How to Get Urine Smell Out Of Carpet Fast 

 May 4, 2018

By  Xion Lab


Do you have children, pets or an incontinent adult in your house?

If yes, then you must know the difficulty of keeping the house clean and the task becomes all the more difficult if you have carpeting in the house.

Your house is meant to be your refuge where you retreat, relax and have fun with your family and the last thing one wants is to enter a messy and smelly house after a long and tiring day. Although carpet helps giving a style statement to your home décor and speaks volume about your aesthetics, it is really hard to keep a carpet clean and tidy. This is because no matter how hard you try, it tends to get dirty and damaged; food spills, dust, dirt, children and pets being the major reasons.

While you can get rid of dust and dirt, to a large extent, through regular vacuum cleaning and can avoid food spills by being extra careful, if there are children or pets in the house, you are faced with other types of cleaning challenges. Urine is one of them (that’s why parents and pet owner are often found asking “how to get urine smell out of carpet fast?”)

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how to get urine smell out of carpet fast

Imagine a scenario where you enter your house after difficult and tiresome day, thinking of taking a bubble bath, having a scrumptious dinner and then watching the new movie of your favorite actor that recently came out. As you step into your home, you are welcomed by strong, stinky smell of urine and rather than putting your plans into actions, you start searching for the source of smell only to find it coming from your living room’s carpet.

Sounds relevant?

If it is, then you know how exhausting even the idea of cleaning the urine off the carpet is. And the worst part is when you find yourself asking how to get urine smell out of carpet fast?

Households that have pets, children and/ or incontinent elderly are likely to be faced with the question “how to get urine smell out of carpet fast”, very often. If you are potty training you child, be ready for many such accidents where he/ she could not make it to the toilet and pees on the carpet where he was playing. Same goes for your little puppy who is still perfecting the potty training.

If you have a similar situation, the first thing you should do, whenever you find your house smelling like a filthy bathroom, is not to start searching for how to get urine smell out of carpet fast, but to get down on your hands and knees and do a sniff test.

Although it sounds really disgusting, you have got to use your nose to find the urine on carpet as it gets absorbed and hence is difficult to locate. So, trust your nose and sniff around!

Cleaning the Urine

Once you have located the spot, it’s time to get to cleaning and finding an answer to how to get urine smell out of carpet fast?

Cleaning the urine as soon as you detect it is highly important not only for carpet maintenance, but also for health and hygiene. If left without cleaning, urine will leave tough stain on your carpet and it would also smell really bad and you would found yourself impatiently searching for how to get urine smell out of carpet fast? Also, it will serve as the ideal breeding ground for numerous kinds of bacteria and creepy crawlies that would be really harmful for your family’s health. Therefore, do not delay urine cleaning.

Before getting into the details of how to get urine smell out of carpet fast, it is better to first take a look at the right way the clean the urine from the carpet.

Method 1

If the area of carpet, where your child or pet had pee, is still wet, blot it as much as possible using the absorbent towels.

Now, take small amount of detergent, put it over the spot and spray very little amount of water. Place an absorbent towel over it and place something heavy or stand upon it so that the liquid gets absorbed in the towel. You can also rub the spot with the towel. However, be gentle while rubbing and do not use harsh detergents or you would end damaging the carpet fibers.

Method 2

Another method to clean up the urine, as suggested by experts, is to spill or sprinkle about a cup of lukewarm water over the area where your child or pet had urinated. Then, clean it with a thick absorbent towel. Make sure you apply pressure while cleaning so that as much liquid gets absorbed as possible.

Then, wash the area with a detergent specifically meant for pet urine cleaning (they work well for human urine as well). Use lukewarm water and the same method to soak the liquid.

Method 3

Cleaning the urine and finding an answer to how to get urine smell out of carpet fast is most difficult when urine is already absorbed into the carpet and had dried up by the time you discovered it.

To learn how to clean and how to get urine smell out of carpet fast when the spot has dried up, try the following method:

Take a spray bottle and fill it with half a cup of white vinegar and about one and a half cup of warm water. Spray it generously over the affected area and leave for about five minutes. Blot dry it with towel.

Now prepare a mixture of one teaspoon dish soap and 3/4th cup peroxide. First sprinkle generous amount of baking soda over the spot, and then spray the mixture over the soda. Rub it into the carpet and leave for five to six hours or overnight. Once it’s completely dry, clean the area with a vacuum cleaner.

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How to Get Urine Smell Out Of Carpet Fast?

Urine stains are hard to remove and the smell is harder to get rid of. This is because urine (of all mammals) contains uric acid. The uric acid crystals stick to the surface and you cannot permanently remove the stain and the bad odor until you remove the crystals. Since the only way to entirely get rid of these crystals is by breaking down their bonds, you need to use cleaning products that can do the job.

Enzyme based cleaning agents serve this very purpose. They work by binding with the uric acid crystals and then destroy the bonds to remove the stain and smell. Also, they kill the bacteria and thus leave your carpet deep cleaned and germ-free.

This is why most experts suggest using enzyme based cleaners when they are asked how to get urine smell out of carpet fast?

However, if you have to deal with such urine accidents very often, which is very likely if you have toddlers or pets or both at your place, you would need to buy such cleaners in bulk. This ultimately means spending huge amounts of money and end up exceeding your budget.

Think it’s unworkable in your case?

Do not worry; we have got an alternative solution for all those who do not want to waste huge amounts of money just on buying cleaning products or are concerned with harmful effects of the harsh chemicals used in such cleaners.

To help all such people find answer to how to get urine smell out of carpet fast, we have come up with some simple yet effective home remedies. Try these the next time you smell the awful urine odor in your house and you would never be asking how to get urine smell out of carpet fast again.

1.  Good Old Salt

Many people know that salt works great for cleaning cast iron pans and grills, but few people know that salt can also help in getting rid of the moisture from the carpet and eliminating urine smell as well. This trick however is for the accidents that you immediately notice.

As soon as such an unpleasant accident takes place in your house, immediately pour ample amount of salt over the urine. Keep adding salt as long as the moisture continues to come to the top of the salt pile. Stop once you notice that no more moisture is coming to the top. Let the salt sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and then clean it with vacuum cleaner.

Salt will not only absorb all the moisture from the carpet, but also the foul smell of the urine.

2.  Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda are those two magic ingredients in your kitchen that can be used to clean literally all your house. Whether you are on the kitchen cleaning mission, want to remove the dirty grout from the tiles, or thinking how to get urine smell out of carpet fast, this magic combination will never disappoint you.

Use the following method to not only know how to get urine smell out of carpet fast, but also to give a nice smell to it.

Take small amount of white vinegar and rub it onto the carpet area where your child or pet had urinated. Let vinegar do its magic for 10 to 15 minutes then scrub the area with water.

Now take baking soda in a bowl and mix about half to one teaspoon cinnamon powder in it (your carpet will smell like cinnamon after this). Those who do not like the smell of cinnamon can use any carpet powder. Generously sprinkle this mix over the affected area and leave for another 15 to 20 minutes. Clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner and enjoy the nice smell emanating from your carpet.

3.  Ammonia and Peroxide

This cleaner does wonders for all types of stains and odors. So, if you have been searching for how to get urine smell out of carpet, try this and your carpet will look like new!

Take a spray bottle and add 1 cup peroxide and 2 tablespoons of Ammonia. Mix and spray it over the affected area. Blot dry using a white cloth or towel. It gives instant results on fresh stains however, for older and tougher stains you may need to place something heavy over the towel and leave it overnight.

The best part is that if you have children and/ or pet and such unwanted accidents happen every now and then at your place, you can prepare this mixture in bulk and keep it handy to make sure your carpet stays clean for a long time. After all, you cannot change carpet every now and then, it’s an investment!

Once you try this method, you would be suggesting it to all your friends and family members who ask you how to get urine smell out of carpet.

4.  Peroxide and Baking Soda

This is another home remedy for all those who have tired of searching internet for how to get urine smell out of carpet.

The best thing about this method is that you would not need to use elbow grease to get results!

You will need:

  • Peroxide – 2 cups
  • Baking Soda – 2 teaspoon
  • Any dishwashing liquid – 2,3 drops

Mix all the ingredients and apply it over the affected area of the carpet. Let it sit until it gets dry, then clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner and here you go; a clean, stain-free carpet without any real effort.

Bonus Tip: This mixture works great for other tough stains, such as that of coffee.

5.  Use Club Soda for Dog Urine

If it’s your dog that’s making you look everywhere how to get urine smell out of carpet then, take club soda (YES!! You read it right; we are talking about club soda) and drizzle it over the area where your naught dog peed. Now take a sponge and pat the carpet with it. Remember, you have to dab and not rub the carpet.

After sponge, dab the area using a paper towel to make sure any remaining moisture is eliminated. Now, spray an air freshener over and around the affected area and let the carpet air dry.

6.  Cornstarch

Sprinkle generous amount of cornstarch over the urine stain; make sure it properly covers the entire affected area. Allow it to sit there for about half an hour and then wash it with water. Blot the carpet with thick cloth towel(s) to soak up the water.

7.  Make Your Own Enzyme Cleaner

Earlier in this blog we have discussed the effectiveness of enzyme based carpet cleaners for urine stains and odor. People who want to know how to get the urine smell out of carpet often use these cleaners because of their helpfulness in removing the urine stains and odor.

While, it’s possible to make your own enzyme cleaner, it takes time to get ready-to-use. Therefore, it’s best to prepare this DIY cleaner while you are looking for the right breed of pet or before you are going to have a child in house so that by the time new members arrive, you would have the natural cleaner ready by your side.

For the homemade enzyme cleaner you would need:

  • A large bottle or container
  • Plain water – one Liter
  • Orange and lemon peels – about one and a half cup
  • Brown sugar – 7 Tablespoons

Combine all the ingredients in the bottle/ container and let it sit for 3 months. Yes! This mixture needs this much time to be ready for use.

Many people may find it too time consuming, but it’s worth the time. Use it like the regular store bought enzyme cleaners to treat urine spots and you would never ask again how to get urine smell out of carpet?

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Final Word

Remember, deep cleaning any and all urine spots is really important, particularly if there are pets in your house. This is because urine stains and smell not only ruins the environment of your home, and your carpet (of course!), if not treated properly they can also become attraction for them. Since pets have an amazing sense of smell, they can easily detect the un-cleaned or poorly cleaned spots and the remnant smell of urine would make them think that the place is okay to pee in. Put simply, they would consider any such place as their territory for this very task. As a result, you are highly likely to be faced with such instances probably daily (that’s sickening!!).

The last thing a parent or a pet owner wants is to always keep searching for products and ways to clean urine from the carpet and to look everywhere to know how to get urine smell out of carpet. Therefore, be alert if you have a toddler or an untrained pet in your house until they know the right place in the house where they should go to pee. Also, know how to get urine smell out of carpet and keep at least one home remedy handy to immediately treat any such mishap.

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