How to Remove Vomit Smell from Clothes 

 October 17, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Vomit Smell

Everyone goes through a terrible and embarrassing instance of vomiting at a point in their lives. They also left with the perplexity of how to remove vomit smell from clothes. It is an unwanted forceful ejection of stomach contents through the mouth and the nose in severe cases.

It is the representation of one or more severe conditions currently experienced by the stomach. These conditions do not have to be necessarily related to the gastrointestinal tract.

The vomiting preceded by nausea, followed by the haunting realization of removing vomit smell from clothes, is the feeling a person gets of vomiting before the expulsion of contents happens.

Vomiting has three stages that the person has to suffer through:

Nausea: this is the first experience related to vomiting that a person experiences. It is the psychic feeling that is mostly experienced by humans and, sometimes, animals. In a physiological sense, nausea is initiate by a decrease in gastric motility and an increase in the small intestine tone.

Retching: this happens when the organs of the respiratory system spasm, and the glottis closes. During this occurrence, the fundus and cardia relax, and the antrum of the stomach contracts.  It is when you almost feel like you are about to vomit, but you do not vomit.

Vomition or emesis: this was when the gastric and small intestine contents ejected out of the body through the mouth.

The last and equally unpleasant stage is when you have to look up ways to remove vomit smell from clothes.

Why do we vomit?

The first thing that happens when we vomit is that our teeth get coated with saliva to protect them from stomach acid with intestinal and stomach contents. The body’s blood supply redirects to the internal organ, and the person will lose color in their face. The person’s heart rate and breathing tend to quicken as their internal organs spasm to induce that they are about to vomit, and then the respiratory muscles that are spasming will force the one-way going digestive tract to reverse its pace. And lastly, you are left with a head-scratching question of how to remove vomit smell from clothes. The stomach squeezed between the abdominals and the diaphragm, and the vomiting prompted.

It is relatively easy to understand what happens when the person vomits but finds out why the vomit is brutal since many things might urge the vomiting to occur. It is not just some little reason that will cause you to go through the unpleasant state of vomiting and figuring out how to remove vomit smell from clothes.

The first reason we vomit is that the body is trying to eliminate the poisonous content. Yes, while it leads us towards the predicament of removing vomit smell from clothes, our body is also saving our lives. Humans and other animals, such as cats and dogs, consume more food than required. This food could be expired and thus harmful, which causes the poison to release from the food. It is this point that launches us into the perplexity of removing vomit from clothes.  It would go into our bloodstream, but then it is caught by the area postrema, directly linked to the bloodstream. Keeps in check the level of dangerous toxins present in the stream when it finds out that something that could be potentially dangerous to the body warns the body that it needs to dispose of these hazardous elements, which encourage vomiting immediately.

Your throat, when clogged with a foreign substance that is difficult to pass down, might trigger retching and, consequently, vomit. When an element goes too far down the throat where it is not supposed to, it disturbs the vagus nerve, also called the gag reflex.  You might have to look for ways of how to remove vomit from clothes, but you can at least breathe again, right?

The part of the nervous system linked to your stomach may also trigger vomiting when it feels that it has become far more full than its capacity. Also, stomach flu such as norovirus can irritate your gut leading you to feel nauseous or vomiting. It is even more annoying than the other reason because it is not necessarily your fault, and you are still left trying to figure out how to remove vomit smell from clothes.

However, it is not only the physical aspect that would trigger vomiting and put us in a state of concern about removing vomit smell from clothes. It is the part that controls the emotions, the central nervous system, that can ignite tendencies of vomition if the person overcomes with grief, disgust, or fear. It happens because the body, during the commotion, is unable to identify whether the stress felt is emotional or physical. So it chooses to react in the way it would when a person met with physical triggers of vomition. Though you might now be under the stress of removing vomit smell from clothes, you still are possibly a little distressed, too, since known that vomiting can make you feel a little lighter.

Even your most normal behaviors can cause nausea and vomiting. If you run a bit too much and too hard, then the dehydration unbalance electrolytes of your body may assume that it all is due to toxins and cause you to feel sick and encourage vomition. You may also vomit if you run or workout too hard right after eating. It is better to wait a while to work out in the gym after a meal than to work out how to remove vomit smell from clothes.

Vomiting does not necessarily have to be due to any toxic element; even a severely non-toxic situation can make us feel sick. Yes, something out of your control can leave you wondering how to remove vomit smell out of your clothes. For example, in motion sickness, the vestibular system gives us the ability to keep our balance disturbed. The coordination between our site and other senses will lead to you becoming nauseated. It means that our eyes will tell us that we are at a standpoint, but the rest of the body is sending us an entirely different message.

At times, there is no specific reason for vomiting at all. Some patients, children, and normal adults may face cyclic vomiting syndrome, which can typically last from some hours to days at a time. This type of vomiting can result from pediatric migraines or significant stress response to no clear stress stimulant. Stress can sometimes give you a headache that leads you to vomit, leaving you to clean up your mess and wondering how to get vomit smell out of your clothes.

Sometimes the things that fix us are the things that can make us suffer, even if it is about how to remove vomit smell out of clothes. Certain medications can calm the pain, such as opioids like codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, or oxycodone. OTC medicines such as iron or potassium or even aspirin can cause nausea by irritating the stomach and slowing down intestinal movement. Drugs such as for chemotherapy can also cause a person to feel nauseated, and in some cases, it might trigger the person to vomit.

Nausea and vomiting or morning sickness during the early months of pregnancy is a common occurrence. The HCG (chronic human gonadotropin) is a hormone released by the placenta, which tends to activate the ovaries to discharge estrogen, which tends to instigate nausea. When a person is pregnant, they are susceptible to odors around them, which causes the effects of sickness. The progesterone hormone’s increase will relax the stomach muscles in the intestines, thus impelling the stomach acid and acid reflux, which may result in nausea and vomiting. As beautiful as the process pregnancy is, it will leave the mother-to-be in a flux of how to remove vomit smell out of clothes.

Nature of the vomit

Before looking for ways to remove vomit smell out of clothes, it is essential to understand what made vomit out. Vomit is a protein stain. Different colors can infest your clothes, some of which are sweat, urine, blood, sexual fluids, etc. The one thing that these stains have in common is their only source production is the human body. It means that whatever comes out of the body is a protein stain.

Knowing that the vomit stain is protein, there is an excellent way to treat it and a wrong way to treat it. The main thing to avoid here is using bleach. It will fail to remove the stains that cause the smell properly, but they also tend to pull the fabric’s color and lead to the overall cloth’s unsightly discoloration.

How to remove vomit smell out of clothes

The first thing you need to do when you or anybody of your loved ones subjected to projectile vomiting is to remove any solids with a paper towel, a slightly damp cloth, or a knife (preferably a butter knife for safety reasons). Once you have done that, use an enzymatic stain remover and then put the item in a washing machine as soon as possible. At any cost, do not let the stains linger for too long because the drier they get, the harder it gets to take them out.

However, there are also other ways of eliminating the smell from the clothes. The essential step is to remove the stain that would allow you to get rid of the smell by 85%.

Air dry

Sometimes the easiest and simplest thing to do to get rid of the smell is to air dry the garment. If your washing and drying machine is not eliminating the smell of vomit, you will have a better chance of getting rid of the scent by air drying it. The outside breeze is highly likely to blow away much of the odor. The sunlight might also act as an agent to help remove the putrid scent.

Baking soda

Baking soda has been an element that has often been popular with several home remedies. It has active properties that help remove active scars, blemishes, spots, and now even stains. The agent has many qualities that help counteract the components that emanate smells and leave your laundry without any odor.

Hydrogen peroxide

It is a component that is often present in the fabric cleaning detergents. Its main characteristic is to clean and effectively wipe out the odors. Just mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a gallon of water, add the clothing to the mixture and let the solution infest the stains by keeping the cloth dipped in for several minutes.


Activated charcoal has been one of the trendiest products of today. It has used to remove yellow stains from teeth, deep clean pores in the skin, and many other things. Now it is being suggested to be used to remove stains from clothes as well. It is one of the best solutions for clothes that cannot be laundered or involved with water. All you have to do is place the activated charcoal in two nylon leggings then place the affected clothing in a trash bag with the leggings. Keep the trash bag sealed for a week before removing the clothing.

It might seem like an impossible task to get out the vomit stains and, even worse, smell, but with a little hard work and a lot of patience, getting rid of the colors and the scent has become significantly.

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