Basics of Drain Clog Removers 

 October 19, 2020

By  Xion Lab

Every house is full of appliances and devices that used to carry out day to day activities. Just like these appliances, there are other equipment and items that even though they are not given much importance but are extremely important to keep the house and its functions running. These things face some problem and stop working that is when mostly their importance is realized and accepted.

One such essential item in the house that is extremely useful is a drain. It helps you to get rid of all the wastewater or other sorts of waste and allows it to reach the main sewerage line of the area. Its function is indispensable and helps to keep your house and its surroundings clean and tidy. To maintain this, you need to look after these drains and make sure there is nothing that blocks its pipes. If something wrong goes through these pipes, then there is a sure possibility that it is going to result in a clog that will affect the whole plumbing system and the network of your house.

To clean these pipes once they are clogged, many tools and equipment are available in the market. You can use these under the strict supervision of an expert or professional of this field or while wearing all the safety gadgets and following the safety precautions. One more straightforward and much useful thing to do is to look for one of the most effective drain clog remover which when poured into the clogged drain breaks down the cause of the blockage and clears it away immediately.

It is also possible that the growth of mould and clog might result in the foul odour and nasty smell around the house and might even cause respiratory stress in some individuals.

Several factors result in the clogging of a drain that leads to a nasty smell and foul odours. For this reason, many disposal cleaners have introduced in the market that can fight away these smells and keep your drain smelling fresh and clean. You might even go to the market and wonder which one is the most effective drain clog remover? Even if you are not able to find one, you can resort to a combination of specific natural ingredients or those available at home that can use for the cleaning purpose.

The properties of some of the most effective drain clog remover and cleaners and certain deodorizers areas such that they can dislodge gunk, remove any build-up on the inner walls of the drain, and remove any nasty smells. It is also necessary that you keep cleaning your drain regularly to avoid any build-up and future damage.

To find out some of the best qualities and characteristics of some of the most effective drain clog remover, we looked at numerous factors that contribute it to becoming more and more effective. Mentioned below are some of the filtered down criteria.

Declogging Properties

One of the main problems of a drain is that it gets clogged. If a clog remover can remove this clog easily, then it is no doubt that it is the most effective drain clog remover. It is why for a remover to labelled as the best, it should be sufficient enough that it can remove any dirt or grime that has built up over time.

The clog mostly happens because of the residue of soap in the shower drain, grease or oily food drained into the kitchen sink, or deposition of shampoo or hair in the shower drain. Initially, these particles do not get stuck, but as usage increases then eventually with time, these particles start to get stuck. When it has been long enough, then they begin to decay and rot and turn its form to a sticky pile of gunk that damages the rubber seal and the interior of the pipes and plumbing.

As observed and explained by many professionals and experts in this field, the best cleaners are the ones that can do the cleaning job effectively and quickly. These drain clog removers could either be the chemical ones available in many retail stores, local ones made at your home with the combination of certain products that are readily available, or some natural ingredients that you have.

It is necessary that the remover is not only able to de-clog but also able to deep clean it. The cleaning process must carry out regularly so that the problem does not return soon.

Must have a good scent

Just like every other thing, if a waste product gets stuck at someplace for a long time, then it starts to rot and eventually, the place around it starts to smell. It is a problem that affects many people’s respiratory system as the smell that these drains release due to the formation of clog inside the walls of the pipes of the drain are mostly unbearable.

It is why when considering the most effective drain clog remover. One factor that you need to keep in mind is that the clog remover must have the ability to not only de-clog and clean the drain but also have the property that removes the odour and replaces it with a smell that is pleasant and gives a sense of refreshment.

Most often the scent included in these deodorizers is of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit as citric acid helps break up hardened food waste and gets rid of smells immediately.

Must be safe to handle

Drain clog removers that used to fight tough clogs and dirt are made up of harsh ingredients and chemicals because this is the only reason why they would be able to resist these tough gunks and remove them properly. But one key point that we need to be cautious about is that if these chemicals get in contact with human skin or any other material, they are sure to burn its surface area and cause severe damages. These removers manufactured in such a way as this is their job to do so.

Apart from these harsh ones, there are specific drain clog removers that manufactured with the help of natural ingredients because of which they have a mild nature. Many people increased importance towards the green environment, and eco-friendly products have started to opt for these cleaners—many of such removers rated on top of the list as the most effective drain clog remover.

No matter what, the level of intensity of the chemical cleaner or your garbage disposal cleaner possess, you should always be careful and use some safety measures to protect yourself. Some of the important ones include safety gloves and goggles to cover your hands and eyes.

Must be easy to use

Even though drains are available and installed at different places in your house and perform a significant function, but when it comes to cleaning them, they should not take up your whole day. Therefore when deciding which is the most effective drain clog remover we concluded that the removers that are fast in doing the cleaning job, are easy to handle, easy to implement, are the ones that are the best and would receive the highest rating.

Although the two most important factors that make a drain clog remover the best is the safety to use and effectiveness of the cleaner. But when these two factors are available in almost every remover then the breaking point to make a final decision comes down to this factor of ease of use that could tip the scales and declare one of them as the ultimate winner.

So these are the essential criteria upon which the decision of the best drain clog remover made. In the next part of this article, we provide you with some cleaning solutions options that you can either purchase from a retail store quickly or some ingredients that are available in your home and can be used to clean the drain.

Use of chemicals to clean a clogged drain

Many removers have harsh chemical properties but require little manual labour. One product that fits perfectly to this description is the Liquid-Plumber Disposal and Drain Foaming Cleaner. This product is poured in a small quantity into the drain so that the cleaning process can start.

The two products, when used together and poured into the drain, produces a thick bubbly foamy mixture that penetrates deep into the drain pipes and cleans its inner workings. Citric acid and sodium lauryl sulfate are the two core ingredients that are mentioned to be the active ones and do most of the working. These two ingredients that are chemicals noted to be the most active ones because they are consequential which is why it is essential to use the product containing these two with extreme care and caution while following all the safety measures.

It is incredibly crucial that you wash your hands thoroughly after you are done with the job of cleaning and handling the product. After the cleaning completed the use of this product pair is known to leave a pleasant citrus aroma which freshens up the entire area around the drain.

Use of bleach for cleaning a clogged drain

Many homeowners have extra bottles of liquid chlorine bleach lying around the house or in the store for other cleaning purposes. Where can use this cleaning agent for other purposes it can also use to clear clogged drains, kill the bacteria and germs inside, and eliminate any nasty odours. One crucial point that needs to pay extra attention is that never use an excessive amount of bleach as it would harden the accumulated grease inside, which would make the removal process even more difficult.

The right method to use bleach is first to take a gallon of water and add a teaspoonful of bleach into it. Now mix and pour it the drain very slowly so that it does not spill on your hand or the safety gloves that you are wearing or any place near the drain. Allow the mixture to sit and rest there for a while as it does the cleaning job. You can leave for a couple of minutes for half an hour depending on the intensity of clog, the time after which you have taken a task to clean the pipes and clogs that formed inside it finally.

After this turn on the hot water faucet to flush the bleach away and open any windows nearby for ventilation and for the bleach fumes to go outside.

Use of natural ingredients to clean a clogged drain

Because of the toxins released by industries and pollution in the environment, which has to lead to global warming, many people have decided to bring the ‘go green’ slogan back to the front. It means that people have started to use less toxic and chemical-laden products and have moved towards the acceptance of more eco-friendly ones.

Can also use the natural ingredients that can be easily found in one’s home for different purposes as all-natural and organic cleaning products. These include the use of ice cubes, lemons, citrus fruits, baking soda, and vinegar.

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