for their sharp smell sensors. They can find a way to those clogged up drains and plague your indoors with their presence. Rats and mice are known to spread deadly diseases such as Hantavirus.

So, if you want to protect your home from all such harmful critters, make sure you use enzyme cleaners for drains to maintain optimal flow through your residential drainage system.

For the Sake of Structural Integrity of the House

Many people are not aware of this, but plumbing systems play a very important role in maintaining the system’s structural integrity. Seeping and leaking drain pipes over a long period is detrimental to the foundation of your house. The dripping drainage takes the form of stagnant water in and around the basement. It could happen if you don’t maintain the cleaning routine of the drainage division of your residential plumbing system with enzyme cleaners for drains.

If you continuously ignore how drainage plumbing is behaving, then reconstruct the foundation after some years. Want to spend thousands of dollars in reconstruction works or maintain a regular cleaning routine of drainage through enzyme cleaners for drains without spending much? The choice is yours.

Enzyme cleaners for drains are the Ultimate Choice.

The above discussion indicates that enzyme cleaners for drains are the perfect choice for cleaning your residential plumbing drains. We have seen how enzyme cleaners for drains are a better choice among all the other commercially available cleaning products. Moreover, we have also discussed the significance of maintaining a routine of drainage cleaning through enzyme cleaners for drains.

So, don’t persist with synthetic, toxic, and harmful cleaning products for your residential draining system when you are available with an ideal choice of enzyme-based products.

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