Tips on Garbage Disposal Maintenance 

 November 2, 2020

By  Xion Lab

It would not be wrong to suggest that garbage disposal has made our lives significantly more comfortable. Gone are the days when waste and garbage were significant problems, requiring hard work hours to deals.

However, that does not mean that garbage disposals do not need maintenance if they remain usable for extended periods. Bearing this in mind, here is a guide on how to maintain garbage disposal in the best possible manner:

Regular Running

Do you wish to learn how to maintain garbage disposal? If the answer is yes, then the first thing you have got to know is that the best way to keep your garbage disposal well maintained is to keep it running regularly. Whenever you have trash and garbage piled up, please turn on the garbage cleaner and have it take care of everything.

But the question arises: what if you do not have any trash for a few days? Well, if that is the case, then you should turn on your garbage disposal just for the sake of running it. Regardless of whether you have got anything to grind, it is recommended you turn the water on and run the garbage disposal after a couple of days to keep the parts moving.

It is the first rule in the ‘how to maintain garbage disposal’ guide. If you do not give your garbage disposal a regular run, there is a high chance of becoming obsolete. The insides of the garbage disposal will freeze up and fall victim to rust and corrosion. On top of that, the leftover food inside will harden and rot, giving rise to odors and clogs alike.

Think of it this way: you need to keep your body running to keep it tuned and in shape. Similarly, when it comes to maintaining garbage disposal, regular running can be considered an exercise routine required to keep the garbage disposal in top-notch and usable condition.

The Use of Cold Water

When you speak of how to maintain garbage disposal, there are several things that you have always got to be on the lookout—even the minutest detail matters when it comes to the maintenance of your garbage disposal. From the temperature of the water to its quality, everything is essential. However, the fact remains that some things are just a little bit more critical than the others.

In a guide that illustrates how to maintain garbage disposal, the matter of temperature of the water you run down the garbage disposal has differentiated its importance. In contrast, you might be tempted to run hot water down your garbage disposal. Considering the cleaning benefits that the usage of hot water offers in other scenarios, the fact remains that it is not recommended for you to use hot water for your garbage disposal.

Why? Well, it is because hot water can melt the food inside your waste disposal, causing it to get stuck to the sides. When it comes to maintaining garbage disposal, such a scenario should be a straight no, considering how it can result in clogged drains and rotting smells.

On the other end of the spectrum, cold water can precisely do the job the manner required. For instance, cold water usage hardens the food further, meaning that it becomes significantly easier for your garbage disposal to grind it up and set it running through the drain pipe. Remember: everything is not as simple as it seems when you are concerned about how to maintain garbage disposal.

Extension of the Running Period

Do you know how to maintain garbage disposal? The matter is relatively simple to take care of if you remember to cater to several vital aspects. One such important part is the matter of running the disposal for extended periods.

Regardless of what you might have been told about the idea of conserving electricity, the fact of the matter is that you need to leave your garbage disposal running for longer for maintenance purposes. Once your garbage disposal is done grinding up the waste, it is recommended for you to keep it running for about a minute or so, to ensure that the food is flushed out of the drain pipes. It will do wonders for preventing the clogging of drains.

When you take the guide of ‘how to maintain garbage disposal’ into perspective, it is only natural for the concern of electricity bills to come into your mind. However, suppose you genuinely think about it. In that case, you realize that there is no cause for such a situation, owing to how running the garbage disposal for a minute longer than what might be needed will not cause a landslide on your electricity bill.

On top, you should also consider running a mixture of dish soap and cold water down the drain once the garbage disposal has ground up the waste. It will ensure that the removal is as clean as possible, having nothing plaguing its sides.

Manageable Waste

If you are worried about maintaining garbage disposal, you should be concerned about everything inside it. You need to inspect every ounce of waste that your garbage disposal takes care of concerning how even the best garbage disposals have got their fair shares of restrictions that they have got deals.

Regardless of the garbage disposal brand, you have to remember that a garbage disposal is only so big when it comes to maintaining garbage disposal. The blades and motor that garbage disposal has got to offer, consequently, are only so powerful. It means that you will be in trouble if you expect your garbage disposal to grind up large chunks of waste.

Bearing this in mind, if you end up throwing large chunks of fruits and meat into the garbage disposal, you should not be expecting any miracles whatsoever. Why? Well, it is because the large pieces of food that you throw into the garbage disposal will serve no purpose other than jamming the garbage disposal and causing massive clogs.

If you are looking for advice on maintaining your garbage disposal, the most critical piece of advice that you will EVER receive is that no domestic garbage disposal can grind up large remnants of food with ease. It is mind, and you need to cut waste into smaller pieces while remembering to feed only a few details into the garbage disposal at once.

Such an effort will ensure that your garbage disposal can effectively and efficiently do its job without encountering major operational issues. Ultimately, this will prevent your garbage disposal from developing problems or breaking down altogether. When you speak of any guide on maintaining garbage disposal, keeping the garbage disposal running without significant issues is the primary concern.

Use Citrus Fruits

Did you think that citrus fruits are only good for your health and skin? If the answer is yes, then your knowledge certainly lacks all that citrus fruits have got to offer. When you speak of a guide on maintaining waste disposal, the fact of the matter is that it cannot be completed without mentioning the utility that citrus fruits have got to offer.

Citrus fruits go a long way towards ensuring that your garbage disposal is as well maintained as possible. The mixture of cold water and dishwashing soap will indeed go a long way towards ensuring that your garbage disposal remains clean. Still, you would be best served by throwing an orange peel or lemon into the garbage disposal, ever once in a while.

Why is this a part of a guide on how to maintain garbage disposal? Well, it is because the thrown in orange peel, for instance, will go a long way towards ensuring that all excess waste is cleared from your garbage disposal. On top of that, citrus fruits will also ensure that all foul odors are gotten rid. It means your garbage disposal will not be clean but free of offensive odors as well, all because of the use of citrus fruits.

Look What You Are Throwing:

Garbage disposals significant, no doubt, but that does not mean you can throw absolutely everything into it. If you want to know how to maintain garbage disposal, you must understand that your garbage disposal will never be at its best if you are not aware of what you are throwing into it.

Why is that important? Well, it is so because everything is not supposed to be thrown into a garbage disposal. Here are some of the things that should not go inside your garbage disposal:

Grease and Oil

If there is only one thing you choose to remember about maintaining garbage disposal, make sure that it will never throw oil and grease into the garbage disposal. Grease and oil tend to harden and solidify inside the garbage disposal, causing clogs and blockages in the drain pipes.

Potato Peels

Do you think potato peels are supposed to be put into the garbage disposal? If the answer is yes, then you better think again. Why? It is because potato peels contain starch that can get stuck to the sides of the disposal. It makes it difficult for you to flush out the drain pipe.

Glass, Plastic, Metal, and Paper

Regardless of how confused you might be on maintaining garbage disposal, the fact of the matter is that you should NEVER put things made up of glass, plastic, metal, or paper into the garbage disposal. Why? Well, it is because these substances can take the edge off the blades of your garbage disposal.

Seeds, Pits, and Big Bones

You will not find a guide written on maintaining garbage disposal that does not prevent you from putting seeds, pits, and big bones into the garbage disposal. Why? The reason is simple: they can get lodged in the drain pipe. On top of that, bones, significantly, also can dull the blades of your garbage disposal.

Expandable Foods

Starchy foods are nothing short of bad news for your garbage disposal. Bearing this in mind, it is imperative for you to not put starchy foods, such as pasta and rice, into the garbage disposal. Like potato peels, these foods will cling to the removal.

On top of that, these foods tend to expand on the addition of water. Consequently, putting them in the garbage disposal will have a high probability of causing a clog due to expansion.

When you take it all into perspective, you have got to say that the matter of keeping your garbage disposal well maintained does not involve rocket science at all. The key takeaway from a guide on maintaining garbage disposal is undoubtedly to pay close attention to what you are throwing into the garbage disposal.

Suppose you make sure that everything that goes into the waste disposal goes through your scrutinizing eyes first. In that case, the chances are that your garbage disposal will keep on functioning effectively for extended periods.

The tips that have been presented in this guide on maintaining garbage disposal will go a long towards ensuring that you can make the most out of the investment that you make into your garbage disposal without having to deal with frequent issues and problems. Well-maintained garbage disposal will not only make your life easier but your home more odorless as well!

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